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September 19th, 2014

[info]bridgebetween in [info]kiseki_logs

001 ☯ Action/Video | open to all

[So it's a nice start to the weekend, and maybe you're looking for something to do. Fear not, because perhaps you get it in your mind to explore some of the islands. Should you find your way to the sports island, you'll find a lot of fun opportunities to have some fun: sports courts, fully-equipped gym, ice rink, a giant frickin' swimming pool...

Wanting to have some fun? Work-out? Scope out the hot eye candy working out? Harass the workers? Plenty of opportunity for all these things and more.

Korra, for her part, is one such worker who's in the process of collecting some stray basketballs rolling across the court. Eventually, she gets tired of trying to herd the things so she just sends out a massive airbending attack!!1 to get all the balls rolling in one direction... of course, then they just bounce off the walls, hitting it too hard, and start bouncing all over the place.]

... Geez. [Stop that.]

[She starts airbending again but the basketballs all have their own thoughts and keep bouncing around everywhere.

And then all of a sudden there's a giant polar bear dog bounding in through the front doors and across the court, trying to catch all of them at once. This isn't totally unlike her, though, so Korra what did you expect?]

Naga! Wait - ! [and that's when the video ends.]

[[ooc: this is open for a basic mingle, as well. Come over to the sports island and have fun!]]

[info]remembrances in [info]kiseki_logs

[ video/action || open to all ]

[At some point during the last few months, Bucky has come to several conclusions. He’s realized that future seems to come with some important changes, such as everything costing a lot more now (seriously, the price of one meal could’ve paid the rent in their Brooklyn apartment for several months), but apparently that means you also get more money, much more, really, than he ever could have thought to have in his possession. There’s new kind of food, weird fruit and dishes he can’t pronounce, and also something has happened to bananas to make them taste supremely strange.

When he thought to finally get some new clothes, something more casual than the army uniform he’s been wearing until now, well. He didn’t think he’d be facing yet another Future Thing (as he’s named them), but instead of clothes he’s used to, he’s staring at rows and rows of t-shirts with weird slogans on them, button-ups and hoodies and cardigans and skinny jeans and—are those jackets made of leather? Yeah, they sure seem to be.]

Huh. [For a moment, he just. stares. Until he draws in a deep breath, rolls his shoulders and assumes the air of a man going into battle.]

Right. Better get to it, then.

[Come help a fella out, why don’t you? Or, you know, just laugh at his plight as his journal deems it necessary to record this -- that works too.]