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Dec. 16th, 2008



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Be there at the beginning of the end.

Nov. 19th, 2008


Stand By

A New Begining


Aug. 2nd, 2008



Jul. 13th, 2008


Coming Soon!

A New Begining


Jun. 9th, 2008


The waiting time

It had been several hours since she had returned from the Concord and her last session with Dr. Hanover. The Avalon had jumped away for the salvage mission during her therapy session, so there was not a lot to do but wait for its safe return. At the most it might only take no less than 48 hours for the entire operation to get enough materials to fill the freighters and return to the fleet.

Inside one of the larger cafeterias inside the Shangri-la, Jilleen sat at a table meant for two by herself. She read from a novel as she slowly ate from her salad bowl. She could have ate back at the Sertorius suite, but the Prime Minister had recently gave an address, and she really wasn’t in a mood to talk about fleet politics.

[thread open to Dani Kypros-Gaither]

Jun. 4th, 2008


Six hours later

Six hours have passed since Avalon and its accompanying ships arrived at the site of the combined wreckage of a Battlestar and  Basestar from the First Cylon War. The a pair of civil engineering ship were already cutting large sections from both wrecked ships, and those sections were being loaded into awaiting freighters. While marines explored and continued to clear the wrecked ships. Other landing parties retrieved and salvaged parts, such circuit boards, and other miscellaneous items inside those wrecked ships.

Meanwhile )

[open thread for characters involved in the salvage operation]

May. 29th, 2008


3rd Session

In the Dr. Hanover‘s office, Jilleen sat on the soft chair across from the doctor and already discussed what she had done since the last session. “I feel better today. Its as if a something has been vanquished that had been draining my energy in the last few days. Its hard to define, but I feel free now.” Jilleen explained to the doctor. “I think I figured out how these sessions work. Its not so much about making significant break thoughts during the time allotment, its what I do with what I discover of myself between these sessions.”

Jilleen settled back against the soft backing of the chair. “I have all this spare time at the moment to think, to really think.  If I had not been forced to take this leave, I would have buried myself in my work and avoided having to look at myself. Like I have been doing for all these years. Its so much easier to hide under a pile of paperwork.” She paused to draw in some air into her lungs. “Instead I was thrown into a situation where I had  no where to hide. Stripped of my cover.”  

“Its either very clever or a very fortunate coincident .” She smiled at the doctor and then added. “But you will probably try to find some way to make me cry today.” She teased.

Cloud busting )

*(NPC) Dr. Judith Hanover written by Stargazer

May. 28th, 2008


Transcript of "State of the Fleet Address."

Members of the Quorum,
Members of the House of Commons,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Opening the Third Colonial Parliament. )

May. 26th, 2008


A regular run, on the day the mission fleet departs...

Despite her preference for taking all steps to avoid even being on the same deck as the Major, Anika knew she needed to keep flying the runs she did to keep their business running, and all the families they employed with either new materials, or to collect the finished items.
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May. 22nd, 2008


Jill meets Marc

The departure lounge on the Ark Royal was nearly empty of people as Jilleen sat in one of the leather chairs to wait for the next shuttle to the resort liner. It was late in the day according to the clock hanging over the gate door marked with the number 3. She had come to the Ark Royal unintentionally after she missed the cargo shuttle back to Shangri-la after her last session. Instead of waiting till early morning to take the next direct cargo shuttle, she hopped on one that had numerous stops, the last being to the Ark Royal. She had not been sure about the timetable of the civilian shuttle routes, but the Ark Royal was one of the  hub ships.

Layover )

May. 20th, 2008


2nd Session

Jilleen placed her hand on the glass of the large view port that looked out into space that was cool to the touch. She had come up to the observation lounge as she waited for her ride to the botanical cruiser for her next session. The view was of the many ships of the fleet which included both of the Mercury-class battlestars. She could not make out which one was the Avalon or the Pacifica out in the distance. As she stood and watched she wondered what her ship would face on its next mission.

Somehow Jilleen felt she had let down her crew mates. They were preparing for a dangerous mission while she was away passing her time on a resort liner while on orders to see a shrink. She was forced off duty, the Admiral had ordered her to take the time off while she sorted herself out. The Admiral knew what was best for her battle group and at this moment it did not include Major Simmons.

So many things to say )

*NPC Judith Hanover written by Stargazer.

May. 19th, 2008


Into The Breach

The asteroid field mission begins... )

[Open to all relevant characters:]

May. 17th, 2008


Personal Letter

Dearest Jake,

Happy Hunting )

May. 16th, 2008


Arriving on board Avalon

Kit stowed in lockers after bunks assigned, weapons locker inspected and equipment checked. Suits issued, tried on and tested. Briefings with another two officers, one about the basestar, the other on the older class of battlestar they would be entering through. It was four hours after they'd arrived on the Avalon and John's team were as primed and ready as possible.

Time for chow. )

May. 13th, 2008


Mission Briefing - The Black Hydras

Open To All Black Hydra Pilots Aboard The Avalon )


Transcript Of Speech To All Military Channels

Ladies and gentlemen of the Colonial fleet, good evening...

Very soon, we will be engaging in an operation vital to our survival. Although options do exist, none of them will secure us the resources needed to continue in our present state. Although no obvious danger exists, due to the nature of this mission, every single precaution must be taken. By the time you hear this, those of you vital to the success of this endeavour will be getting briefed on the part you will play.

Just how critical this action will be, cannot be emphasised enough... Should we fail, this could be the most significant defeat since the destruction of the colonies. But should we do our jobs... Should we succeed in our aims... You will have personally contributed to the survival of our species, in a way impossible before.

Today, we are not Tauron, we are not Virgonese, nor are we Caprican... We are humankind and you, from mechanics to pilots, from navigators to engineers... We are Colonial warriors. If things go as hoped, we'll have nothing more to contend with than a few well-timed demolitions charges. If we meet the unexpected, that's for what we train.

May the gods grant us passage and our determination light the way. So say we all.

May. 11th, 2008


Post-briefing prep

There was a post-mortem of the briefing once the Colonel had left, each member of the unit given a chance to speak up with their input. All things considered John figured they'd done pretty well. While the actual ships they would be entering were older than any of them there the layouts were all available for them to go over. Or at least the battlestar Collossus were. The basestar was another issue all together.

"Right, well if no-one's anything more they reckon needs talkin' about then go get your kit together and meet up in the departure point by 1430. Remember, no names, no crap-hill," he told them, most joining in on the last few words. Hands were shaken, palms slapped together, shoulders clasped and nods of acknowledgement given between them all - the unit was back and fully operational.


In the dark of the night...

(Mun note: Part of the exposition of Anika's nightmares and what caused them. The only pups who would know anything about the causes at all would be Bethany and Dani currently. And even they don't know all of it...)


The face stared back at her, haggard, eyes sunken and dull. She jerked away from its stare but no matter where she looked, there it was looking back at her. Staring. )

May. 10th, 2008


Morning Visit

Jake's life the past few days had been filled with work and nothing but. With the sudden removal of his deputy his workload had increased and there was much to do with the upcoming operation. Her own people were competent enough, but Jake was a hands on sort of person and it took a few days to make sure everything was up to speed.

checking in )

May. 9th, 2008


A Second Chance

Cole stood in front of the door to Captain Tarix's door and raised his angry fist. He took a deep breath, paused and then lowered his arm. He couldn't bring himself to do it. He'd been given so many chances that it somehow felt wrong to just end someone's career as a Viper Pilot before it even started. Still, enough was enough.

He turned... )


Personal Letter

Jilleen had learned from her contacts aboard Avalon , that Daniella would transfer to the Shangri-la. Arrangements had been made for her to stay in a private cabin, by whom Jilleen did not know exactly, but could guess.  She had a room number and the time of Daniella's expected arrival. Unfortunately, she would be away during that time for her second session with Dr. Hanover.

Letter for Daniella )

May. 7th, 2008


Evening on SL

A night of reflection )


1st Session

There were no special arranged transports to taxi her from the Shangri-la to Concord, but there were regular flights to the botanical cruiser. Several flights in fact occurred daily between the huge resort liner and the agriculture ship. Jilleen was on one of these cargo runs that returned to Concord. The shuttle carried large black tanks of liquid waste in the shuttle's hold. The waste was to be converted and process into fertilizer pellets. It was not a bad flight, the cargo was out of site and the crew were pleasant.

Inside the large hanger bay of Concord, among other smaller ships that ferried food stuffs throughout the fleet, the shuttle pilot gave her directions on where to find the office of Dr. Judith Hanover. It was practically the farthest point of the ship,from the hanger deck and the distribution center. She had been on the Concord before on business, but she had never known that there was a psychotherapist aboard. Her name was on the list that was attached to her orders, among a few others. Dr. Hanover was highly recommended on the list and one that was available to see her.

Farmer's ship )

(npc) Dr. Judith Hanover is written by stargazer.



The shuttle ride from Avalon had been a particularly long one, with stops at Shoshoni Bell, Shogun, and Babylonia before finally approaching the landing bay of Shangri-La. Dani shifted awkwardly in her seat next to Rhys, looking forward to getting off the shuttle.
Running away? )

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May. 6th, 2008


the old familiar sting

rated R for drug use (needle). Not much detail, but you've been warned ;) )

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