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January 30th, 2010

[Jan. 30th, 2010|12:27 am]
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Candy )
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|12:28 am]


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Name things more stressful than spending ALL of your time with a woman due to give birth to your baby YESTERDAY.

Aaaaand... go.
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|01:17 am]
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|02:13 am]


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So, either I really fucking snapped or I just got moved by a tornado. That's the sort of thing that doesn't usually happen to stable people.
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|09:31 am]


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Did you know that you don't have to know how to drive it in order to buy it? You just have to pay for it.

So, I got [this one]
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|11:22 am]


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[Current Mood |sleepy]

I'm not feeling very well. Whoosh! Stars.

And I still need to have this tattoo removed.
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|02:23 pm]
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Miniver )

Soren )

Dad )

Henn )

I don't want any sympathy. Been doing well enough without it for several months now, thank you ever so much. Remember? I'm the bad guy.
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|04:59 pm]


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[Current Mood |sad]

I changed my mind. I do need something from you, Anne.
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|09:14 pm]


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what the bloody fucking hell is this mad shite//11111 where the hell am/ do you know what i was doing before i was pulled by an effing tornado ... There. I can yell at whoever the hell is responsible for this shit properly now. DO YOU KNOW WHERE I WAS BEFORE I WAS PULLED HERE BY WHATEVER THE HELL THAT WAS!? A TORNADO! In SCOTLAND!? BLOODY FUCKING BUGGERING SODDING HELL AND DAMNATION AND FUCK! I said that already didn't I? The WEIRD SISTERS! It was OPENING NIGHT of my band's first tour with the fucking WEIRD SISTERS! Not opening with them! Not the side show! One of the MAIN ones! And flying my way there and I get sucked here. I want answers and I want them now. Where am I? How did I get here? Yes, other than the obvious. It's rather difficult to miss a tornado. And why was there a tornado involved. How do I get back? I need to get back. My manager is going to geld me. And that's only after my Nana Molly rips me a new one for missing the celebratory dinner she's prepared. The entire family is going to be there. Do you know how bloody difficult to get all of us in one place these days? Just you wait. What the shitting hell! Godric. I don't care what dad says. Any woman who can kick Bellatrix Lestrange's arse is a woman to fear. I'm not taking the blame for this. Not when it isn't even my damned fault. You lot can tell my Nana why her grandson couldn't make the celebration. You can go right ahead and tell my mum too. And my aunt 'Mione. And my aunt Fleur. In fact, go right ahead and tell the lot of them.

Oh, and yeah. Great-aunt Petunia's throwing me her own the week later. Have fun with that. The telling her. Because I am not going to do so.

I'll just sit back and watch.

My manners. Almost forgot them. James Sirius Potter. At your service. Sorry about the bit of ranting not really. Bloody fucking hell. Almost dropped MY GUITAR. MY GUITAR. DO YOU KNOW WH I do autographs. Even on the skin.
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|09:39 pm]

Satan )
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|10:06 pm]
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That Dream Guy )

Added later:Rahne )
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|11:21 pm]


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Okay, so, uh, the weirdest thing just happened. Or, one of the weirdest things.

Some guy just called me asking why I hadn't been showing up for rehearsals or performances for the past few days. I told him he had the wrong guy, but apparently I'm supposed to have a job here? And not my kind of job, either.
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[Jan. 30th, 2010|11:29 pm]


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[Current Mood |mischievous]

Calliope, I have a request - or maybe it's a challenge - for you.
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