16 June 2006 @ 10:59 am

Original poster: djin7

Hey everyone!

Later today, I am going to be posting a poll on Fests/Comms/Mods. I really would like your opinions and recommendations. I want the Snarry Games to be the best that it can be.

Watch for it.

In the meantime, and little pimp for all of you Snarry Lovers/fans/writers who need some summer distraction:

Snarry Summer Free For All!

It's the dog days of summer and [info]pornicators is here to help you cool off in the blistering heat.

What is your dirty Snarry fantasy? Or even your clean one? Has it been written before? Should it be written again and again? How do our boys make the Summer hotter than Hades?

Make it silly, make it sweet, however you like your Snarry, just give us the ideas. Leave a comment here, with or WITHOUT your name, and we will list them next week for a Snarry Summer Free For All!

Anyone who is a member of this comm can choose your fantasy to write or draw, after we gather up all the Snarry fantasies you can dish up!

You must be 18 to join this comm, so logically...
There can be no chan posted at this comm.
The story size must be less than 2000 wds. We are talking fantasies here, folks, not plotty novels.

And that's it!

All YOU have to do is write your Severus Snape/Harry Potter fantasy down in the comments, anonymously or not, for the master list!

When the list is finished, we will post it, then you can also choose to write another's ideal fantasy involving our two boys!

OOOOO! INCLUDES ANONYMOUS FANTASY REQUESTS!! mmmm. Sounds heavenly. Please to be going over to [info]pornicators and join in the fun! Short, sweet hot Snarry for the giving and taking! *wonders if fic can be written anon, too...* Yay!

Back later with that poll.

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16 June 2006 @ 11:11 pm
HOW-TO Poll for Fandom Fests  

Original poster: djin7

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination" - Tommy Lasorda

This poll is for anyone who has participated in or been involved in running ANY fandom Fest/Contest/Community Project.

The reason for doing this poll is somewhat selfish; with the Snarry Summer Art Games coming up, I would like to iron out any kinks or bumps, and I would really love to have some insights on how to improve. Sometimes that means concrit, or even dealing with direct complaints.

I wish to ask the opinions of people who have more experience than I, or my most excellent mod team. This is less about 'technical difficulties', and more about 'public relations'.

There are so many large and varied fests out there: [info]merry_smutmas[info]harry_holidays[info]hpvalensmut[info]big_bang_hd[info]hp_springsmut[info]naughty_newyear[info]the_eros_affair, [info]snarry_olympics, to mention only a few, PLUS all the regular comms that host holiday fests/contests, such as [info]pornish_pixies,[info]pervy_werewolf, [info]hp_vamp, [info]smut_wednesday.

Everyone and anyone who has participated in these fests, please feel free to comment if you wish to elaborate on any poll questions.

Anonymous comments enabled, IP logging off. Thank you!!

The Fandom 'How-To Book of Moderating Fests' poll