January 23rd, 2011

[info]shadowenpointe in [info]no_good_deed


Who: Kitty OTA
What: Chilling and thinking
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: Rec room, secondary facilities
Rating: G to start

Almost a week to the day later, and Kitty was finally well enough for Hank to let her go. Thanks to his quick thinking and unmatched knowledge on just about everything, he'd been able to stabilize her after the poisonous bug mutant had had his way with her. When he ran his talon arm thing through her, he'd missed major organs by just a fraction. His poison got to her quickly, though, and she'd been weakened enough to need monitoring for some time. And there was also the matter of the slow healing scrape across her face, Never before had Kitty really cared too much about what she looked like, but at the moment she almost wished she could go unseen for awhile.

Ororo was on top of getting things repaired at the school; she knew who to call and how quickly things would be done )