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SS/HP Prophet for December 25 - 31

One Shots
[x] Anonymous: Dissembling Truth (PG)
[x] Anonymous: The World Through Rose Colored Glasses (T)
[x] alisanne: The Best Hangover (PG)
[x] alisanne: The Christmas Cottage (PG)
[x] bk7brokemybrain: The Promise of Light in the Dark Days (PG)
[x] capeofstorm: All This Time (PG-13)
[x] centaury_squill: A Question of Authority (R)
[x] emynn and veridari: The Honeymooners (R)
[x] eyesdimtonight: Home for the Holidays (PG-13)
[x] kjmom1: The Sensual Art of Brewing (NC-17) Warning for Chan
[x] kohrin: Ghost (NC-17)
[x] sincerelysnarry: I think that I shall never see, A poem lovely as a tree. (T)
[x] starduchess: To Find My Peace (PG-13)
[x] tiptoedbow: Footprint (PG)
[x] torino10154: Time Waits for No One (PG-13)

Completed Chapter Fic
[x] bertas: The Twelve Days of Christmas (G)
[x] kohrin: Until Last Night (NC-17)
[x] nekofreaks: One Way or Another Christmas One Shot: The Way Back to Your Heart (NC-17)

Works In Progress
[x] Oliver.Snape: To Recollect the Future Chapter 1 (M)
[x] nekofreaks: Home is Where the Heart Is Chapter 8 Part 1 (NC-17)
[x] nekofreaks: Home is Where the Heart Is Chapter 8 Part 2 (NC-17)

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Christmas Treats (G)
[x] alisanne: Criminal Conspiracy (G)
[x] alisanne: Feeling Fresh (R)
[x] deirdre_aithne: Passing the Time (or: How Severus Snape is Devious) (NC-17)
[x] emynn: Happy New Year (PG-13)
[x] gin_tonic: Fulfilment (NC-17)
[x] gin_tonic: The Magical House and Dessert (PG) Note The Magical House is one drabble and Dessert is a second drabble.
[x] leela_cat: Eye of the Beholder (PG)
[x] leela_cat: Ripple Effect (PG)
[x] lelek: A Sort-Of Christmas Story (PG)
[x] lilyseyes: A Christmas Eve Interlude (NC-17)
[x] lilyseyes: Wizard Diligence (R) Warning for Chan
[x] lilyseyes: Wizard Wishes (R) Warning for Chan
[x] lilyseyes: Wizards Celebrations (R) Warning for Chan
[x] rycolfan: A Fated Collision (PG)
[x] torino10154: Out With the Old, In With the New (PG-13)
[x] torino10154: Two of a Kind (PG-13)

Art And Icons
[x] Anonymous: Distraction (R)
[x] Anonymous: Sacred Harvest (G)
[x] amanitamuscaria: Relaxed (PG)
[x] emynn and veridari: The Honeymooners (R)
[x] laniern: Christmas (PG)
[x] tripperfunster: Buttons (PG-13)
[x] veridari: Five Golden Rings (NC-17)
[x] veridari: Warm in the Snow (R)

[x] snarry100: Challenge 299: First Foot
[x] spfestmod: Secret Snarry Masterlist of Participants

This Newsletter
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!

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