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[Jan. 2nd, 2013|02:54 am]

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What the fuck did you do? Where the hell is my Helicarrier?

I need a status report. On the double, people.
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[Aug. 27th, 2012|03:07 pm]

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[Text to Phil Coulson]

>> Meet me at the portkey in fifteen minutes.
>> We're going to New York City.
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[Aug. 27th, 2012|10:59 am]
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That was unexpected.
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[Aug. 15th, 2012|09:50 pm]
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We done with the Broadway crap finally?

Or do we need to hire choreographers?
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[Jul. 29th, 2012|11:20 pm]


I think everything's gonna be all right.
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[Jul. 28th, 2012|06:46 pm]
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Once I rose above the noise and confusion, just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion. I was soaring ever higher.

But I flew too high.
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[Jul. 20th, 2012|06:22 pm]

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Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
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[Jul. 8th, 2012|06:30 pm]


Left on the counter in a wrapped box for Agent Coulson. )
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[Jun. 24th, 2012|03:17 pm]

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[Locked to Agent Coulson and Director Fury]

We have a situation in New York.
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[Jun. 24th, 2012|11:43 am]
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Everyone settled and enjoying live in Oz? Awesome. Now quit relaxing, we've got work to do.

Suit up, and I mean everyone. Old and new. We can't wait for Goldilocks to show up, there's clean up on aisle 3.

Get to Stark Tower in NYC as soon as you can manage. Within a few hours. C'mon, you assholes are superheroes. And that includes you, Bats.
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[Jun. 16th, 2012|02:43 pm]
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This is not good. Not good at all.

The other guy doesn't appreciate being dropped out of the sky like that. Not to mention rainbows and vortexes that shouldn't have done what they did. That's scientifically impossible.

If this is Agent Fury's idea of a joke, it's not very funny
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[Jun. 12th, 2012|10:51 am]

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Five days without something trying to kill me. I could get used to this.
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[Jun. 7th, 2012|11:24 pm]

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Stark, what the hell did you do?

I need a status report, people, on the double.
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