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February 17th, 2014

February 17th, 2014

Filtered against evil bitches.

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Filtered Against Evil, Heaven, Loki and Thor

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Does it ever get easier? Adjusting to a world such as this? Where one's life is available for others to see and judge at all times?


Have you spoken with your brother recently, darling? I know it can be difficult but I believe he could use you now.

No lingering loyalists or Heaven

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So, after a lot of editing and slowing the footage down....the cameras Sam had me set up around the cemetery actually caught a thing. A very tiny thing, but a thing.

[insert a incredibly slowed down video of the cemetery, a bright light flashed for every arrival in the last set.]

Now, that was just basic camera work, but I'm thinking about setting some things up around to try and find any readings of electromagnetic activity. I tried this before and came up empty, but since we have this now, I think it deserves another shot.

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So am I the only one entirely suspicious that one day  pretty damn soon we'll wake up to the red flag flying over Moscow again?

Seriously, this isn't me being...well, me.

Tell me no one else is considering this as a potential

No Lucy loyalists or Heaven (eta: no under 17s)

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I had no idea you were some sort of zombie slayer, Rosemarie!


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Wanna get away a while?

Thanks. For yesterday.

Filtered away from evil, heaven, hell, Kenzi and Bo

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Deals. How do they work? Can I, say, make a deal here to change things at home?

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[Filtered away from evil, heaven, hell, anyone who was in the Cage, anyone with a douchey sense of humour, anyone from this world, anyone closely linked to this world]
[ooc: The last bit of the filter includes people like the Mikaelsons, Rose, Castiel's housemates. Use common sense! Dear god, Becker is being thorough, IDEK!]

Right. So this has gotten a bit out of control.

Sam Winchester ran. Robin and I fulfilled our part for Death and Death was going to restore Sam's soul, complete with a wall in his mind against the damage done by the Cage.

But when those of us who knew about it tried to get him to the location, he bolted.

We need him back. No one from this world can be told about what's going on, that was Death's condition. I can't find him on my own, I need help.


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What do you do when

You're the only one who-

He always knew the right thing

Are you still well?

Be Gone Evil and Heaven and people who are blah

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Hello, Lawrence, did you miss us? Katerina and I have landed safely and are driving back home as we speak. I miss the warmth of the Bahamas already.

We have gifts for friends and family.

Gifts Under The Cut. This Includes gifts for Lexi, Lee, Spike, Rose Tyler, Bo Hess, Regina Mills as well as family and their significant others )

No evil.

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Thank you everyone for the congratulations yesterday. Nik and I should be coming home from the hospital tomorrow morning.

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it seems like everyone has looked themselves up and its ended poorly but yet i still wonder. is it ever worth it finding out? i know what becomes of robin and marian but did not pay much attention to me.

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there was scary bad monsters in the video

if i go home will the aliens eat me too

i want my dad

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