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October 7th, 2011

October 7th, 2011

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So say someone wants to go into business in this place. Aside from spending hours in a library reading those do-it-yourself type books, what do I need to know? Though by business I don't mean that silly notion of sitting at a desk in an office building type.

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Before I get in trouble I just wanna say that I have a very good reason for not going to school today!

I think I messed up a spell. Im sure I messed up a spell...

I promise this wasnt what I was trying to do!


Help me!!


Im sorry... I just wanted to try to do it myself but I couldnt buy the stuff so I thought a spell would work and now its all purple and I know youre gonna be so mad and Im gonna be grounded on my birthday arent I??

Im really glad youre back to being you... can I come back now? I promise Im not scared anymore

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[Telepathic Message to Nate]

"Nate! Naaaaate! Naaaaaate! NAAAAATE!

I'm bored.

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Right. That's enough of being a layabout. Never really was the layabout sort. Can't do it for more than a few days without going spare. Went through the collected works of Shakespeare, Dickens, and J.K. Rowling by lunch, thought I'd try something a bit more challenging, only then I remembered I threw the TARDIS manual into a supernova. Ended up reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, if that tells you how desperate I've become--and by the way, there should be a semicolon in that title.

Anyway, complete waste of my time, that book. Absolute rubbish. First, the male condition most definitely did not originate on Mars, nor did the female originate on Venus, and second, I do not keep score! You'd think you lot could figure out basic psychology without help, but apparently, that doesn't sell.

[Filtered Away from Jenny]

I don't suppose anyone's written a book on how to tell when you're being a horrifically overbearing father, because I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to parenting a grown daughter again.

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How do I ask
This is very awkward
Why am I even asking this?

You both are women, so perhaps you can help me with something? Sunday is my and Svetlana's wedding anniversary and I need ideas for what to do. I want to take her somewhere nice, but I don't know where. Any ideas would be appreciated and helpful.

I would also appreciate it if neither of you said anything about this to Svetlana. I have all ready told her I'm taking her somewhere, but nothing beyond that.
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