July 10th, 2021

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The SS/HP Prophet for July 4 - July 10

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One Shots
[x]DobbyRocksSocks: Tell Me (What You Want)[Teen]
[x]Fingerfertig: Behind the curtain[Teen]
[x]Goddess47: Animagus[Teen]
[x]MrsCakeakaJane: Heat[Mature]
[x]MrsCakeakaJane: A tale of two dots[Mature]
[x]NinaSomeone123: Hiding in the dark[Explicit]
[x]PinaNaponi: Under Your Skin[Explicit]
[x]RainisFalling13: The Lesson Taught by Self-Punishment[Mature]
[x]Ravenkira: So, Extramarital[Mature]

Completed Chapter Fic
[x]Fingerfertig: Dont look back - Chapters 1-4/4[Mature]
[x]GenesisCrisis: You ruined me - Chapter 4/4[Explicit] Chan
[x]GoldsJRZGirl: Arms of A Dark Angel - Chapter 45/45[Teen]
[x]MrsCakeakaJane: Movie Night - Chapters 1-3/3[Teen]
[x]Sapphira_Ruby: Attitude Adjustment - Chapter 31/31[Explicit] Harry Potter/Voldemort/Severus Snape

Works In Progress
[x]2AMhypoxia: Distortions - Chapter 4[Mature] Chan
[x]Anonymous: A Bed of Lies - Chapter 3[Explicit]
[x]Black_blade: Golden Age - Chapter 24[Mature]
[x]Cithara: Patience on a Monument - Chapter 3[Explicit]
[x]Clairdeloon:  To Trust – Chapter 33[Teen]
[x]Dreaming_of_the_crash: Splintered Souls - Chapter 17[Explicit]
[x]Dreaming_of_the_crash: Splintered Souls - Chapter 18[Explicit]
[x]Elvirakitties: It Just Figures - Chapter 9[G]
[x]Faithless_3105: All The Prince's Men - Chapter 39[Explicit] Chan
[x]Faithless_3105: Dawn Of A New Era - Chapter 14[Explicit] Chan Harry Potter/Tom Riddle/Severus Snape
[x]FLIDETHECHEMIST: Prae Fastidio - Chapter 1[Explicit] Chan
[x]FLIDETHECHEMIST: Prae Fastidio - Chapter 2[Explicit] Chan
[x]GenesisCrisis: Mediatores - Peace or Death - Chapter 25[Mature]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Mediatores - Peace or Death - Chapter 26[Mature]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Sex kitten - Chapter 21[Explicit]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Sex kitten - Chapter 22[Explicit]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Sex kitten - Chapter 23[Explicit]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Orphans - Chapter 1[Explicit]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Orphans - Chapter 2[Explicit]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Orphans - Chapter 3[Explicit]
[x]GenesisCrisis: Oblivion - Chapter 1[Explicit]
[x]GoldsJRZGirl: Arms of A Dark Angel - Chapter 43[Teen]
[x]GoldsJRZGirl: Arms of A Dark Angel - Chapter 44[Teen]
[x]Interested_Gurl: The-Boy-Who-Can’t-Catch-A-Break - Chapter 5[Mature]
[x]Just_Vee: Potter? No, Snape. - Chapter 6[Not Rated]
[x]Kirstenyster: My Father's Rival - Chapter 11[Explicit] Chan
[x]Lovable_Puppy: Vampire Bites - Chapter 29[Explicit]
[x]Luminescent_Lime: Wash Your Hands Of Me - Chapter 4[Teen]
[x]lyraonyx: Look at Me - Chapter 9[Mature]
[x]MellarkandArt: Calamity - Chapter 13[Teen]
[x]NinaSomeone123: Captivity - Chapter 20[Explicit]
[x]NinaSomeone123: Captivity - Chapter 21[Explicit]
[x]PBWritesStuff: The Little Prince - Chapter 38[Mature]
[x]PinaNaponi: The Bitter End - Chapter 9[Explicit]
[x]PinaNaponi: Birds of a Feather - Chapter 7[Explicit]
[x]Planesinthesky: The Spy's Charge - Chapter 12[Teen]
[x]Potter_Black: Mrs Snape - Chapter 2[Mature]
[x]Rose_British: An arranged union - Chapter 5[G]
[x]Ruxicassiopeia: Möbius - Chapter 7[Explicit] Chan
[x]Sapphira_Ruby: Attitude Adjustment - Chapter 30[Explicit] Harry Potter/Voldemort/Severus Snape
[x]SaraJany: Scission (Familia Ante Omnia - part two) - Chapter 12[G]
[x]SomewheresSword: Lily's Boy - Chapter 26[Explicit] Chan
[x]SomewheresSword: Lily's Boy - Chapter 27[Explicit] Chan
[x]SomewheresSword: Lily's Boy - Chapter 28[Explicit] Chan
[x]Somn: Storm Clouds on the Horizon - Chapter 1[Mature]
[x]Thinksy:  The Potion Master's Second Chance – Chapter 66[Teen]
[x]Xayneth_satnum: Yours - Chapter 3[Explicit]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[[x]Amistem: Push[Mature]
[x]MrsCakeakaJane: Twelfth Night[General]
[x]MrsCakeakaJane: Second Anniversary[Teen]
[x]TwistedSamurai: Seal the Deal[General]

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