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Some Common Sense

Who: Lunar Mariell, Orderly [NPC]
Where: Outside Infirmary, Battlestar Avalon
When: Just after Sucker For Punishment!

Stubbornness ran in the family when it came to Lunar so it was hardly surprising that she was refusing to submit to medical authority and was in fact determined to continue her duty even with a broken arm and what must be a few broken rips. Each step was a limp around the bowels of the great Battlestar Avalon, its aches and strains echoed in the creaks as she stumbled along away from the infirmary. She was broken; she was in agony but her fighting spirit and never give-up attitude that served her well through all her years of service forced her to continue on ever more.

Broken & Stubborn )


Sucker for Punishment

Who: Lunar Mariell, Orderlies (NPC)
Where: Infirmary, Battlestar Avalon
When: Around same time as Stonewalled

Thud, bang....metallic creaking as the Battlestar Avalon endured the punishment of the attacks, it holding itself together for the crew and the colonies for as long as it could. In the infirmary, Lunar was sitting in the corner of the room watching as the medical staff became swamped with injuries, became riddled with the shock of what was happening and it was a sorry sight to be sure. Everything they fought for, everything they lived for was in tatters and there she was, doing nothing but spectator. It didn’t sit right with her.

Disorderly )


Game Time

WHO: Achillies and the Death Angels
WHEN: Entering combat
WHERE: Over Minos off the Battlestar Avalon.


Achillies waited impatiently as the ground crews crawled over the vipers in his squadron, getting them ready for battle. At last, the canopy slowly closed and sealed as his viper was loaded into a launch tube. The hum of the engines winding up filled his ears as his squadron readied for launch.



WHO: Vice Admiral Conrad Pierce
WHERE: Situation Room, Avalon
WHEN: Moments after leaving CIC

The moment Avalon jumped into the Helios Alpha system an automated message was sent to all units which stated Vice Admiral Conrad Pierce had officially taken command of all Colonial Forces. Further orders were sent instructing the remaining battlestar strike groups in each system to regroup as follow:

Orders )


Minute Six

WHO: Viper pilot from Battlestar Vulcan.
WHEN: His sixth minute of combat, the moment Avalon joins the fight.
WHERE: Over Minos, near Battlestar Vulcan.

“Break left!” said Nuts. His viper zipped passed the other viper from the opposite direction with all cannons firing at the raider. The cylon raider exploded in a hail of armored piercing rounds. He didn’t think anything of it. The raider had been his fourth solo kill in the last five minutes, and it did not count the numerous assists.

Minute Six )


Into the Fray

Who: Jon Randell and others
Where: CIC, Avalon
When: Jump to Tauron

“Action Stations, captain.” Jon ordered from the command table in Avalon’s CIC.

Into the Fray )


Adad - R&D vessel (Project Stonewall)

Where: Converted Cruiser leaving the shipyard at Minos, Tauron's moon.

“Power plant up at sixty percent, sir”

“We need at least eighty percent,” said one of the scientists.

“It’s going to take time. You simply can’t cold start a sixty year old power plant and expect it to perform at one hundred percent immediately. There are safety protocols to consider.”

“Damn the safety protocols. The Cylons will not wait.”


One of Many Today

Who: Jake Mackenzie & James Chase
When: After the arrival of Vice Admiral Pierce
Where: Battlstar Avalon

James in his flight suit rushed to the hanger section when he learned Vice Admiral Pierce and his staff had arrived moments earlier. He was eager to see his wife again, and hoped to catch her before their duties separated them again. Avalon was already on notice for immediate action after their next jump.
KIA? )


Raptor FR

Who: James Chase
Where: Outside the perimeter of Avalon's strike group.
When: When FORCECOM arrived. 

In the cockpit of the newest variant of the Raptor for special operations, he turned the nob on the console to increase the range on the DRADIS sweep. Rather than sit and wait on the battlestar for new orders, James had took it upon himself to personally oversee the ungraded raptor they received a few days ago was combat ready. The advanced DRADIS array had to be calibrated. “There we go. It looks much better. Have Avalon confirm our distance.”

Relief - Read More )


Her eyes

Who: Tra "Achillies" Mitchell, Hamish "Fish" Finn, Open
Where: Battlestar Avalon
When: 0530 Avalon time

The lights on the battlestar were dimmed to represent nighttime as Tra sat alone in his office.The dimmed lights were supposed to give the battlestar the feeling of a planet based installation to reduce stress, but it just pissed Tra off. The low rumble of the mighty battle star's engine melded with the loud ticking of a large, old style clock with the words Galactica (BS 75) in the center hung on the wall


On Ice

Who: Jilleen Simmons, [TBD]
Where: Persephone Highlands, Aerilon
When: After escaping from Sagittaron

“Krypter! Krypter! Kypter! Colonial Raptor Four Six Constellation declaring emergency. Engine troubles, attempting to land. Anybody out there, over?” Jilleen called over the wireless on the emergency channel while Elihu prepared to land the plane onto a snow covered field. She had no idea that the communication antenna was gone from the raptor. The navigation computer had been haywire while searching for a plot and bearing signal.

Krypter! Krypter! Krypter! )

[Thread - open to those on the raptor]


FORCECOM on deck

Who: VADM Conrad Pierce, Jon Randell, and RADM Claudia Sinclair
Where: Battlestar Avalon
When: At the time of Pierce arrival.

Brief flashes disturb the blackness as Colonial raptors materialized in the vacuum of space. Of the half dozen raptors that were part of the Admiral’s entourage, only four arrived at the pre-designated rendezvous point. The one that carried him led the pack as they approached the large Mercury-class battlestar

Defeat is not an option )



Personal Log

We've been hit - and hit hard. Few things are worse than to have a command in a crisis and find yourself utterly cut off from any meaningful contribution, yet here I sit, still guesting aboard the Avalon when I should be back on the Taranis.

Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time...

Regrettably, I've yet to see any reports on her status. Nevertheless, it's my hope she survived and that I'll be out of the Avalon's hair and able to do my job. I've no idea if the Colonel sees my presence as an accidental morale booster or hindrance, but I know where I'd rather be and babysitting Admirals is not the best use of a battlestar when there's a war on.

What have been flooding in are damage assessments - and they make for horrific reading. Even the most pessimistic estimates never put our losses this high and I find myself... Not only frustrated, but physically sickened to discover just how inept we were at defending the colonies.

At least we know they're still relying on kinetic munitions. A planet sprouting mushroom clouds is a bad enough prospect, but it's something we can navigate, if nothing else. It's best not to think about it, all things considered... Cratering every population centre still gives the outlying territories a chance, but the transmissions we're picking up are nothing less than ghastly.

It's all they can do. Broadcast footage or distress signals, hoping it'll reach someone who can help. When the simple truth of the matter is, not even the Navy's in a position to do anything but see if it can patch together whatever's left of itself and hope for the best.

And pray for a quick end if it can't.


Adama is a Cylon

WHO: Cylons
WHERE: Undisclosed Base Ship
WHEN: Shortly after the first wave of the attack on the Colonies.

“The President of the Colonies yields to us and offers surrender,” Tamara Adama, the Cylon Supreme Leader said to the other Cylon models around the table with a smile. “Two, what do you think?”

By your command )


Saying Good-bye

Who: Jake Mackenzie & Jilleen Simmons
Where: Ft. Iwo, Sagittaron
When: Before this

“Chamber, I found one more for you. He should be with me shortly,” said Jilleen into a hand-held 2-way wireless. "He’s raptor qualified and can command that spare raptor.”

“That’s great Sheba. I’ll wait to begin the briefing when you two get here,” said Captain Chamberlain, the flight leader for the Headquarters’ raptor unit.

“No, if we don’t show up in five minutes begin without us. I’ll get him up to speed on the way,” she said outside the door way.

“Very well, see you when you get here.”

Leaving Sagittaron )


Before the fall

Who: Vice Admiral Pierce's raptors
Where: Over Sagittaron's capital city.
When: Night of attack local time.

A string of raptors flew in the night sky in a tight formation high above the ruined and burning sky scrapers of the capital city of Sagittaron. Vipers escorted the raptors which were transporting the new commanding officer of the Colonial Fleet, Vice Admiral Conrad Pierce and his staff to a safe FTL jump point.

Traffic dialog )


Between storms

Who: Collin Ives
Where: Glennrock, Aerilon
When: Noon local time (0:25 hrs CST)

The thing about driving on the streets after road salt had a chance to melt the snow and ice, the mist created by other vehicles driving over the brine stuck on the windshield. It is doubly annoying when only one of the windshield washing jets is partially clogged. “Damn thing,” Collin cursed when he could only get half of the windshield clean on his pick-up truck. He imagined with modern space travel, there was no reason someone could come up with a better method of clearing road brine from a window.

Dirty Brine  )


Listen Up

Who: Cole Taylor (npc)
Where: Avalon, Ready Room 1
When: An hour after jump to rally point.

“TEN-HUT!” One of the pilots called out in the ready room as the Commander of the Air Group entered. Pilots snapped to their feet at attention. Major Cole Taylor in crisp steps walked up to stand behind the podium.

Open thread )


No good news

Who: Jilleen Simmons & Conrad Pierce
Where: Ft. Iwo, Sagittaron (CIC)
When: Evening local time, an hour after the attack.

“It’s not possible. Are we sure?” Jilleen asked of the intelligence officer who was briefing the Admiral of the latest figures and reports of the attack. She spoke out of turn, letting her shocked reaction override protocol of the briefing which caused the other officer to pause. Realizing her mistake she turned to Vice Admiral Pierce. “I’m sorry sir.”

All in the same boat )

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