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Ny Marathons s1e12 [May. 1st, 2020|01:55 pm]

Oh god. My year and a half break from this had caused me to forget how atrocious the streaming music is!

Also Michael and David! My eyes! No one needed to see this! 🤢 Although I've been listening to this podcast, Still Queer as Folk, and apparently the two guys on there, one of them in particular, loves Dr. David Cameron. So maybe as a lesbian, I just don't see the appeal?

Also, the still queer as folk guys reacted to michael's stuff all over david's house pretty much the same way David did. Whereas I'm sitting in my living room surrounded by funko pop! figures, lightsabers, and harry potter/wonder woman/captain marvel/gi joe stuff, with Xena and The 100 art work all over the walls. Tee hee.

The S&M Bear. Love it!

This might be the only Justin/Brian sexy scene I don't like, cause food and sexy times mixed together totally grosses me out.

Justin's mom thinks Brian is too skinny? They've actually conversed about this. Interesting to think about, I guess she doesn't totally hate him.

"Luckily you can't push me away. I'm on to you" Squee!

Also, I don't seem to have a 112 icon. What? I'm guessing because all the old school icon makers made ice cream kisses icons for this episode and I was like Ewww!

Oh, LIes! I just found an animated one, but since its ew, i'm not using it. Also, i thought i had one with brian with the bear, but i must have labeled funny, can't find.

Your ward tracked me down, insisted that I take it. Bahahahaha in all the times I've seen this I'm not sure it ever caught my attention that Michael called justin "your ward" *snicker*

It's the neatest thing I ever got. I thought so. *eyeroll w/a side of squee because brian is so ridiculous*

It felt weird not talking to you. Yeah well I never thought about it. I heard you were freaking out. Who told you that. Everybody, ted, lindsey. Well they are pathological liars, I wouldn't trust them. You are so busted. TEEHEE. This dialogue is Adorbs!
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s1e11 - Picking up where I left off, Sort of [May. 1st, 2020|01:54 pm]

Look at me picking up right where I left off 1 year and 4 months ago!!

Sort of.

In that, I have started to continue re-marathoning QaF. But as before, I don't know how long I'll keep doing it. Also, Not going to ANYWHERE near as in depth as before.

1. To be honest I'm partially doing this marathon as background viewing while working from home.
2. Life is depressing enough for the whole world right now, I will likely make no mention of anything other than stuff that makes me happy and squeeful.
3. I went back to QaF watching because I have been watching Schitts Creek in the background for the last 3 weeks while working and have burned through the series about 4-5 times now. And that doesn't even count the times I watch it while not working. If I don't start watching something else on occasion, my wife is going to start worrying about me.
4. In relation to #3 It has been impossible to watch the glorious love story of David and Patrick evolve and not think a lot about my very first gay OTP - Brian and Justin.
5. How can I write crossover fic if I don't brush up on my B&J and the rest of the gang? Ok, this may never happen, but it could!

Anyway, on with the show! (From the middle part, because that seems to be where I left off.

Mel and Ted in the store when Ted finds out he is negative and says it out loud and Mel responds "Thats ok. Happy people can be really annoying." God bless you mel! Isn't that the truth.

Mel and Justin mixing drinks. Adorbs!

Justin telling Brian he isn't going to make a dramatic exit like the rest because he needs someone to help him clean up the mess, and he doesn't just mean the loft now does he? Squee

Dirty Feet Justin!

Debbie understanding Brian the next day. And "You loaned him your toothbrush?!"
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110 Ny Marathon [Jan. 1st, 2019|09:43 pm]

I have time to sneak in one move episode before we head on vacation. What a better one than 110?

Ugh, david, enough with the pressuring.

I love how easily charmed Daphne is by Brian now, when a few days ago she thought he was so old.

Emmett, you are the best. Although in this case, so wrong, david is the worst.

Oh Jennifer. Up until now I was on your side, but your kids should come first. Period. Your husband should be kicked out, not your kid.

Brian you are such an ass. And Michael, so are you just standing there watching Justin get kicked out.

I love the brunch scenes cut together. I hate david not so subtly putting pressure on Mikey again. I love that Melanie does this for lindsay and gus. And I really love when lindsay calls Brian on his shit in relation to Justin. I don't get the BJ shippers who don't like Lindsay.

You are right Daphne, he does have great hair. :( "At least I'd have a place to live."

We did not see nearly enough of Mysterious Marilyn on this show.

I LOVE DAPHNE! Brian hotness score while Daphne is telling him off = 4.5 I mean, he is pretty hot in this scene, with the leather jacket and great brian hair. 😂

Road Trip! Road Trip! Road Trip!

"A song and a snack can turn any moment into an occasion." So true!

UGH David you are trying too hard! But I do love linds and mel.

Emmett's coat. 😂 However, how awesome is it, that he is the only one who knows how to change a tire?

Ugh Brian, only you could make me root for David so that you stop fucking with Michael.

Justin in the robe with the room service. Bwhahahahahha.

And then you make me so sad, "My life's a fucking mess Brian."

And then Brian stops being such a dick.

And then Hotel!Sex. 😬

But watch it on mute. Because UGH THE BAD MUSIC!!!

Also, Brian you can't resist the Justin. You are powerless to the Justin. Poor Brian.

And then the best thing Brian ever did (yet).

Debbie's is perfect!

Justin's faces in response to the rules.

Ugh, David. I just can't stand you. I think it gets worse every time I rewatch the series. Or maybe it is the older I get and seeing through all your crap better. I think we are supposed to feel bad for him in this moment, but I just fucking don't. You've been dating for what, 2 months? And he won't move in yet, so you want to dump him? What an asshole.
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109 [Dec. 29th, 2018|02:11 pm]

Oh wait, is this the Emmett episode where he becomes a beefy brutal top? God i used to know every episode!

Love the pool playing scene.

It is that episode! This is such a great/hilarious emmett episode!

Oh first time parents...

He he. I love that Jennifer tells Justin to say hi to Brian for her. But sad face about Justin and his dad.

Dawson's Crack. Ha!

Does Pittsburgh not have a separate children's hospital?

Also fun fact, decades later, 2 weeks ago in fact, my sister and niece were in a car accident and I had to take my niece to the ER. My wife and I took her, and we were in fact asked, multiple times, which of us were the mom. I hate this. I really feel like by now hospital staff should be trained to ask these questions in a more culturally sensitive manner. Anyway. neither of us were the mom and neither of us were denied going anywhere with her, so I guess there is that! But yeah. They didn't know who we were and I don't like the assumptions.

My heart breaks for Melanie here.

Off subject, that is his special blankie? Weren't you expecting it to be some cuddly thing? Not a play blankie?

Justin kills me as Ms. Manners.

Wait, is brian wearing the same shirt justin had been wearing in the bad shirt episode? That really looks like the same pattern.

I do think though that Justin needs to mind his own business. They aren't asking Brian to not be a part of gus' life, but practically speaking, and if this is what had been previously discussed, it is absolutely not cool for Brian to not sign away his rights so Melanie can adopt. She is his parent in the truer sense of the word, and it is fucked for that not to be official. This episode is the one that convinced me that is I ever had a kid, I'd never ask for friend's sperm.

First impression: David's friends are lame.

Brian and Justin studying for SATs together, adorable. Justin sticking his nose in what really isn't his business at this point and what is somewhat more complex than can be understood by a 17 year old, not adorable.

Ouch Brian.

David's friends are lame and pretentious. First impression was right.

It is not ok that Michael only gets a week off. America sucks.

You gave me crabs!!! HA!!!

Ok, Its hard to find this scene with Mel and Linds hot when they are talking about what they are talking about. Couldn't they have saved that for the before or after. But Go ladies!

Brian with his dad. 😞

Emmett with his alter ego. bwahahahaha. I love this.

I do like that David thinks it is funny that Michael blurted out his you gave me crabs revelation.

Get it Emmett! Woohooo.

😞 I hate that Michael immediately knows Brian went to see his dad just from 1 look and 3 words.


Emmett 😂 You heard me pussy boy. to ted. Bwahahahaha.

So I am not heartless and get why Brian doesn't sign. But I 100% think it is not ok. It is not fair to Lindsay and Melanie. And more importantly it is not fair to Gus. It is fucked. And imagine being his moms and being in this situation. Imagine you are the one actually raising the kid and being told you can't be his parent. :(

Michael and David - it should have been over. Ugh.
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108 [Dec. 29th, 2018|01:15 pm]

The boys leaving the club, hilarious, adorable, Brian and Justin schmoop, everything we love about this show!

And then... :( Also, could you please not beat up someone you just caused bodily injury to in a car.

Never again. :( Poor Justin.

Ok but then Justin at the diner. Bwahahahahha.

Brian hotness level =4. (I'd just like to take a moment to remind everyone at this juncture that I am, in fact, a lesbian, but much like Lindsay, I too can appreciate the hotness of Brian Kinney.)

That means I can vote and get married and join the army. Hopefully not in the same day. Bwahahahaha.

It's you he needs protection from. *hugs to you Jennifer*

PSA Justin!

How do I look? Great. You always look great. *eyeroll*

Justin fake leaving. whahaha.

Oh. You are definitely not some little fagot. And also, I think Brian likes you.


But still *squeeeee* Justin, he never gives up. Brian, you are so fucked. *squee*

What do we think of the red on red? Brian hotness level = ? 3.5?

Also, I do get Mikey's position on needing to do this himself, but also, Brian loves you and your mom like family, so I do think you could have taken the help.

For you to go. Such. a. teenager.

So weird to see Debbie without her hair. But I want you here sick and I want you hear well. I'll take you any way I can get you. ❤️

Justin's expensive. Tee hee. I love you, Jennifer. At least we know where Justin gets his balls from.

Kindly, see that he takes his allergy medicine, and does his homework, and gets to school on time. Bwahahaha. So. fucked.

I do feel for Michael's position here. I do remember not being out at my first real job. I don't know if it is much easier now, but back then, it was definitely not so easy at all. Especially when people always assume you are a straight.

However. Bringing Tracy was NOT a good idea. He could have brought Melanie or something.

:( Brian yelling in Justin's face. This whole scene though, so many feelings.

You go over there and do your homework. And lights out by 11. 😏 *snickers*

Debbie about Michael: That's my hero. *sob*

Ok. At the dealership. So many thoughts. But also, Brian, don't give a sale to a homophobe.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but Michael, listen to David on this one. It is definitely not cool to Tracy.

Gifts can be returned. Tee hee.

Brian your are such a prick. Hotlanta is not. Poor Justin. But also, to be somewhat fair, Brian has been unfairly thrust into this position and is reacting basically the only way he knows how.

Oh Michael... Also, fuck you andrew.

Yay, ladies making out. I do love Mel and Linds.

Am I the only one completely cracking up at drama queen Justin? What am I going to do? 🤣

This episode is such a roller coaster.

Craig. Fuck you.

Brian. 💕 You standing up to Craig is the best.

Emmett in the diner. Ha!

It's not lying if they make you lie. If the only truth they can accept is their own. Word.

I've got somebody waiting for me. 🥰

It's always better the second day.

THERE IS JUST SO MUCH HAPPENING IN THIS EPISODE. Also, I like this version of red on red better. intentional? Repeating the look but in a toned down less devilish way?

SO MUCH! *heart bursting*
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107 [Dec. 29th, 2018|12:26 pm]


Listen to Daphne. Don't do it. Oooh. Ouch. He did it.

(BTW Tweak says, And that's the truth Sunshine.)

Great cut from Debbie reacting to Michael's new doctor to Jennifer telling Craig about Justin. Also, Jennifer, AHHH, why?? I feel like you should have known better, known your husband better than to think telling him would be ok. STOP TALKING. You are making it worse.

Oh Brian, you are interested you mean liar.

Brian hotness level =4

Ok, i get the point for narrative, but did we have to intersperse these two scenes together (headed to youtube to find a cut sans craig).

And the music. UGH!

Hands! Hands of love!

Brian hotness level in M & E's appartment = strong 4.

Jennifer isn't completely wrong, but also the world is just more complex than that. And also, not illegal in PA, at least not when this aired, at which time the age of consent was 16 in PA. Now, morally their relationship may have been problematic, but legally no.

Justin, "I put it on him myself" you are not helping. But also, lol.

Ok, all scenes with David from this point forward make me gag. Vic and Debbie fawning over him. Barf. Grown men re-enacting lady and the tramp scene in front of parental figures is that supposed to be cute? Cause I just felt awkward.

I've got someone coming over in approximately 7 & a half inches. 😂 hotness = 3.5

Well, that was unfortunate timing.

I like that Michael is physically pretending his neck hurts when he calls in sick. Ha!

Why is Brian writing lindsay a check for $2000? Like, I don't get this whole arrangement.

Oh Brian you are so full of shit. Oh look Lindsay just agreed with me.

I mean, props to Justin for landing that solid fist straight to the face. But blood spitting EEK.

Me watching Michael and David at the cabin: I'd rather be at studs and suds.

Rubber ducky. Ha!

Ted: It is not enough to trick, your best friend must also go home alone. Oh Snap, Ted!

Ok. That was so messed up. Brian was lucky he wasn't more fucked up.

EEWWWW. No thanks!

:( no words for J-C-J scene.

B: Don't worry about me, I'm invincible. M: Yet you also got a concussion. I do love me some Melanie Sass!

Ok. David and Brian dancing together on the big screen is the height of awkwardness. So bad.

However, even dancing badly, Brian in a black tank at babylon hotness scale = 4.5.

Also, David isn't wrong, but still don't like him.
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106 Ny Marathons [Dec. 29th, 2018|10:50 am]

Thank you, Michael, for pointing out that liking superheroes is not a sign of immaturity. :)

Self-pity makes my dick soft. Word. Same.

My mom's such a bitch and I haven't even given her a reason yet. Ha!

Brian's lesbians. I'm not a lesbian but I'm a big fan. 😂

Ok. I will give Dr. Dave this, he does open Michael's eyes up to another way of living. Which is ultimately a good thing for Michael. Like all of our mistakes in life, they are preparation for what is to come.

Ack, i forgot how adorable the scene w/Justin, Brian, linds, mel and gus was. We like Justin. Justin can stay. Word.

Brian hotness level in this scene = 3.

Red flag! Red flag! Dr. Dave is a control freak. Ok. If I didn't already know that, maybe I would be viewing this scene differently, to be fair.

I like the parallel between M/D's relationship and J/B's. In reality, the age difference is probably pretty close between the 2 sets. If Michael is 29 and David is early 40's and obvs there is 12 years between J and B. The spread might actually be a little greater between Michael and David. Not sure where I'm going with this thought right now. But it is interesting to consider.

Ok, Michael at the gym talking about Dr. Dave is all of us the first time we have really kick ass sex.

Brian hotness level at the gym = 3.5? We might need a bigger scale to allow more room for subtle differences.

Emmett, Bwahahahaha.

Brian hotness level at woody's = 1.5 I mean, he doesn't look bad, but jealousy his reaction to Michael dating is super unattractive.

I mean ted, it isn't like he is a troll. He looks better then half the questionable extras Brian picks up. Unfortunate to be so superficial. :(

Brian hotness level with bedhead having breakfast with Lindsey and gus = 2.5

I can't express my love of season 1 daphne sufficiently enough. I wish she had remained a big role throughout the series.

Brian hotness level at the center = 4.5 He is on his A game here.

I think the artist has taken some liberties. 😂

If only all moms in the world loved their kids the way debbie love Michael.

That was his teddy bear's name. Bwahahahaha. I love Jennifer. I love her for trying.

Ted, he isn't wrong. You are pathetic. And also a big jerk.

Love Debbie and Jennifer.

The cast of Zoom. Ha!


Of course he bought it. Also, pro-tip, don't put on the comic book store guy's baseball hat. That thing has never been washed, I promise you.
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105 ny_marathons [Dec. 29th, 2018|12:14 am]

I should be going to bed.

But it's 105. 😬

I actually don't really remember what the fuck happens in 105 so I could totally go to bed. But I don't wanna!

I like lindsey's ensemble.

I hate that big Q lady. Not tracey, marley or whatever her name is.

Justin and his mom at the therapist. So many words. She is trying. And Justin, Justin is a twat.

Its amazing how you always work anal intercourse into anything.

Diner scene. Brian hotness level 4. We are going to start putting it on a scale now. 1-5, 5 is hottest.

Emmett: Don't touch me. 😂

Michael = dork and omg just stop lying.

I don't show my tits for a watered down Bud. Words to live by.

My mom is following me. That must be an inherited trait. *snort*

Poor Tracy.

Eww. Marvin.

EEWWW. Dr. Dave.

Maybe this is why I banished 105 from my memory of what happens.


Oh Jennifer. She is trying.

On the other hand. They don't come as quick. And they have lots of money. tee hee.

Omg the way emmett dresses Michael. And his hair. Dying.

Brian hotness scale while dressing Michael = 4

Sorry...I tuned out when michael went on his date and brian went on his. cause ew.

Yes Lindsey, he can still flash that smile and get away with it. Brian cuteness scale = 4

Brian holding gus adorableness scale = 5

Ok. I really do have to go to bed now...must turn off tv.
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104 [Dec. 28th, 2018|11:24 pm]

Parasites. NOOOOOOOOO!

That is no way to start an episode.

Emmett and S&M, Yaasss Please, more of that.


Ted's poor mom.

True story, only do drugs with your friends kids.

I can fast forward parts, right? If I'm watching alone, there are no rules.

Daphne and Justin are so adorable as BFFs.

Justin is such a bratty teenager.

Oh Michael and Debbie. You are also adorable.

RUN JUSTIN RUN!! You drama queen. Your mom is trying so hard.

Eek. Brian's little smile at Gus.

Melanie is really a lot meaner than I remember her being right now.

Oh for fucks sake Justin. Calm the fuck down. Oy. You don't deserve Daphne as your BFF, she might be too good for you.

Dildo fighting! 😄

Oh no, now the creepy michael shrine. Yikes.

This episode is very dramatical.

1. Orderlies do not dress like that. 2. Do orderlies even exist anymore. 3. You know how many people would be around, no way they'd be fucking in a hospital. just saying.

Justin at Debbie's. Bwahahahaha. The whole scene. Its killing me. 🤣🤣🤣 I'll give you 20 bucks. I gonna throw up, I gotta vomit. 🤣🤣

They all find her! 🤣

Ok. Brian looks seriously hot.

Thank you cheesus an original song.

You tell him Debbie.

Vic, you are killing me. 🤣

OMG Justin is such a ridiculous teenager! And Debbie I love you.

Rude little shit isn't he. 🤣

Debbie is the best.

Ack. Ted's mom is also the best! 😭

Are you going to come eat the chicken? Ha!
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103 [Dec. 28th, 2018|10:41 pm]

You're better off being lesbians. True story.

Emmett's male prostitute. 😂

Aww, Brian does care about his kid.

Ok. Justin and Daphne's outfits. 🤭

Actually almost every shirt in this episode. Hideous. Even back then.

Daphne's face when Debbie says she never forgets a butt. 😂

God he's so old. And skinny. 😂😂

Leave him alone, he's alright. In fact, he's kind of sweet. Oh Brian! You big softie!

Maybe I want you to go home and cry. 😂

Oh Michael, just stop. I mean, Brian is a total ass here, though.

I love that Daphne is the one who doesn't want to go when they go into babylon.

Ok, not going to lie. I currently have a gay cousin struggling with drug addiction and now in serious legal trouble because of it, so watching the drug use actually bothering me a lot more than it used to.

Awkward! Awkward! Make it stop please!


Oh Emmett.

Oh Ted. Ugh. This is so horrible.

How does he do it? What does he say? We'll never know.

ACK! Horrible! Ted! No!

Let's skip the rest of it and go back to the pretteh!

What do you do when there are already 2 hideous shirts on the dance floor and you are also wearing a hideous shirt? Take if Off!

YAAASSSSS! Justin! 🤴


YAASSS! Even bad music and ted can't ruin Justin reeling Brian back in with his awesome justin-ness. OMG BRIAN IS SO DONE AND HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW IT. But Michael does. And Daphne does. And Justin does. Poor dumb Brian.

I hate that they put them on the screen behind Michael though. It's creepy. Especially watching it now on big screen tv.
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102 [Dec. 28th, 2018|09:59 pm]

Do high schools guys actually just walk around the locker room nude? Asking cause girls in my high school definitely didn't.

Hight school daphne and justin are so adorable!

I love that j is so disappointed that he didn't shock daphne. 😂

Ooh, I stopped watching because look what I did! Pointing up at the emoji!

Mikey with his co-workers is all of us at one point in our lives (if you are queer that is)

I have serious envy over Emmett's ability to multi-task at the gym.

Mikey, you could have just lied and said you were seeing someone. That would have been the better lie...

A million dollar life insurance policy is ridiculous.

So Dawson, how are things down at the creek? 😂

Thats a really old movie. 😂

33. 😂😂😂

Brian, you are so freaking dramatic. I happen to be very kind. Very loving. 😂

*pats Mikey on the head for being a good boy and not abandoning Justin* I mean like really, he is a good kid (mikey, not justin, justin is a total twat at this point)



What a freak! His face when he realizes Debbie is Mikey's mom. 😂

If he's such a selfish prick, why are you always following him around? Oh snap!


Mr. Goodfuck is totally there to fuck Brian, not the other way around. 100% convinced.

Poor sad Justin. I'm not a horrible person, but I might have laughed at him just a little...

UGH, THE MUSIC! Someone start a crowdfund please!!!
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101 [Dec. 28th, 2018|09:57 pm]

Not exactly planning a marathon. But since I'm watching 101 anyway...

The fact that music on digital versions is different is still complete bullshit. Eventually we won't have dvd players and then what?? All future generations will think this crap music was the actual music.

I like cheerios and play tomb raider still make me literally laugh out loud.

OMG they are all such babies! (I just watched the panel from ATX 2015 and also I'm super old now, so change of perspective I guess)

Brian is still so pretty.

Does Brian really not remember Justin's name, or does he just not want to remember it, cause he definitely says "Ju..." and how many common male names start with "Juh"?

The first interaction we see between Brian and Melanie is perfect.

Seriously, THE MUSIC! Can we crowdfund this?? I seriously think we could raise enough to at least buy the rights to the important songs.


I'm not kidding. Someone make this happen. I'm in for $100. Maybe even 2.

Pop quiz! No talking!

I'm going with him. *ded*

Why does emmett know exactly how many days it has been since michael has been with someone? I mean, that does seem like a weird factoid to quickly recall about your friend, no matter how close you are.

Spitting a piece of paper shouldn't be that hot.

Ok maybe Justin falling in love Brian after just one night isn't totally unreasonable... cause like, I think that was about all it took for them to become my OTP. (BTW, I can't think OTP anymore without silently saying/yelling it ala JTP on the goldbergs)

Brian's expression when he wakes up and sees Justin in his bed. I need the laughing/crying emoji. Why don't journals have emojis yet? I need my emojis!

Emmett laughing about Brian's jeep. *insert laughing/crying emoji*

"My mom says sometimes she wishes she never had me." Justin, you lie. Jennifer would not say that. I mean, she doesn't get mom of the year or anything, but I can't picture her saying that.

Brian is a dork.

Brian and Mikey dropping Justin at school *insert l/c emoji*

I'll see you in your dreams.

He almost wore me out.

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Keeping it alive [Apr. 16th, 2017|11:30 pm]

Just making a post to keep this asylum alive to preserve the discussions posted here.
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104-106 [Apr. 19th, 2016|07:34 pm]


Ok, so I fell a little short, only made it through Episodes 101-103.

You can find my comments Here. Please feel free to stop by and add to them!

This post will officially be the 104-106 post. I am hoping to have watched them by the end of this week!

Any comments on the next 3 episodes? Leave them below!

Edit: 104 is in the comments below. I might try to do 105 live as I watch tomorrow night. I will plan on doing it at 8pm EST if anyone wants to join me. (April 20th) FAIL! I forgot I had a conference tonight. Ahh well. I may try to do 105 live on the weekend and will update if I think I will be able to. Otherwise, my goal is to at least be done with 105 and 106 and be back here to comment by Monday. :)
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101-105, Due Date: April 18, 2016 [Apr. 10th, 2016|09:58 pm]


Ok. I have a crazy busy week coming up, so I'm giving myself until 4/18/16 for the first 5 episodes.

Back with comments in a few days. Or I'm delusional and this is the last time I'll be posting until next year. We shall see!

If you have anything to say about the first 5, comment below!
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Ny's Marathon 2016 - Lets see how far I get! [Apr. 10th, 2016|09:50 pm]


Ok, I have an urge to do this. But I want to try and be realistic about my ability to devote time to doing so.

So this is my plan.

I will post with a given number of episodes, and the date on which I plan to have watched them by.

Then, as I watch them, I'll come by and comment on that same post. When I've met my goal, I'll put up a new post with my next goal, and use that as the place to comment on those episodes.

If by some miracle someone else is out there seeing this and wants to jump in the comments on any given post, feel free! And if you want to try and join me in my watching goal, even better!
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Episode 311 [Jan. 9th, 2014|09:43 pm]


Hello, we'll start ep 311 and teh love in just a few minutes. :)
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Marathon Reminder 2-20 [Dec. 14th, 2013|02:54 pm]

we will get started in about 10 mins
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We are finishing the marathon of pain...Episode 2-20 [Dec. 14th, 2013|10:58 am]

Get out your Puffs and join us for our marathon today for episode 2-20..We will be starting at 3pm pst /6pm est..
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Episode 219 [Dec. 5th, 2013|09:47 pm]


Hello! We'll start ep 219 in just a few minutes :)
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