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[Apr. 16th, 2012|10:59 pm]

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These forests remind me a bit of home.

They could be danker, though.
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[Apr. 15th, 2012|07:33 pm]

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...I think I'm staying inside until the crazy goes away.
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[Apr. 15th, 2012|11:29 am]
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My, my, my.

What have we here?
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[Apr. 19th, 2011|02:20 pm]
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Usually, in times like these, I offer up Mordhaus as a refuge for those who cannot fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, it seems as if Mordhaus has become a dungeon. A very, very dangerous dungeon. So unless you're really fucking good with a sword, I suggest you guys find a different place to seek shelter.

Dethklok and all hangers-on will be posted at the Mini-Mordhaus in London until further notice.
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[Apr. 19th, 2011|02:32 pm]
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As we go about our days here, please do not attack the large, purple, speaking dragon. It is me, attempting to save your lives - if you choose to live them!
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[Mar. 26th, 2011|09:29 am]
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Right. Anyone who knows Zevran, my name is Isabela. I come from the same world as him, and apparently there's someone called Morrigan here who's from Thedas as well (I think I might have seen you once in Denerim?) I used to be a pirate, commanding the Siren's Call, but as I have neither hands nor a ship, I probably need work. My papers say I'm some sort of Chantry Mother, some kind of religious figure, which is too delicious for words, but roleplaying does get old. I'm skilled with a pair of daggers, but I'm told you all use something called guns, primarily.

At any rate, I popped into someplace called Louisiana, so that's where I am right now. Anyone need a skilled hand or a good time, you can call on me.

(ooc: possibly small spoilers for Dragon Age 2.)
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[Mar. 24th, 2011|03:01 pm]
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Morrigan, I have good news for you so you can stop sacrificing your gentleman friend.
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[Mar. 21st, 2011|02:51 pm]
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ooc )

It has truly been an enlightening couple of days.
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[Mar. 19th, 2011|05:31 pm]
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Morrigan. )

Damien, darling, thank you for showing this old woman a lovely time. I'll have to do you again.
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[Mar. 14th, 2011|08:47 pm]
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Morrigan, in future please do not send your gentleman friends to try to kill me. You know I don't like visitors that arrived unannounced, I have no time to clean.

You may wish to come fetch him. He's very spirited, but are you sure you wish to tie yourself down so young?
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[Mar. 13th, 2011|08:04 am]

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Nessa and I were wondering about something, and I suppose the best way to get an answer is to ask the question here.

Is our story known here? The bits behind the wretched farm girl and her trio of friends, I mean - I know well enough that most people know who Dorothy is - I mean the story of us, of the 'Wicked Witches'.

Or is the extent of it that it's generally accepted that throwing water at us is a good way to go about things? I've had to dodge so many buckets since getting here...
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[Mar. 12th, 2011|06:29 pm]
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Well, that's no way to travel. If this sad, sagging universe had wanted company, I would have come for the asking. I didn't even have time to pack a bag! What will I do for stockings?
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