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February 18th, 2014

February 18th, 2014

Texts to Marian

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>>They really should take more pity on people stuck watching tv during the day
>>It's as though they wish to add insult to injury.

No evil

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Say I planned a ball. Like fun dresses, classic music, fancy dancing. The whole nine yards.

How many of you would actually want to go to it?

Or is just a regular old party better? But then we have such an age range that I don't think that would work either. Maybe a charity auction instead.

I'm going crazy.

I need something to plan.

And jsyk family. I may have rearranged the library. And everything in the kitchen. And possibly that formal dining room area.

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What the hell am I supposed to do with

Thank you for the gifts.

[Friends...who AREN'T Elijah (or bbBo!)]

Does anyone have need for some alcohol? Have about enough here to start your own bar. I refuse to be that person


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How are you doing lately?

[Minutes later, a filter for Jessica]
So since we missed Valentine's Day, what do you say to organizing something for St. Patrick's Day?

no evil

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As if finding out you apparently never should have existed isn't bad enough...

My mum's gone. Back home this time. She's safe there. Gets to go have the awesomeness that is me. She should be so lucky. I guess I just thought Even if some idiot writer thinks she shouldn't have had me and should have had some Potter offspring instead...

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I've decided that I no longer want my soul.

It would probably rip me apart at this point and I'm not really seeing why anyone would want to end up a drooling, slobbering, useless mess for the rest of their days, so I'm gonna take a pass on the whole messy resolution to my situation.

I understand that may be a conflict of interest for some of you. If any of you insist on trying to find me in an attempt to force that thing down my throat, then do so at your own risk.

If this doesn't bother you or if you really don't care, then have a nice life as I won't be hanging around Lawrence anymore. Or not. I actually don't care either way.
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