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Jan. 17th, 2010


Effective immediately, I am standing down as the mod of Parabolical and leaving the game. I am sorry to do this, I feel I'm letting all of you down, but the truth is I just can't keep going any longer. While modding for the majority of you has been an honour and a privilege, there has been numerous behind the scenes activities which has made this too hard for me.

While I was originally going to say nothing as to my reasons, following some rather blatant posts on ~rpvents I have decided to clarify that, contrary to rumour, this is not the fault of some of the players. Modding such a large group of players, dealing with clashes of play style is something I expect and am able to handle. The reason is those who tried to exploit my friendship and putting me into such a difficult position that I have found myself unable to continue.

If anyone wishes to take over modding the game, please send me an e mail and I will give them the appropriate passwords. Otherwise this is, unfortunately, the end of my time as an RPer. I want to thank the majority of you, and apologise again that it has come to this.


Mar. 4th, 2009


This is why Eve and Bart, would in fact, be an awesome couple. You know, if Eve wasn't a ghost 50% of the time to be with her Babies Daddy, and Bart wasn't junkless.

Cut for pictures

I just don't think god would approve )

Nov. 2nd, 2008


Hello, this is Hannah K., player of Henry Townshend and Kyle Hyde. I’m bringing in a new character: Dahlia Gillespie from the Silent Hill games. (If you’ve seen the movie, she’s a much more sympathetic character there, but this is game Dahlia so she’s evil, evil, evil.)

[Spoilers] )

Dahlia’s available for all your evil plotting needs, as someone who cannot be trusted.

Sep. 13th, 2008



New player, new character, please don't eat me?

I'm Anna and I'll be playing the every so cheerful Mirajane from Mashima Hiro's manga Fairy Tail. Haven't been playing for almost a year now but this place seemed like fun so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm Swedish so that means I might be online at some rather odd times but I work nights and as such so I hope it won't make to much of a difference, I'm usually pretty easy to get a hold of. Feel free to poke me whenever you have an urge too. I can be found on Sina Madargon (aim) and (msn) though I tend to only have the msn addy up while I'm at work.

Anyway, nice to meet you and I'm looking forward to playing with you. ♥

Jul. 18th, 2008


Its Briege with her third character. (and yes it does seem that I've been here longer than I actually have cause wow this place is addictive)

Watch and marvel as I present my first non Star Wars character :)

Maya Herrera from Heroes. :D

Lifted just after the events of Powerless and all the emotional trauma that ensued for her therin :)

Happy to plot as always. Its lonestarclaire on AIM :)

Mar. 30th, 2008


QueenC here. I come bearing Willow Rosenberg. Again. Hopefully this time the muse will stick around. *shakes head* Stupid fickle witch...

Anyway. I'm bringing her in following the finale of Buffy, a bit into the comics more or less. Basically she and Kennedy are on a 'break' due to some dying and stuff. It's all messy and complicated and chances are she won't talk about it much. Unless you're Xander or Buffy and really want to know.

She was in the game before and I'm bringing her in with the idea that she had been here, she'd left to take care of some other stuff, and has finally made it back to L.A. to help out again. She's up for any and all plots and you can reach me on AIM at queenofcordyland or via email at or via gmail talk (if you have it) at the same address. (Yes, I'm not very original when it comes to screen names. Oh well.)

Oh, and my other pups are all up for plottage/playing too!

~ QueenC

Mar. 29th, 2008


If someone wants to tag the Heroes group in the lobby, they're ready. Spike would be really amusing I think.


Okay, here’s a super short introduction for my newest character, not made long because I sometimes despise introductions for some reason… But, this is Gabriel from Blood and Chocolate, the novel, not the movie. He’s a loup-garoux, more commonly known as a werewolf to those on the outside. He’s the alpha male of his pack back home, and isn’t afraid to throw a few people around if they cross him, or Vivian for that matter. And speaking of Vivian, she’s actually why he’s here in LA in the first place, and he will be searching for her relentlessly.

I’m all up for plotting and whatnot, especially with any other wolves or supernaturals in the game. I know that we have Lavender, so a meeting there could be fun.

-Kaylie (Bart, Marie-Christine, Gabriel)

Mar. 27th, 2008


Guys, I'm terribly sorry for my absence, but I've been sick and also busy the past few days (weeks?) I'm still in the game, but on a short hiatus until I can heal properly from this cold... I should be ready and eager to participate by the beginning of the new Weekday.


(Sam Winchester, John Allerdyce, Mick St.John & Rob Hawkins.)


Hey folks,

So I'm going to be applying for Ben Linus from LOST. I'm not sure of my "angle" yet, but I DO know that I will probably be playing him with this theory in mind:
(if site is down, mirror:

Since he's sort of "all- knowing" I need some sort of background to go by and since the LOST writers are not returning my calls, I figured I'd go with the main one on the internet. Does this jive with all the other Losties and Modies?

Davy/Ivy/Wade/soon to be Ben

Mar. 25th, 2008


To make up for my lack of posting with Mia...

...I obviously need some excuse for her absesne? Y/N?

If anyone wants to kidnapp a Princess (of a country that can't really give you anything, except pears haha!) let me know :D

Either that or yeah...I have no ideas. Anyone?

Apologies for not being on AIM in like - forever. RL has been kind of stressful lately, but I just hold onto the fact that the semester will soon be over, YAY!

If you want to hit me up for plotty reasons send me an email @, I check my gmail a lot during the day so, you'll get a response pretty quick!

- Kirsten
(Claire Littleton, Bastila Shan, Lavender Brown, Nico Minoru, Princess Mia, Sabe)


Charles Gunn, at your service.

Mar. 23rd, 2008


I swear I'm a masochist...

Because I just keep picking up more characters! And today I present Adam Park, who was once the Black Ranger in MMPG, and later became the Green Zeo Ranger and...stuff. He's only able to morph into his black form, as that was the last form he was in in the "Once a Ranger" episode. On that note, he's coming in after said episode (not directly after it, like a week later or something?) and he's 28. I'm open for plot for him or any other character that I have. ^_^

~Korrin [Psylocke. Yuna. Bumblebee. Jack Sparrow. Claire Bennet. Adam Park. Narcissa Malfoy]

p.s. Happy Easter/Fluffy Bunny and Egg Hunt/Zombie Day!!

Mar. 22nd, 2008


Just so everyone is aware, tomorrow is Easter which means this weekend is slam full of egg hunts, meals with family and friends, and a giant rabbit bringing my daughter a basket full of candy she doesn't need but that her dentist insists she gets so he can afford to put his own kids through college.

Or something like that.

Anywho, my point is, I may not be around a whole lot this weekend but I am going to be trying to get up a few scenes and reply to the ones I already have out there. If you see me on AIM (queenofcordyland), feel free to ping me, but don't get insulted if I don't reply back immediately since holiday weekends really are kinda hectic for me.

I'll be back in full swing by Sunday evening, though, so no worries!

~ QueenC

(Annie Wheaton, Charlie McGee, Cordelia Chase, Darla, Jaina Solo, Katara, Mikaela Banes, Padmé Amidala, and Skyfire)

Mar. 21st, 2008


I'm really not above begging here...someone please, please please play Peter Petrelli from Heroes so I can stop making pathetic pleas like this.

Korrin would also like for someone to play Peter.

Mar. 20th, 2008


Sorry for my slowness on a few threads! I'm heading out for my lovely vacation, and won't be back here until the 30th. I'm packing tonight, so I'll be here to finish off any threads I have outstanding. I also won't be starting Rinoa off til I get back, since I won't be able to reply.

Spike, Charlie--I'll get as much done as I can tonight and tomorrow morning so those can be wrapped!

Ella--We'll have to start our new one then, okay? Then Diana can tell her about the book, yay...

Bruce, Clark, Kara--all caught up, waiting on you guys for our threads! If you can't get to them tonight, you got all next week, lol..

See you guys soon!
-Mel Mel


I'm back, again, after recovering from post-festival hangover meets strep throat meets flu meets sinus infection... :-( I'm not totally better, but I'm back at the computer for those happy times where I can post! I know I owe Eve a thread, I've posted to Jack... Am I missing anybody?

Does anybody want to thread with Deadpool?

Any of the DC folks want to run into Poison Ivy?

Anyone need some evil plotting anywhere?


Davy Jones, Poison Ivy, Deadpool

Mar. 19th, 2008


This isn’t really a hiatus, but I just wanted to give a heads up that I’m not going to be around much until Sunday. My best friend is getting married on Saturday and I am the Maid of Honor, so I’m going to be very busy until after the wedding/reception. I’ll tag and post when I can but it’ll be sporadic at best. But I’ll be back around in full swing on Sunday.

See you guys later,


I've been away for so long the update page looks different or something... woah.

I mean, hi! I'm technically back from my hiatus! Ha. Well, by that I mean.. I am back, but I'm currently studying for my finals, that will end on May 1st. So, I'm back, but April is going to be a pretty slow month gaming wise. So... be patient with me, and if I die on you don't be afraid to give me a nudge - I'll probably just be crying over my studies!

I've missed the game so damn much!!!

Oh, also... yeah, I think I'll drop The Narrator. Basically... he never got involved, and I don't have the time to get a character established at the moment... and I'm pretty sure no one wil snatch him up before May incase I decide I want him back.

So... if anyone wants to scene with me, I'm up for threading and email-logging once more. It's unlikely I'll be on AIM because... well, it's easier to study and thread than study and chat. So... my email is, please, abuse it as much as you like.

Glad to be back, even if it isn't as fully back as I'd like!!


Got the internet working! Finally. After going through four cable modems and spending an hour on the phone with a tech guy, it's functional again. Thank goodness. That was, however, a lot harder than it should have been.

Nevermind, I spoke too soon. Freakin' connection now holds for five minutes at a time, then dies for a good twenty. What the hell. Seriously. We're on modem #4 and have talked to tech support, who can't seem to help.

I'm seriously about to hurt someone. This is ridiculous. ><

- Tamara (MOD!)

Mar. 17th, 2008


This might just be me buuuut...

Does anyone think it would be brilliant of Dementors from Harry Potter started showing up? They might be drawn to the evil and the black?

Just a random thought, lol. One I probably should have come up with sooner!


Random question

Has anyone seen/is familiar with/adores the BBC series Robin Hood, by any chance?


To the person who plays Spike/Bizarro/Xander

I think you are amazing.

That is all.

Mar. 16th, 2008


Hello, all! Mel here with my third, and probably final character (for now, anyway, lol). It's Rinoa Heartilly, the chick from the cover of Final Fantasy VIII, if you haven't played the game. She's here with her sidekick, Angelo the doggie, and her trusty boomerang-thingy....anyway, it shoots and it's pretty cool. I know we've got a couple other FFVIII peeps here, and I look forward to playing!

I should be all caught up on tags now; I felt guilty about posting Rinoa until I did that. ::Sheepish::

--Mel AKA Edric and Wondy


Sorry for slacking off again guys, I totally fail at the internet latley (not just here but everywhere!).

I have a feeling I might have to end up dropping some of my characters, because I'm hardly playing them and college is really kicking me right now. Baah. I will for sure be keeping Claire Littleton, Lavender Brown and Bastila Shan, but other than that I'm not sure.

Also I think I'll just have Lavender turn into a full werewolf, and the why can be figured out later. I'm sure with all the insanity going on here, it's possible, right? Unless someone has another idea?

- Kirsten

(Claire L, Lavender B, Bastila S, Nico M, Juliet B, Princess Mia, Sabe, A Cameron)

Mar. 15th, 2008


Bleh, my Angel is rusty. This is what I get for sending him on a PTB mission and not playing him for a while. Must rewatch episodes when I get home. >.o

btw, AI members...I'm working out the details of the spell thing the Fang Gang's going to do in order to bring the sun back (about damned time, no?). So, let me know if you want in and what your character can contribute. :3

- Tamara (MOD!)


Hey all. This is Jay with a new muse, Morgan Rowlands of the Sweep series. She is a witch who is relatively new to practicing Wicca, though has the potential to be very powerful because of who her parents were. And she is coming to L.A. after almost being killed by the guy she loved, Cal.

She's friends with Hunter but after she starts to get over Cal she will want to be more than friends. If you want to plot or play, drop a comment or hit me up on AIM (fannedblaze)


Just wanted to let you all know that I've gone and swapped Ron's PB for someone who looked a little more age fitting. Plus, it was just weird using Rupert (although he is so much ♥) when I'm so used to using PH. Also, as a sidenote, my reps on threads will probably be a little slower this weekend because work is picking up for me since someone got fired and I've been given extra hours. I'll have time to respond on comments probably during the day, but threads take a little longer to write out so I'm going to have to wait until I have a longer period of time to get those done. So any threads that I've got on with Spike, Xander, and Bizarro right now might be a little slow until Monday, at the very least.

Mar. 14th, 2008


I had mentioned to a few of you that I was going to be out of town this Saturday night for my grandfather's retirement party. However, his company has also paid for tonight (Friday) at the resort we're staying at, which means I'm leaving pretty much now to drive to Charleston.

I'm not sure if I'll have computer access or not. If I do, I'll try to reply to any tags I have. If I don't, I'll be replying on Sunday evening when I return.

See you all Sunday!

~ QueenC


I am dropping Jubilee & Wanda ([info]hexbolts. I apologize for this, but I've lost the desire to play them.

Mar. 12th, 2008


Hi folks!

I'm back from SXSW (woo!) and I'm trying to dry out and get back into the whole "using a computer" thing again... so bear with me! I'll be 100% by this weekend, if not sooner.


Davy Jones/Deadpool/Poison Ivy

Mar. 11th, 2008


OKAY SO I PICKED UP BIZARRO ON POPULAR DEMAND. So like, I figured since he's the exact opposite of Clark and there's been the eclipse that never ENDED going on as of late, he should be okay to use his abilities, right? The sun isn't exactly his BFF anyway. But, uh, yeah. For those of you who are not Smallville fans, Bizarro is this phantom dude who stole Clark's DNA and has all of his abilities and all of that good stuff. If you're a Superman junkie, he's a bit different than he is in the comics. He doesn't have the speech problem and he's not HIDEOUS. Plus, hey, no backwards 'S' costume. Just normal clothes. He's had this obsession with BEING Clark lately, so he might try to fool some people by putting on a fun little act. I have more information up in his profile - or I eventually will - so you guys can take a peek whenever that gets done.

Oh, and this is MJ. =]

Mar. 8th, 2008


Stupid wanting!

So, I'm insane, and there's no way I could right now, but I totally want to pick up Jasper Hale from Twilight, Adam Park from Power Rangers, Miles from LOST, and/or Jeffrey Nothing. x_X

Mar. 7th, 2008


Right, so as Ron already mentioned on graffiti somewhere...Lavender was really into Divination and probably like Trelawny is really bad at it. But I was thinking how Trelawny did have some good visions and maybe Lavender comes out with one too? And goes all Trelawny, with the wheezing, the rolled back eyes and the scary voice?

I was also thinking how much fun it might be for Lavender to become a full fledged werewolf (for me it would be fun...not for her). I have no idea how this would happen though.

Anyways, until my internet connection is working nicely again (my puppy pulled it out of the wall and it keeps crashing on me...hence no AIM :O), if you wanna plot hit me up here.

- Kirsten

Also this icon is best expression ever imo!

Mar. 6th, 2008


So, for those who aren't super framiliar with BTVS (and I'm sure that's pretty much nobody, lol), Dawn is all mystical magical key to other dimensions including those not so nice ones. And I am a sucker for character punishment. So if anyone had any baddies that would want a nice little key girl, I'm so open for it. Let me know. Aim is target0target.


I've been considering picking up either Bizarro or Brainiac from Smallville. Any protests from you Smallville players out there?

Mar. 5th, 2008


This is Lois Lane, and everybody here should greet her with cookies and welcoming gifts (like those nifty jello mold things), just because that would be the nice thing to do. Or maybe not… I don’t think she has an exceptional liking for such things, so ignore me and get on with your lives, minus the cookies and jello for the newest arrival. She won’t accept them. Or maybe she will, but then when you turn your back she’ll kindly fling them into the nearest trash can.

But yes, this is Lois and she doesn’t know what she’d doing in Los Angeles, considering that she was in Metropolis minding her own business (that’s a lie actually) and being quiet (another lie) when some guy showed up and… she’s not sure but she ended up waking up here.

Sooo… I will be getting the first post up for her soonish and if you want to do anything with her just give me a ping at SomeWeirdCat on aim.

-Kaylie (Bart, Dion, Marie-Christine, Lois)


Hey all. Corri here. Taking a moment to say sorry for not being around so much lately. I've been working through the worst semester ever and haven't had a lot of time for doing fun things. But my mid-terms will be mostly mostly over in the next week or so, and I'd really love to get back involved in the game. Promise I'm not disappearing! So if anyone would like to plot/thread/play with my characters, you can usually find me on AIM TheChezhireCat42. Or I will be poaching open threads soon ^.^ Beware.

-- Corri (Anya Jenkins, Princess Azula)


Hi everybody. I'm Tynele or Ty or Caligo or Vigo scourge of carpathia, the sarrow of modovia. Which ever's easier. I play Eve. Eve from Parasite Eve [not the actual parasite but... well it's a long story] that is. Not sure if it was that popular, but I quite liked the game and wanted to play someone different.
Anyway looking foward getting in the thick of things, and since I can't think of some really smart and witty ending to my "excuse" for an intro.... I hope everyones a great day, wherever you are.

Mar. 4th, 2008


Apparently I fail at RPing...

Hey everyone, I'm apologizing yet again for being so incredibly lame when it comes to RPing lately. My life was/is insanely busy, and I just spent last weekend chaperoning my church's youth group at a massive youth rally (But I would not be lying if I said it was the best weekend of my life! More on that later if anyone is interested. Also, any Family Force 5, Fresh IE, or Starfield fans out there - if so holla plz!), sorry I didn't get a chance to post about that before hand.

I'll try to catch up tonight and tomorrow. Unless of course you'd rather drop those threads cause they're that old :P Let me know if you do.

- Kirsten (Claire L, Nico M, Bastila S, Lavender B, Juliet B, Princess Mia, Sabé, A Cameron)

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