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*Update* Just A Girl Chapter 5 
15th-Oct-2008 11:00 pm
Title: Just A Girl
Author: Lady B
Genre: AU Het
Pairing: Draco/Girl!Harry
Rating for this chapter: PG13
Summary: Lily Potter was the top of her class in Charms and Hexes. With a bit of creativity and a spell from an ancient relative, she cast a spell upon Harry the moment she died, thereby ensuring that her child would survive. Only no one understood the nature of her spell and its long-term effects. Is the Wizarding World prepared to deal with...A Girl Who Lived?
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's Note: Yes this is het. I know I said I'd never write one again, but my bunny was chomping at my heels for this. I'm not following the books/movies much and there will be time-line jumps.

- - -

Chapter 5: Meetings

All eyes in the room turned toward Severus and Harry. There was instant silence as looks passed between Harry and the others, assessing each others worth.

"Good evening. I apologize for my delay in coming to you. I've just come from a meeting with Headmaster Dumbledore to collect our newest member of Slytherin House. She is a transfer student from the prestigious Salem Institute of Magic in America and I hope you all will make her feel welcome."

"I'm sure we can make her feel real welcome." snickered a seventh year to one of his friends, leering at Harry. In an instant, Harry's wand was in her hand and the offender's lips vanished from his face. What surprised everyone was the fact that Harry never spoke a word.

"My aunt always told me that if you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all." Harry scowled. Severus stepped in front of the young girl, a scowl on his face.

"McPugh, need I remind you that you are a Slytherin? This is not your personal bordello. Detention with me every night for the next two weeks. And you can forget about that Potions apprenticeship." Severus scowled. McPugh's face reddened, but he had no mouth to defend himself with.

"Miss Potter? If you please." Severus asked. Harry waved her wand to restore McPugh's mouth.

"I think you owe me an apology." Harry demanded, her wand remaining poised in her hand. McPugh swallowed convulsively.

"I apologize, Miss Potter. You did not deserve such disrespect." McPugh stammered.

"Apology accepted, sir." Harry replied, pocketing her wand.

"Potter? A Potter in Slytherin?" came a voice from the other side of the room. Everyone turned to see the portrait of Salazar Slytherin staring back at them. "Inconceivable!"

"Forgive me, sir. But this is not the first time a Potter has been in Slytherin." Harry argued.

"Explain!" Salazar demanded.

"I had a cousin, Elisa Potter, sorted into Slytherin shortly before the First Great War."

"Hmm. I do seem to recall that name. Excellent potions student, not bad in charms as well."

"She was one of the Premier Potion Masters in all of France." Harry smiled.

"She was. And from what I've seen so far, I'm beginning to think you'll make a fine asset to Slytherin. Welcome, Miss Potter."

"Thank you, sir." Harry stated in Parseltongue. Salazar's eyes went wide, and he grinned.

"A fine asset indeed." he repeated before his portrait stilled. Harry noticed that all eyes were pinned on her.


"You're a Parselmouth!" a first year exclaimed.


"Aren't you scared that someone will think you're in league with Him?"

"There are many witches and wizards, Dark and Light, who are Parselmouths. I've met many of them and they are all nice people. What other people think of me, is no matter that concerns me. Because at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters to me are the ones who know me on a personal level." Harry replied.

"Well put, Miss Potter. You'll all do well not to make assumptions about a person until you get to know them." Severus told everyone. "Unless they're Gryffindors." he added, causing everyone to snicker.

"This is a reminder to you all. You've been sorted into the most misunderstood house in all of Hogwarts. You treat each other like family, defend one another from those not of this house to the best of your abilities. Do not get caught or I will not be happy. And you won't like me when I am unhappy. Any problems or concerns, as always, you will find my office hours posted on the bulletin board. I'm sure you will all be pleased to know that because of the Triwizard tournament, Quidditch is canceled for this year, therefore the House Cup is safe in our clutches for another year."

There was applause and cheers after this announcement.

"Miss Greengrass?"


"Miss Potter will be rooming with you and Miss Parkinson for the remainder of her stay."

"Yes, sir." Daphne nodded.

"I suggest you all get a good night's sleep. Tournament champions will be announced after breakfast tomorrow morning." And with that, Severus turned and left the room.

"Come with us, Potter. We'll show you where you will be staying." Pansy sighed.

"My friends call me Harry." Pansy turned sharply to eye the newest Slytherin. There was a smirk on Harry's face. Pansy nodded in reply.

"Pansy. This is Daphne."

"Pleasure." Harry nodded to the other girl.

"We better get some sleep. It's bound to be a long day tomorrow, especially with another Weasley in Gryffindor." Pansy sighed, leading the way to their room.

- - -

The next morning at breakfast, Harry was chatting with Pansy and Daphne when a dark-skinned boy and a pale boy with blonde hair joined them.

"Harry, meet Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy." Daphne introduced. Harry nodded to Blaise before looking at Draco.

"Enchanté, dame chérie." Draco stated as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles. It made her want to giggle and blush, but Harry was made of sterner stuff and smiled at him.

"Dammit, Draco. Must you charm every girl you meet?" Blaise snorted.

"Malfoys are never anything but charming." Draco replied, looking at his friend.

"I don't stand a chance with you around."

"Practice, Blaise. Lots of practice." Draco smirked.

"You seem like a nice man, Blaise. But you're just not my type." Harry grinned, causing the others to laugh.

"Hear that?" Pansy questioned.

"No, what?" Daphne wondered.

"It's the sound of Blaise's heart breaking in two." Harry giggled at that and Blaise did some kind of dramatic pose, complete with hand over heart.

"How shall I ever survive the pain!" Blaise groaned, falling against Draco, who promptly shoved him off.


"Gentlemen, I trust this little display of foolishness is at an end?" came the voice of Professor Snape as he approached the table.

"Yes, Professor." both boys mumbled.

"Good. Enjoy your breakfast."

- - -

As breakfast was winding down, a commotion at the head table drew everyone's attention. Snape seemed to be having some kind of argument with the headmaster. Clearly he was losing. The man sat back and sought out Harry among the Slytherins. Harry caught his eye and Snape allowed her to see one thought.

The headmaster is going to announce your presence to the school. Be prepared. Harry gave a slight nod and turned to glare at Dumbledore. Dumbledore got to his feet and asked for attention. The Hall quieted and waited.

"It is with great pleasure that I announce the return of one of our own. Though not the same as before, please welcome to Hogwarts...Harry Potter!"

Harry's glare moved up a notch as everyone began to look around the room for the Savior.

"You better let them see you and get it over with or we'll be here all day." Draco mumbled. Rolling her eyes, Harry got to her feet and faced the other tables.

"But you're a girl!" Ron exclaimed with shock.

"Your point?"

"You're supposed to be a boy!"

"Supposed to be being the key words in that sentence. As you can see, I am not." Harry responded.

"Why are you in Slytherin? Your family have been Gryffindors for years!"

"Because I wanted to be." she replied.

"You're probably in league with You-Know-Who!" Ron couldn't help but exclaim.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. You'll never know, will you?" Harry smirked as she sat back down.

- - -

Madame Pomfrey was categorizing her potions stores when a commotion in the ward made her leave her office. She bore witness to an angrier than normal Severus Snape marching into the room, followed by a crying Harry Potter, who's left arm was at an odd angle and a Ron Weasley sporting what looked like the beginning of a black eye and a split lip.

"What happened?" she demanded, removing her wand to cast spells on Harry.

"He insulted me and my family so I punched him in the nose and turned to walk away. He tackled me from behind and I landed on my arm!" Harry cried, her green eyes bright with tears.

"Mr Weasley!" Madame Pomfrey exclaimed with shock.

"She started it!" Ron exclaimed as Dumbledore and Minerva entered the ward.

"What happened?" Minerva asked. Before Ron could speak, Severus spoke instead.

"Your Gryffindor attacked a defenseless Slytherin with no provocation!" Severus growled, barely containing his anger.

"Now, Severus. I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding." Dumbledore tried to placate everyone.

"Misunderstanding? She has a broken arm and a fractured wrist!" Severus exclaimed.

"Harry, may we see what happened?" Poppy asked. Harry sniffled and nodded. Severus helped her remove the memory from her mind and the adults took a look. When they disengaged from the pensive, Dumbledore was livid (but only inside).

"Mr Weasley, I'm afraid points will be taken and detentions handed out for your behavior." Dumbledore sighed.

"That's not enough, Albus." Severus stated.

"What do you suggest?"

"I want his Hogsmead privileges suspended for the remainder of the year."

"You can't do that!" Ron exclaimed.

"As he is a teacher and Head of Slytherin, he does have the right." Minerva told him. Ron stared at them in shock.

"Minerva, would you be so kind as to Floo Arthur and Molly. They will need to be informed."

At the mention of his mother, Ron paled. He was going to be in much more trouble when his mother found out.

- - -

Ron was accosted by his mother the minute she laid eyes on him. She marched right up to him and twisted his ear painfully.

"Ow! Mum!" Ron squealed.

"Ronald Bilius Weasley! I have never been more ashamed of anyone in all my life! Attacking girls for Merlin's sake! What's gotten into you?"

"She started it!"

"Don't give me that, Ronald. I didn't fall off the apple cart yesterday! I've warned you time and again about your temper!"

"But mum!"

"Shut it, Ronald. You'll get no sympathy from me or your father. And because of your actions, we've decided you will spend Christmas Hols here at school."

"But mum! It's Christmas!"

"You should have thought of that before!" Arthur snapped. Ron seemed to shrink in upon himself.

"Let's discuss this in Poppy's office." Dumbledore stated, resisting the urge to pinch his nose in frustration. He led the others from the room and Harry's face transformed into calm. She turned to glare at Ron.

"What are you looking at?"

"Let's get one thing straight, Weasley. I don't like you. You're nothing but a jealous, bigoted bully. Come near me again, I'll cut your bollocks off and shove them so far down your throat, the only way you'll be able to procreate is through your intestines. Understand me?" Harry growled. Ron paled even further before and nodded. The adults returned to the room and Harry's face transformed again back to the teary-eyed girl she was when this whole fiasco started.

"Professor Snape, I'm tired. May I return to my room, please?" Harry asked.

"You are excused from your classes for the day, Ms Potter, but I expect to see you at dinner."

"Yes, sir." Harry nodded. She was about to leave the room when Molly stopped her.

"Potter? Harry Potter?"

"Yes ma'am."

"But...you're a girl!"

"So I've noticed. Good evening." And Harry left the hospital. The last thing she heard as she descended the stairs was Molly Weasley asking, "Why is Harry Potter a girl?"

She laughed all the way back to her room.

To Be Continued...

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