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[Mar. 31st, 2011|07:05 pm]

Who: Brenda Annñ and people who like baked goods
Where: Turner-Brennan property, London
What: Bakery explosion!
When: Right the hell now!
Warnings: Made on machinery that processes peanuts and other tree nuts. May contain soy.

I climbed a mountain, and I turned around... )
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[Oct. 12th, 2009|11:56 pm]
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Who: Brendann Brennan and Brenda Annn Turner.
What: Mother/son dinner!
Where: Brendann's restaurant.
When: Monday night.
Warnings: Just cute!

Peanut butter and pickles are a no. )
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[Aug. 4th, 2009|10:43 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Brenda Annn Turner & Soren Skwigelf
Where: the Turner-Brennan residence
When: Midafternoon, midweek
Warnings: cute, that's about it.

Never use a messy recipe )
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[Jun. 11th, 2009|12:32 am]
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Who: Robert Winchester, Torii Sou Meanswell-Wartooth, and Brenda Annn Turner.
What: Meeting the family of the girlfriend.
When: Today.
Where: The Turner-Brennan residance.
Warnings: Likely not, will update if needed.

Oh crud. )
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[Jan. 1st, 2009|10:22 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Who: Brenda Annn Turner and Liam Brennan
Where: the Turner-Brennan homestead
When: Soon.
Why: Just 'cos.
Warnings: sparkles and cookies. Feeeeaaaar

New Year's day was always Cookie Day, just one of those things. Which would explain why Brenda had been making various mixtures of dough over the past few hours, leaving the ones that needed it to chill in the fridge while she mixed the next and so on.

Just at that particular moment she was rolling out brown sugar-maple sugar cookie dough to cut leaf-shapes out of it, humming along with the CD player, as usual, baby!Cass perfectly content in his bouncy-seat on the floor with a wooden spoon.
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[Nov. 19th, 2008|09:23 pm]
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Who: Teague Brennan, Lilo Pelekai, Brenda Annn Turner, Torii Sou Wartooth and Miniver Cheevy
What: Adoption!
Where: The Turner-Brennan residence, London
When: Tonight!
Warnings: Slight swearing on Teague's part. Other than that? Nada.

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[Sep. 30th, 2008|10:02 pm]
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Who: Brenda Annn Turner, Teja and Torii Wartooth-Meanswell-Wartooth
Where: The Turner-Brennan household
When: After Teja's luncheon with Charles, Sadako and 359
Warnings: not likely with this family, maybe some swearing

It was a fairly typical evening for the Turner-Brennan household, really, Torii was keeping the baby entertained by way of a puppet-and-stuffed-animal show rendition of Twelfth Night while Brenda made sourdough pizza crusts for dinner.

"Tell him he shall not speak with me!" Said the squeaky-voiced stuffed turtle that was playing Olivia, followed by a rougher, "Has been told so and he says he'll stand at your
door like a sheriff's post, and be the supporter to a bench, but he'll speak with you." from the paisley dog that was playing Malvolio.
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[Sep. 28th, 2008|10:16 pm]

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Who: Soren Skwigelf and Skwisgaar the Younger, also with Torii Sou Meanswell-Wartooth and Brenda Annn Turner.
What: Exploding heads.
When: Sunday night.
Where: The Turner residence.
Warnings: Copious swearing.

Insert flailing here. )
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[Sep. 25th, 2008|07:52 pm]
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Who: Teague, Brenda, Cassidy and Henn
What: An unpleasant discussion
Where: Turner-Brennan Residence, London
When: Eveningish
Warnings: Swearing, yelling, possible hairpulling, cookies with frowny faces.

Teague was able to speak to Soren, and that was enough to get his fatherly heckles raised. He didn't care whether or not his son was from the future, he was his son, and he had love for the young man. He told Brenda what was going on, and between the two of them, they managed to call Cassidy and Henn.

Henn arrived first, and all they had to do was wait for Cassidy, who showed up a few minutes later. Teague had out his bottle of whiskey, and offered a beer to his son, before leading him into the living room. "You know, word travels fast, Cassie. You can't assume we wouldn't know right away. I might be only a decade older than you, but I know you because you're my son. And your mother and girlfriend are just as worried."
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[Aug. 23rd, 2008|12:34 am]
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Who: Brenda Annn & Sable
Where: Turner-Brennan residence
When: Now-ish
Why: *fingerwaggle* stuff

Brenda had resumed baking almost as soon as she'd gotten home from her roller blading outing with Cassidy. Of course, she'd some dramatic reenactments with Torii in the meanwhile, but here it was and she was baking again. Pound cakes this time, and knowing Brenda she'd make strawberry syrup to go with them.

The back door was propped open with a cast iron bacon press, though the screen was closed against bugs and given as how she no longer had to worry about waking a baby, she was playing Vanessa Mae at a moderately loud volume.
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[Jun. 7th, 2008|10:42 am]

Where: The Turner-Brennan house
When: today-ish
What: Bakesale!!
Who: everybody who wants some baked goods, duh
Warnings: none so far, shouldn't be any, it's a bakesale, there's a baby o_0

Brenda had set everything up on a folding church table in the middle of the kitchen, as well as taking up most of the counter space around, there were at least a half dozen pies that were still whole, and portions of others, seven-layer bars, brownies, lemon squares (and triangles), cupcakes, spiced pear cobbler and a million (estimated) kinds of cookies.

The door was propped open by a river-rock painted like a ladybug, and Brenda was bobbing around with Cassidy in a sling.
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[May. 2nd, 2008|09:34 pm]

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What: Guitar Hero Party!
Who: Whoever you want to show up! Feel free to have your side logs, but this is the big one.
When: Tonight!
Where: The Winchester Mansion.

Star Power! )
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