[video/action | open]
07 November 2011 at 08:10 pm
Alright, bub... [It's a little hard to understand him with that cigar clenched between his teeth, and he's puffing furiously on it even as his claws slide free with a threatening snkt. Strange, though. He's too angry to notice that the pay is lasting longer than usual, and the cuts, simply, are not healing.]

You've got three seconds to tell me what the hell's going on here, and maybe you get to walk away with your guts intact. [Prison? Yeah, right. More like one of Magneto's schemes. He's coasting along on that dick's motorcycle one minute, and he's stuck here with this thing on his face the next.]

[Someone's gonna pay, big time.]

((OOC: Sound familiar? Yeah, that's because Wolverine was here during the 4th wall, but he doesn't remember it at all~))
[action | open] Backdated to daytime
06 November 2011 at 09:42 pm
[This is what he gets for eating candy. He would get warned that eating to much was bad for you, cavities, all that junk, but this? This was clearly far worse and he was NOT okay with this. Not okay at all.

This being the fact he was no longer 14 years old, but rather 8. He had been wanting to grow up not down! It had sucked being shorter than Terra and Aqua, but now he was shorter than practically everyone he was sure. Great. Just great.

And on top of it all - he now had bunny ears and a bunny tail. Yes. Bunny ears and a tail. A little bit of cotton fluff popping out of his pants and one ear straight up and the other flopped slightly down and thankfully not falling into his eyes.

Yeah, this was what he got for eating candy, and unfortunately he had picked them up from a little bowl at the store, so he would need to walk through the dome in order to get back to his place, but he didn't want to just hide in the apartment all day. That would be so boring! Maybe no one would notice, think it was practice for something....

Yeah right. He was lucky, but not that lucky.]

[ooc: So Ven is wandering around the dome, and he has been hit with a de-age and animal parts - in this case, a bunny. He's roughly 8 years old, with white ears and cotton ball tail. I know it's late, but I am celebrating finishing a major project. Go me! \o/ ]
[Action|Open] Backdated to Early Afternoon
04 November 2011 at 12:00 pm
[Some people may not notice anything. Others may hear the sound of small feet, but not see where they came from. Turn your head too fast and you might just see the tiny figure quickly dodging into the shadows of a building, wild hair all over and pants far too big being held up by a long white ribbon. It's chilly, but she's not wearing shoes.

Some may recognize the hair--or the clothes--but she doesn't recognize anyone. Miranda just wants to go home, but she's too afraid to ask any of the strange adults for help.]
Location: Everywhere / Early Afternoon
[Audio] /[Action] Open!
03 November 2011 at 07:23 pm
What's Halloween? There are lots of people talking about it and going trick or treating, but I don't know what those things are. Is that the reason that Akuaku gave out these baskets of candy? They're pretty yummy, but I don't think I like them. After I ate one, everything became bigger! Now, my clothes don't fit me anymore.

[For those wandering around the park, you'll see a pink-haired toddler sitting on the ground and wearing clothes that are too big for her tiny frame. Somehow, the toddler manages to set the communicator to her lap before glaring at the candy wrappers littering the ground. Not to far from her, stands a basket full of candy that seems to be missing a few sweets]
[video / mingle]
13 October 2011 at 12:36 pm
So how did everyone's dates go at the prom? [teehee] I realize it's long over by now, but I haven't had the time to ask, especially with all the new arrivals.

But I kind of miss it... I loved having the excuse to wear a really fancy dress. I wish I could wear dresses like that every day... [le sigh]

[well, time to finish setting up for Madoka's birthday party! it's a pretty modest affair in Orihime's house -- cake and cupcakes abound, with some little snacky sandwiches for anyone who wants less sugary food, and a few balloons and decorations. Yachiru made her a big decorated card and everything!]

[people who bonded with Madoka already are welcome to show up, and housemates Ukitake and Rapunzel are welcome to introduce themselves! Orihime kind of invited Yachiru and Madoka to stay with everyone.]
[video | voice | open]
12 October 2011 at 08:37 am
[The feed goes to a little boy sitting in a corner, knees to chest and behind him is a semi-messy bedroom, but that's because it hasn't been finished getting fixed. But, there's a reason for it--and here's where you see Yuta wipe his arm across his lightly damp cheeks. No, those weren't tears, or at least he wouldn't admit it.]

[And a question from this melancholy little boy]
Does anyone here still have a family? What were they like? Do you miss them?

[What a thing for a criminal to ask, right?]
[ Action/Video | Open | Shelter Kitchen]
11 October 2011 at 01:17 pm
[ Before one even arrives into the kitchen, they will be met with the aromas of something grainy and nutty, then sweet and milky, enveloped with the distinct scent of strong, freshly-brewed coffee.

For those who know Sasha, making too much food is a habit she still has to shake off. But they also know that she is more than willing to share.

And whether you are a familiar face or a new one, you will be greeted with a warm smile and a bright -- ]

Good morning! Would you like some breakfast?

---------- Video -----------

[ And thinking that perhaps more can benefit from a warm meal to start the day, she switches on her video feed -- ]

Good morning, Marina! I have made some breakfast. Would you like to join me?

[ And there is a view of freshly baked bread and something that resembles pies -- for breakfast, yes. ]
[Accidental ? Video] [Open]
03 October 2011 at 08:27 pm
[It's an eye. Well, to be exact, the ey sande belongs to a person holding communicator a little too close to their face. After a moment, they pull away to reveal a pink haired child, between the age of six and ten, staring the screen with a confused expression.]

What is this thing? [The little girl gives the communicator an inquisitive look before poking at it a few times. Suddenly, everything seems to be shaking before it stops as soon as it begins. There is a frown on the little girl's face that slowly turns into a bright and happy smile]

Oh, I get it! It's a communicator! [She nods to herself, happy with the conclusion] Though, it's not as pretty like the one I have. [A rustle of clothing is heard and a close up of the child's sleeve] Bleh! It's not tasty like mine either. [Her face is scrunched up into a look of disgust]

Oh, I guess it's recording, right? Hi everyone! My name is Yachiru Kusajishi. This place is really weird and strange. I dunno why they keep saying this weird stuff about trespassing, fish and stealing. I didn't eat or steal Byakushi's fish! I just borrowed some of them and gave them to Ukki since he seemed sad about not having nice fishies like Byakushi.

Has anyone seen my Ken-chan? We're supposed to being doing something together, but I think he got lost. He's really big, really strong and sorta scary looking! I don't think he looks that scary, but lots of other people think that. Ne, if anyone sees him, tell him I'm looking for him, okay? Oh, I guess if you see a funny looking bald guy and a a pretty guy with a feather on his face tell me! Just don't look at Baldy head too long, cuz his head is very shiny and you could go blind!