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The 12 Pains of Christmas part 7 (Day 10) 
23rd-Dec-2009 07:34 am

Title: The 12 Pains Of Christmas – The Hogwarts Way Pt 7
Author: Lady B
Pairing: Harry/Draco/Severus
Rating: PG13 for language
Summary: Draco and Severus knew that Harry never had an ideal Christmas, growing up with The Dursleys. They were determined to give him the best Christmas ever – the muggle way. No one told Draco it would be so hard!
Author's Note: I sat here the last few weeks thinking of what I was going to write for my annual HP-themed Christmas fic and this popped into my head. This will most be a series of song-fic drabbles to the tune of "The 12 Pains of Christmas" by The Bob Rivers Comedy Troupe.
Disclaimer: All recognizable characters and plots from the Harry Potterverse belong to JK Rowling and various publishing companies and movie studios. "The 12 Pains Of Christmas" is written by Bob Rivers and I do not claim the rights to this song. I am not making any money from this, I am simply doing this for the fun of it. Any plot devices and original characters belong to me alone and are simply a figment of my imagination.
Song Links: Want to listen to the song? You can listen to it here. To download it for your own collection, you can find it here.

- - -

The tenth thing at Christmas, that's such a pain to me: "Batteries not included!"

Such an innocuous phrase. Draco sighed, staring at the three words at the bottom of the box.

He knew what it meant of course.

Why did I let Severus talk me into buying this thing?

"Because you asked me what Harry never had as a child and I told you one of those hand held electronic games teenage muggle boys are so fond of. Not my fault you forgot batteries for it." Severus replied, guessing Draco's thoughts.

"I don't supposed you would know if any are around here?" Draco asked, staring at all the open bags and wrapping paper covering every surface of their bedroom.

"Accio triple a batteries!" Severus grinned, watching as one of the smaller bags flew into his hand.

"Thank you, Severus." Draco said, his heart melting a little.

Severus offered Draco one of his rare smiles, "You're welcome."

Draco went back to his wrapping.

He's finally starting to get it. Severus nodded to himself.
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