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May 28th, 2014

May 28th, 2014

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The wedding is getting closer with each passing day. Is there anything you need of me before the ceremony little sister? Or would you care to go have lunch with me and have a day just for us?

It's silly. You've already been married for almost half a year, and yet I feel on the 4th I'll be losing one of the most important people in my life.

Evil shall not pass

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I don't want the Warehouse to move
I like my job
I want my sister here with me
I miss Jin
Well, i guess I don't have to worry about the fictional thing as much anymore. It's over.

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Soooooo I should maybe get one of those job things. This is just getting silly. I'm all...bored.

Or try going to university all proper like. It's what Mum would want.


So there's this film and I was looking at previews and I thought it looked pretty cool so I was looking into it and um... Apparently it's set in your world.

Would it be totally weird for you if I went and saw it?

Texts to Lydia

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>>I need your help with something
>>If you'd be willing to do me another favour

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Is it bad that, with all the talk about parties and celebrations left and right, all I want is to go hide away somewhere until it's all over? Most of the people planning them aren't even ones I'm close to anyways, but... I don't know. Fuck it. Skip work and come get drunk with me?


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Feel like going to a birthday extravaganza?

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So who wants to come to Jim's party with me??

You've not lived till you've played mini golf with Rose Tyler. Come onnnnn, there's black lights!
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