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Jul. 26th, 2017


004 ☯ video/action

[The last few days, it's been obvious that Something Is Up with Miracle Country. Everything has seemed a whole lot greyer, less bright. Things that are normally in good shape seem a little broken down - some paths seem craggier than usual, some bridges more rickety. The boarded up shops are more prevalent than before.

Despite the fact that it's summer, everything in general seems kind of gloomy - darker and less inviting.]

[Muttering to herself,] I should make a list or something...

[It's around this time that she's picking up her journal to make a short recording. She hasn't really thought through what she's going to say but whatever, she can wing it:]

Alright, I've been looking into this, and... I don't know how long these things are going to last but some of this is seriously unsafe. [Sigh, not for the first time, she can't figure out the source beyond "It's magic!"]

You should avoid going over the bridges too much if you can help it. [But, er,] The trains might not be the best bet either, though.

I'm not sure what else is messed up but if you've seen anything, let me know. I've been trying to do some fixes with my bending, but by the next day it's back to the same.

[And it's true - all around Miracle Country, things seem to be breaking or crumbling, without much reason for it. Is it a preamble to something? Likely... but what?

In the meantime, Korra will be around the island, making notes of things that are broken, putting up warnings where she can. Come hang out with her and/or help her out? Maybe you have your own first-hand experience with things falling apart around here, things seeming to fade or disappear, or just that general feeling of unease...]

[[~*~mysterious~*~ shit going down. Korra's thread can be found here but otherwise feel free to use this as a mingle as you'd like.]]

May. 6th, 2017


Video | Open

[Fai is sitting outside under a tree, looking a lot more cheerful than he probably did when he met most of the people watching this video. He's got part of his family back, and though he misses the rest of that family dearly, Syaoran alone is enough to lift Fai's spirits dramatically. Having any version of Sakura around helps too!

He's also looking a little more pale and drawn than usual, but he can smile right over that. Nothing to see here!]

Mm, I hope this is working right! Syaoran-kun told me how to use this... [he leans a little closer] ...the magic seems simple enough....

Anyway! For those of you I haven't met yet, I'm Fai. And since it seems as though there's no way out of this place... I guess I'm going to need something to do with my time! I know there's already a bakery and a cafe, and I haven't met anyone yet that needs to learn about magic, so I'm running out of ideas. Does anyone need help with anything? [he stifles a yawn with the back of one hand and rests his chin in the other, looking quite a bit like a lazy cat] Preferably something without heavy lifting~

[...right, there's... that other thing, too.]

Also, just a thought: does anyone here know anything about vampires?

((feel free to threadjack or do your own thing, as one does))

Mar. 28th, 2017


011 ⚜ Video

[It's just a series of short videos that post intermittently throughout the day.

The first, the sakura trees in the park all starting to bloom, there's even a fuzzy out-of-focus shot of a close-up on some of the flowers before the camera adjusts and it comes into focus.

The second, the horses on the farm island, snorting softly as they walk along the fence. Porthos' hand reaches out to offer an apple and one of the horses butts into the other in an attempt to get there.

The third, Aramis napping. He's also maybe snoring.

The fourth, the way the sunlight's filtering in through the leaves of the trees on the forest path - in the distance, one of the forest huts, little birds on the roof tweeting.

The fifth and final video is just a recording of a pile of papers. Porthos' hand appears again, brushing aside a few on the top layer to get to one at the center. The camera moves in close, and up close, it's clear it's a note from Robin, addressed to Porthos. It's nothing too special - just a quick note asking if he'd meet her at the library.

Why is he recording and posting these videos? Not certain. Maybe ask him about it?]

[ooc: feel free to use this as a mingle post! Porthos has his own thread as linked above.]

Mar. 25th, 2017


text || open

[Beautiful cursive (a k a Text) (also pretend this was written like four days ago):]

Good morning, everyone, and my apologies for the interruption to your day. [He'd introduce himself, but honestly, anyone who doesn't know him by now hardly deserves the reminder. ...And yes, in case you're wondering, the negative aura of the trees affects even demons. How ever did you guess.]

I would address the students at the school, first of all. By now you are all aware of Her Highness Snow White's departure and the school closing. As the only teacher currently left, it is not my intention to allow a trivial matter like having no suitable locale hinder my job. Thus, Literature class will still be held as long as there is student interest, but for now lessons will be held in group room [###] in the library. The hours and times of the week remain unchanged. Have you an idea for a more suitable classroom, do contact me.

Now, I cannot and will not attempt to replace Her Highness and all that she has done for the school and for the people here, but: I am well-versed in a variety of subjects and have experience in teaching them. I could not run an entire school's curriculum by myself (for lack of hours in a day, if nothing else) but if there is interest amongst the students to be taught any particular class, I would be happy to take your wishes into consideration. Naturally, should anyone wish to contribute as a teacher they are more than welcome to do so, and should they need guidance on how to go about it, please contact me as well. Granted, Her Highness was vocal enough about the school's lack of teachers that I expect anyone with a mind to teach would have stepped forward already...

As for the next matter at hand... whilst I am aware it might well be premature to say this: does it not seem as if the shops closing is to be a continuing trend? The food currently available leaves much to be desired, compared to before. [Not that Sebastian really cooks at all these days, but... force of habit to take notice of it and judge.]

As I am certain most of you are aware of by now, struggling against this world's whims is an exercise in futility. We have been given plenty of farmland, which I would say is as good a hint as anything. If I may, I would suggest organised effort be put into it, ideally whilst it is still early spring.

Naturally, it is unbecoming to throw out suggestions expecting someone else to take on the responsibility of seeing them through. I myself am accustomed to farming [oh wow, everyone be surprised that Sebastian knows how to do something] and have the time to spare to lead such an undertaking, but I would like to hear from anyone with an interest in lending a hand. Needless to say, it would be a paid job. [Out of Sebastian's own pocket, if Kiseki won't pitch in. He hardly ever touches his many salaries, after all.]

Lastly: I would not say we have seen enough of the strange trees to yet speak with confidence on the subject of their nature. May I please hear from anyone currently employed to watch out for them? The elusiveness of their nature aside, they are certainly unpleasant, and given the number of physically and magically capable people around I imagine it would not be so monumental a task to deal with them in an efficient manner should we join efforts. Moreover, considering what a small number of people are currently here, organisation might even be a viable prospect. [Not that he still remembers that first and only time he tried to herd cats or anything.]

I apologise for the half-formed nature of many of these suggestions. I would see to them all myself, but that would be quite a waste of time should no one be interested in the outcome. Additionally, as we have no way of knowing when any one person will be torn from this world, it makes far more sense to work on any project as part of a team, so with that in mind I ask that you pardon the length of this message. That will be all. Thank you for your time, and do have a good day.

[...Someone give Sebastian something to do. As you can see, he has way too much free time. Feel free to talk among yourself! Or come see Sebastian because of course everyone would want to hang out with such a fun guy - of course he can be found in The Bakery. Working.]

Jan. 14th, 2017


001 ✯ video/action

[Today for anyone who's walking around the shopping district, they'll see Yuuri pushing along a cart. There's a sign he's written on and attached to the cart, with just a simple message: Free Katsudon!]

[He's feeling utterly absurd, but is also rather determined - and he might even start steering the cart directly towards you if he spots you, which may or may not be alarming. At the end of the day, he's been here for over a month but hasn't really spoken to many people - mostly keeping to himself. Seems now he's trying to change that?]

[He'll be going around throughout the day, timid at first but more determined to approach people as the day goes on. It's important he shares this katsudon, after all! Which is when he gets an idea... He fumbles a little with his journal - he's had one for the time he's been here, obviously, but he hasn't actually paid that much attention to it. But if it's true that you can record messages through it, then... But sigh. He doesn't really do things like this. Does this count as some kind of strange magical social media?]

Um... [erm.] If you feel like katsudon, then maybe--

[No, that's not inviting at all. He'll never sell these if he talks like this! He looks visibly uncertain, staring down at his journal with a look of confusion and horror. But this is important. He can't back down now.]

For today only, you can try a Japanese pork cutlet bowl. [From a cart. Which is weird. But whatever.] It's delicious and filling and for a good cause. So please consider it. I highly recommend it.

Oh-- it's also free.

[There, that sounds okay, right? He frowns down at the camera, momentarily forgetting it's still turned on. He hopes this works. He looks oddly determined and insistent about this - which may or may not be worrying.]

[ooc: Context here - help Yuuri get Makkachin for Victor! Yuuri will be here so feel free to use this log for a mingle, if you'd like.]

Dec. 27th, 2016


action || open

[With his last planned event not going as well as expected, and the time of the year asking for a celebration of some sort, Lucifer's set out to hold a successful party this time. Changing his approach entirely, he's booked the ballroom by the garden islands for the night, rather than use the bar.

Knowing him, you might expect something scandalous and inappropriate; instead, it only looks expensive. The place is fully decorated in reds, with small round tables full of food and drinks, and the usual space to dance. It doesn't even look too different from parties that were held there before... save maybe for the presence of Lucifer himself, on one end of the room by the piano he had brought over from the bar. Even the fact that glasses, plates, and other things have a wing motif isn't too out of place there.

He'll have sent out invitations conveniently forgetting to mention who was organizing the whole thing, and noting it's a formal party so people need to wear their best clothes. Certain people might even find that bit's been underlined several times. But of course, if anyone failed to comply with that part, Miracle Country can always help with it, and give them a proper outfit once they're there.

By the late evening, there'll also be a note in the journals, reminding people to not miss the event... And then another one. And another one. Remember how journals don't like it when people don't pay attention to them? Or try to hide them? Enjoy the flashing book following you around, then. It might be easier to simply give in and go, even if it's for a short while...]

Nov. 30th, 2016


video || action || open

[Many are probably not even aware that Miracle Country has a skating rink in it, right? Now it'll be a little harder to ignore - even if you ignore the hand-written flyers detailing what's going on, and placed here and there among common buildings (the welcome center, the underground cafeteria, the school) asking people to go over there, there's now also a video that'll make the journals alert you soon enough.

This video shows the rink itself, and the smiling!!!! face of the journal's owner, as he waves cheerfully.]

Hello! Please come over to the sports island! Not only is it fun, of course, but just for today, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from me! [And maybe he rather needs to be able to teach someone, but that's just a small detail.]

I'll be here until the evening, so don't be shy! I can't skate and record myself at the same time, so you'll have to see it for yourselves, alright? [MORE SMILES and then the recording stops.]

[[A little log so he can get his special custom skates here! Poke him in his thread or use the log as you'd like!]]

Oct. 28th, 2016



[There's a video broadcast from the Bakery, panning over some recent creations of Sebastian's. There's a lot of cake. Like, a lot. Seriously. And also a sizeable amount of gorgeous-looking cupcakes. Sebastian calm down.

And then the feed switches to show the responsible party, as pleasantly smiling as always.]

Good afternoon, everyone. I apologise for the sudden interruption to your day, but I would briefly like to inform you that, should you wish to, you are more than welcome to stop by the Bakery at any time during the day. As you can see, this is far more than can be feasibly sold during one day, so for today only I will charge nothing for anything. [He breathes a laugh, very good-naturedly.] This is no way to do business, of course, but as Mr Stilinski was always so eager to keep the Bakery open and full of customers...

[Sebastian's honouring that or something?

Look, Sebastian's been good. He's only been killing a few monsters in the forest while doing his usual rounds. And instead of buying meat for dinner he's gone to personally hunt for deer, and then there's been metodical, if somewhat forceful, flaying and chopping in his kitchen. And then there's been delicious gourmet deer steak. Ciel's house - for whenever the infernal world deigns to have him wake up - has been completely redecorated and refurnished. As has the house Sebastian and Time are currently sharing for some reason idek. He needs to channel all this murderous intent into something. Come eat the fruits of his stress baking.]

Thank you for your time, and do have a good day.

[Very Important Notice: should anyone take him up on his offer and come pay him a visit, they will find that outside the Bakery, there is now finally a sign that says, in beautiful cursive: Please leave pets outside. Because reasons.]

Oct. 16th, 2016


004 ⚓ video/action

[It’s a relatively lovely day which means that two people are bored and grumpy and looking for something to do. If you happen to be leaving your new domed house today, you might spot both Fenris and Isabela hanging out on the very top of their domes, doing what seems like people-watching. Wander close enough and you’ll be able to hear what they’re saying. If not, you’re in luck – the journal is video recording their conversation. You see, they’re in a middle of a very important, very informative game and they simply can’t be interrupted!]

[Isabela perks up as someone does pass by – gesturing over towards Lucifer and smiles oh-so-sweetly towards Fenris, tilting her head]


Hmm. [He raises an eyebrow and though one might expect he’d be annoyed as anything with this kind of game, but Fenris simply rests on his elbow and shrugs his shoulders.] Given some quiet… I don’t disagree.

[Isabela rolls her eyes] Being loud is part of the fun.

[There’s a moment of pause as they wait for someone else to walk by. When Aramis and Porthos pass, talking to one another and not necessarily noticing the two of them up there right away, Isabela laughs and makes a rather lewd gesture, lifting her eyebrows towards Fenris]

Been there, done that. [Not that Luci isn’t a ‘been there, done that’, either, but.]

Somehow I’m not surprised. [He looks in that direction a moment longer, half smirks. Yeah, he can see why. This, of course, just makes Isabela smile wider, clearly amused by his reaction. Normally those sorts of remarks would get her to be a little snarky back, but she accepts it from Fenris.]

[They continue on this game for a while, deciding hot or not for each (appropriate) person they spot. The last person the recording shows is Bull, heading out towards the shopping district. Here, Isabela gets a bit tight-lipped, not looking quite so relaxed. She waits until Bull is well out of earshot before saying, simply,]

Definite no.

[He knew her answer before she says it, and his own is perhaps just as simple but from a complicated thought.] ... I wouldn’t say that. There is something.

[She snorts, not looking that surprised or insulted - more amused that there's someone he'd go for where she wouldn't] You have your spiky armor, of course you'd go for the horns.

[ooc: If you’d like to thread with one or both, Isabela’s thread is here & Fenris’ thread is here]

Sep. 14th, 2016


journal | open

[This journal entry is filtered away from minors, more because he wants to avoid dealing with them than because he actually cares about anyone's sensibilities. He initially simply writes this down, although further replies will be answered via video because it's easier.]

I figure it'll be a lot faster to ask in such a manner, but you're welcome to contact me privately about this.


Who here would be willing to take off their clothes for money?

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