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June 30th, 2014

June 30th, 2014

Filtered against Apocalypse Starters and Ward

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So the Seal will take my wife away and dump a HYDRA agent here. I want to exchange back Seal.

Filtered to werewolves only, no hybrids

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I know I can't be the only werewolf here. And I know those of us here come from other worlds and aren't the same kind of wolf but in my world a werewolf needs a pack and I've been here for ten months now, struggling to be a lone wolf and, before I drive my daughter crazy with being even more overprotective than I already am, I decided to see if those of us wolves here could form our own pack.

Admittedly we would have to work out pack structures/who is more dominant than who here if even some of you choose to do this but I thought it best to get it started here so we can discuss.

Simmons, Barton, Stark

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So, yesterday I explained some things to Skye.

Things that you three have a right to know too. Its complicated, its beyond messy, and I can try to explain but overall it comes down to this.

That list, the one Stark was downloading. My name is on it.

So I suppose it means I'm Hydra. In name anyway. In reality I'm there because of another name on that list. John Garrett. The man saved my life, he made me everything I am, and he needed me. Not for any hail hydra crap but because he didn't have long left.

I'm not proud of it.

But that said. I had orders. And I followed them. Breaking into the Fridge, freeing the people there, that was me, the weapons being lifted, that too. And yes. I'd do it again.

Simmons, there's things I did. in your future I guess I do, that you'll never forgive me for. I just want you to know that it was nice, even just for a few weeks, that you trusted me again.

Barton, Stark. What you did in New York, what you did against Loki. I'm no less grateful to either of you, any of you really. Think what you want of me, But I don't regret trying to help Garrett. I never could.


Now what?

If I'm gonna be honest its completely. I would do it again.

Which means I've lost them. Cause of your damn files and the ridiculous fiction of us.

Was always gonna be this way eventually, right?

No Evil/Heaven/Ward

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What do you do if your entire world view gets turned upside down?

Someone you called a friend.  Someone you trusted with your life.  The one person you already knew when you arrived in this place, tells you that in your future he betrays you.  And everything you believe in.

And worse than that.  He was ordered to kill you and your best friend?


I'm going to move into the warehouse with Barton, Stark and James.

I don't know what you want to do.  But, I can't be near him.

[Barton,Stark and James Rogers]

Is that offer of moving into the warehouse still available?

I can't be anywhere near him.

Filtered to friends but not Tom

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Right. So this weekend made me realise some shit.

Well, this weekend and reading Hal making yet more bitchy comments about me and all the seeing him fawn over Katherine lately.

I need to move on. So I am putting my faith in you, my friends. Someone set me up on a date? I'm not too proud to admit I have no clue what I'm doing on that score and I don't know how to actually go about these things here. I mean, I'm nothing special, I know that. I'm a girl who used to be a ghost. I spent a lot of time thinking I wasn't good enough for Hal, and clearly he thinks the same now. So see, I so clearly need help in the whole meeting guys arena.

I'm so leaving Tom out of this though. I don't want him to be put in a rough position. Hal is, for some insane reason, his best friend and yeah. I barely see him any more as it is

So help me? Please?!

Beacon Hills

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Lydia's gone.

Text to Damon

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>> I need to go to Bed of Roses for a while.
>> Jemma's upset over something Ward did. Idek.
>> I'm pretty much packed and ready, though.

Friends Filter

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We're off to England for the week a bit later.  So, if you need me.  That's where I'll be.


Ana, meant to ask you before.  But, been distracted.

Would you be free to teleport me and Elena to England at some point today?


So, what have you done that's gotten Jemma all upset?

My girlfriend's run off to comfort her.



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For every negitive there is a positive. I would very much like to thank Ariel for her posting of the various happy things in peoples lives.

It was well timed I do believe, and quite warrented. 


Did you enjoy the opening? I am glad you attended.


The inability to listen to reason must be why Lydia and Alex are such fast friends.

I assume they've both squarely ignored you since,

...if you feel in the mood to hunt with me. I wouldn't be adverse

No evil apocalypsey morons?

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Guess just wanted to say thanks, for the laser tag. To everyone there really, it was a laugh. Thanks Caroline for setting it up.

Kira loved every minute of it. And Neal. You're alright but we proper kicked your ass

Unfortunate the witch got ya in the end.

[Winchesters - Connor Temple]

I'm told you lot are the go to for getting Kira enrolled in School for the Autumn. How'd I go about that and what'll it cost me?

ID's I can probably sort myself if its needed but all the computer stuff beyond google and email goes over my head.

No Apocalypse 2.0

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I need a project. Bored Connors tend to build things. Like talking toasters. ...I wish I were kidding. It has John Hurt's dragon voice. I win.

Seriously, though. I threatened to splice chicken and cow DNA. I'm thisclose to doing it. OR I could make a turducken...


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Do you like pasta salad? I accidentally made too much and there's no way I'm going to eat all of this. I mean, I eat a lot but my stomach is still not big enough.

Filtered against evil bitches.

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Zombie invasion. Weapon of choice AND local Seal produced comrade of choice.

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