December 8th, 2010

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Who: Carmilla Black & Magneto
What: Scorpion goes and finds out if the rumors she's been hearing are true ones.
When: Backdated December 8th
Where: NYC
Rating: PG-13 because Carmilla has a potty mouth.

That the man in the park could be considered a prisoner of war, watched carefully to ensure that he doesn’t once again stir up … trouble. )

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Back to the basics

Who: Logan OTA!
What: Arriving at the school
When: 12/8 Very early morning
Where: The mansion. First the garage, then kitchen.
Rating: Um.. I'll try for PG-13 but with him it might not pan out

After he'd gotten off the phone with the Cassidy girl he'd pushed it. Not that he was that far from WestChester to begin with. It was just a bitch to drive through the weather. Logan had left the mansion about a month or so after the whole thing on Alcatraz. He caught the looks he got from various people when they found out he was the one that killed Jean, like his guilt wasn't enough.

The whole place just got a little more broody )

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This ain't Coyote Ugly

Who: Rogue OT Remy (and anyone else in the area?)
What: We'll see, won't we?
When: 12/8 During Happy Hour!
Where: The Maple Leaf on Oak Street in the Carrollton neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans.
Rating: The setting being a bar, we're going to say PG-13 to be safe.

Funny how it could be the middle of the week in New Orleans )