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[Oct. 30th, 2008|11:55 pm]

Who: Jonas and Malakai
What: A good old fashioned chat.
Where: A cafe near Jonas's apartment in NYC.
When: Tonight.

Straighten out this problem, straighten out my mind, straighten out this crooked tongue. )
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[Jul. 17th, 2008|07:56 pm]
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Who: Henry, Ava, Jonas, Solvei, Faith, and Buffy
What: A case!
Where: San Diego
When: Sunday night
Warnings: Probably language. In this situation, even Henry can sometimes swear.
Posting order: Henry, Ava/Solvei (if their posts are being combined) Jonas, (Solvei, if posts are not combined) Faith, Buffy

This ain't flipper, guys... )
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[May. 30th, 2008|01:09 am]

Who: Jonas and Lex
What: Watching early morning TV, indulging their insomnia, and getting acquainted.
Where: Lex's place
Warnings: Probably not much.

I can watch Good Will Hunting by myself! )
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[Apr. 8th, 2008|08:07 pm]

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Who: Belle and Jonas
What: Celebrating Belle's birthday
When: April 3rd
Where: Jonas' place
Rating: None likely.

Belle had a gallon of ice cream and a cake tucked under her arms as she walked up to Jonas' door. Unable to knock, she kicked softly at, 'poking' Jonas mentally to let him know it was her. Because he totally wouldn't know it was her from her voice.

"Hey! Lemme in!"
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[Mar. 1st, 2008|10:56 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Belle and Jonas
What: Stopping Belle from doing anything stupid
Where: Belle's apartment
Rating: Triggery material possible and probable.

She hadn't really moved much. Her stuff was mostly packed up and sitting in the place at Georgia. She'd come there under the pretense of grabbing the last of her things when it had all gotten to be too much.

She didn't want Gilbert to worry, or see her like this.

So she was sitting in a chair in a nearly empty room, her iBook humming softly as she stared at it, not quite seeing it. Jonas would be there soon, and she didn't know what to tell him.
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[Feb. 14th, 2008|07:51 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Belle and Jonas
What: Movies!
Where: Jonas' place
Rating: Probably pretty low.

At least this time he wasn't wounded. And really, she was excited about seeing him again. Jonas was a good kid, and she liked him. But more than that was the fact that she didn't want to sleep alone anymore. It made her feel exposed.

But she smiled as she walked. This was going to be a good night, she hoped.
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Timed to Saturday Night [Jan. 21st, 2008|09:37 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Belle and Jonas
What: Making him not die
Where: his apartment
When: after Gilbert leaves or goes to sleep.

Belle raced through the streets of New York, a white bag in one hand, her purse in the other. She's being reckless, running across streets with hardly a glance. The cars are not important. Only getting to her destination.

When she's scared, Belle's brain takes a vacation. And she's scared for her friend. He wasn't talking sense, and something or other had happened to make this the case.

She hoped the things in her bag were all she would need.
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timed to before Belle found out about Remy (somehow) [Jan. 18th, 2008|09:03 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Who: Belle and Jonas
Where: New York, somewhere
What: drinking!
When: nighttime
Rating: TBA

Belle staggered when she appeared, blinking around at her surroundings. It was definitely New York. And it was definitely cold. She swore mildly in Creole, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

At least her hands were warm while she lit it.
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[Jan. 18th, 2008|11:53 pm]

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who. Rose Frost and Jonas Joseph Jane
what. A bit of torture to settle her into the past
when. Tonight
where. London

Something ugly this way comes... )
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