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SS/HP Prophet for April 1 - 7

Short Prophet this week :(

One Shots
[x] alisanne: Sunday Dinner [NC-17]
[x] torino10154: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back [PG-13]

Works In Progress
[x] pekeleke: The voice under all silences. Chapter 15 [NC-17]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] alisanne: Epiphany [PG]
[x] alisanne: Not So Foolish [R]
[x] lilyseyes: Rainy Stakeout [G]
[x] lilyseyes: Soothing Breath [NC-17]
[x] pekeleke: Unveiling Severus. [R]
[x] starduchess: Grateful [NC-17]
[x] torino10154: Severus and the Seven Potters [NC-17]
[x] torino10154: Spring Traditions [PG] Severus/Harry/Hermione

[x] snape_potter: Announces The Deadline for Snarry-a-Thon12 is Coming Soon...
[x] snape_potter: Snarry Introductory Post/Friending Meme...
[x] snarry100: issued Challenge 313 - Easter Egg

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