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October 29th, 2011

October 29th, 2011

Filtered against evil / children

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First United game of the season is tomorrow. Thank Christ for live online streaming! I've been going through football withdrawals. I even bloody gave your American crap football a chance out of sheer desperation but...it's not the same. It's a bit pathetic, really. Never thought my weekends would revolve around the computer rather than walking to the match with the GSE my mates but...it's better than nothing.


Cannot wait. We're five hours behind West Ham? Or is it six here? Is this Eastern...or Central Standard Yanks here in Lawrence?

[ooc: added in a few hours later]


Right, I know we got off on the wrong foot, brov, and I still don't bloody like you but I'm hoping that we could put that on the back burner in favour of keeping Jess in one piece and safe. I can only assume you're in the loop, yeah? That said...as much as I bloody hate this is fucking bollocks, why am I I need your help.

You said you know about these things, hey? Or maybe I heard that about. I know fuck all about demons save the first line of an exorcism and that rightly only makes them angry, as it turns out. So...you, me, Roadhouse, a few pints on my quid, and you give me a crash course of need-to-know to keep her safe, yeah? The sooner the better. If you're willing not a total cu able. If you're not...a reference to whom would be both qualified and able instead would be appreciated...

Text to Sam

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»Jess told me she talked to you.
»Brady's threatening her, and you're gonna do something about it, right?

Filtered against evil

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Worst night ever. So. fucking. tired.

[Martha & Florence]

I think they dropped really early this morning...my stomach is carrying lower than I remember it being most of the pregnancy and I can breathe deeper than I could yesterday.


Can you come over? I'm tired as shit but I need to clean, it's driving me nuts. I need to unpack. I could use some female company...I love Clark but...he hovers his worrying stresses For no good reason at all, I want to deck him and I don't know wh I just need you right now, instead. I want to set up the nursery. I'm going nuts right now and I can't sleep and I need to be doing something.

[ooc: added into Florence filter after Dean's response]

DAMMIT I forgot my filter...I can't put it on now and get away with it, can I...? New rule for me: no blogging without sleep, fuck my life.

[ooc: Away from Winchesters filter forgotten thanks to zero sleep and tons of stress]

anti evil filter

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I've decided I might like to try having a job on Earth. Does anyone know which places are hiring? I can't just stay inside anymore
I should get out and be

[Family filter]
I enrolled in Earth School last week. I start on Monday. I must admit I am somewhat anxious. From there I've decided to attend Flight school as well. Despite reading manuals on air craft operation and piloting an X-wing, Earth air crafts are quite different from what I've been reading.

Text to Simon Tam

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»Darcy's getting fairly close and I'm supposed to deliver twins
» I know its not about me, but right now, in my head, its about me and I'm going to be terrible
» There was a very valid reason I didn't go into Gyne
» I need a hug, a refresher course and ideally a beer but that one'll have to wait


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I think I'm going to stay with Darcy for a bit. She's not looking so great and I'm not sure if it's the twins or just lack of sleep or maybe this place is up to something again, I don't know, but I don't want her to be alone. So I'll be back whenever she gets annoyed of me, and it isn't like I'll be far.

I'm a little worried Don't suppose I could get a hug before I go could

I love you. Just call or post if you need me.

text to Allana

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»I got this for clark, but he thinks it's kind of odd that I think it's cute.

»Also, hey..Pete wants volunteers for this kid program thing. I figure what the hell, away from high school for a while. He asked me to ask you if you want in?

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[Texts to Clark & Ten]

» Um. ...I think it's time.

[Text to Martha]

» Uh. I'm ten minutes apart...

[Text to Florence]

» I know you, like, just left but...I think it's time. I texted Clark and Martha and the Doctor already.
» Martha said they won't let you in, but...I want you to come, if you still want to. And be the first one in after they're born?
» I'll have Clark keep you posted when it's closer so you're not sitting there forever.

filtered against baddies

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What the hell happened to Gotham?

Someone please tell me the date on this thing is wrong.

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Are you ruttin kidding me?

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Hey kid. I never responded to your drunk message, sorry, had business to attend to offline. So, how have you been doing lately? Being good?

Jess, a musical tribute! )

Damon's got a letter )


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Cade's definitely gone back through the seal. I went by his house to check when I felt him drop out of the Force. The door was unlocked and all of his things were gone.
I guess that was obvious, but I'd hoped
It's not fair, there are people here who want nothing more than to get back to their perfect realities, why take someone back to a future like that? This kriffing seal

Filtered to Kat (Wilder)

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Do you think maybe we c
I kind of wanted to do something other than watch the news waiting for some bad shit to go down, so I was wonderi

You like coffee?

Filtered against evil things, Puck, Brittany, and their friends

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...where do human babies come from? Puck says vaginas (which, what even is that?!) and Brittany says storks and I am very confused. Why can't you just have eggs like my people so I can understand? :-\


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So, I finally decided on my costume. It's... probably high levels of blasphemy. On the bright side, it's also a little hilarious? I'm hoping the Prophet thing means no one upstairs smites me for blasphemy.

Also, we have cute, fuzzy children. 100% blasphemy-free.

Filtered Against Bad

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I think Michael took off.

I haven't heard anything from him and he's not in his apartment at all. Has anyone else seen him? Why did he take off
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