[Open Action / Filtered Voice]
07 September 2011 at 08:06 pm
[Asch is on the prowl. He's been checking the place out for the better part of two days, sector by sector, pathway by pathway. Making mental notes of anything worth remembering and lots more that do little more than warrant a glare, grumble, or toss of the head. As much as the place has to offer, and as much (or as little) as that thing might try to be accommodating, he's taken a rather cynical view towards the entire ordeal.]

[But that's not quite all. If the narrowed eyebrows and the down-turned corners of his mouth are any indication, something's definitely on this guy's mind. He eventually finds himself in Sector 5, glancing wordlessly across the street at the window displays. Looks like a clothing shop.]

[An observer might notice Asch uncrossing his arms, raising two fingers towards the communicator at his ear, pausing midway, and then dropping his arm again. His frown's even deeper than before and he might be gritting his teeth.]

...Damn that little brat.

[A grimace, a drawn out moment, and he tries again.]

[Voice; Filtered to Natalia.]



[Clears his throat quietly. Just to make clear this transmission is no accident.]

((OOC: Onlookers are welcome to overhear parts of any resulting conversation(s), otherwise he'll be hanging out around the clothing store and the boutique and eventually going in. He just might benefit from a little prodding.))
04 September 2011 at 12:53 pm
[Not only has Anise received a letter, she received a formal invitation to a dance and looks rather excited about it.]

Did anyone else receive an invitation to the dance~?

[Aka, who's invited so she knows who best to sucker into a date for the night. She'd prefer not to go stag.]
[Video | So, so open!]
26 August 2011 at 11:53 am
[Reluctantly, Zelgadis decides at the last moment to make this request via video. Perhaps if people can tell that he is in desperate need, they will be more likely to come forward. He can't, however, manage to remove his mask or hood, and so all you'll see under the beige swaths of cloth is a suspiciously shiny patch of lavender hair and two dark eyes that have excessively dark patches around them.]

I am in need of some assistance from anyone who is versed in healing or reversal magic, or perhaps advanced alchemy. [pausing, then as an afterthought] Or anyone who has successfully performed an augmentation of a human body.

((OOC: Anyone and everyone is welcome to answer and offer assistance if possible! However, please please be aware that Zelgadis is NOT able to be cured, canonically (hence the journal!), so all attempts must fail -- but I will totally work with you on it! My contact info is on the top post in his journal for OOC plotting~))
19 August 2011 at 07:13 pm
[The piano plays a long, melancholic melody. Can you picture his long, lithe figures dancing over the ivory keys? Can you picture his sorrowful expression, filled with terrible sorrow, as he plays? Can you picture some other vague but appropriately purple detailed expression of grief, sadness, and all around beautiful angst that might as well be written in sparkly pen by someone wearing too much black lipstick? Yes, you can.

The song stops, abruptly.


All of it is trash.

[There’s the sound of papers flying every which way before the feed cuts.]

((OOC: Bad Fanfiction AU!Ulquiorra. He is not your regular Ulquiorra. This is a new Ulquiorra.))
17 August 2011 at 12:10 am
[The view is of a well-dressed man.

Well-dressed in his view. Eccentric might be more of what you would choose. Regardless, he is there, in his collared suit examining his communicator quietly.

His welcome basket had either been tipped over, or tossed on it's side; the food scattered everywhere. The picture frame was face-down, but the card and note were carefully off to the side, the card standing up and open. Everything else like the batteries was out of sight save the blanket; folded at his feet with the first-aid kit resting on top of it.

Currently, he's not really looking at the video feed, or listening to the audio; he's applying his own filters, having found the brochure most helpful on the...basic, functions of his communicator. There is an instance he stumbles, and clutches his mouth; but it passes without the man adding to the scenery in his own special way, and he resumes his work.

Bother him. You must.
[ action | video ] Open
16 August 2011 at 09:55 pm
Ugh, this place is really lame. I mean, first time out of the mansion and this is where I end up? [ Luke stares at the courtyard, mulish expression plastered across his face. That's it, if he was going to live here, he was going to live here. ]

[ Standing tall on his chair, he propped one knee up on the table, turning on the device he had (surprisingly) not destroyed after waking up with a splitting headache. ]

Listen up. I am Luke fon Fabre and in the name of my Uncle, I claim this dome as a territory of the
Kingdom of Kimlasca! I don't care what you do, just don't cause me any trouble. You hear that?!

[ Plopping back down in his seat, Luke rubbed at his temples, forgetting the device was still on, and muttered. ] Man, this place really sucks…

((ooc: Sector 5 outside the cafe for the action if you want it! Also, Luke was pulled straight from the beginning of the game just after Luke's and Tear's resonance pulls them to Tataroo Valley. canon details, what are those ))
[video / action]
16 August 2011 at 03:51 pm
[hey, Marina. there is a tall, tan blond man in your pet cafe, and he is shocked. appalled! he has in his arms a pig-bunny-looking-thing and he holds it up to the communicator accusingly]

How can you guys resist this adorable face?!

I can't believe there are so many of them just -- languishing away here! Rappigs are social animals, people. They need love and attention! Your love and attention.

Come on. Where are my volunteers? [he transfers the rappig under one arm and puts his free hand on his hip, expectant]

[...yes, shockingly, you may find Peony in the pet cafe, fussing over the rappigs]
[Action - Video]
16 August 2011 at 03:51 pm
[Ion read the welcome message and even listened to some of the information. And then he figured out how to turn on the communicator. The boy you will be seeing might be familiar to some of you...but at the same time...something about the way he's dancing and grinning will probably strike all who knew this boy's replica as odd.

He's laughing so hard.]

Hey! Hey, this place... This place doesn't have the score! ...This place is...it's completely free! Ahaha...! How delightful! [Giggle.] It's great!
08 August 2011 at 11:50 pm
[The tone of the speaker is aggravated and condescending. This is someone who won't easily accept the predicament he's just found himself in. Not without ample proof.]

[It's a ruse. It has to be. After all, there's no way it could be true. Someone's captured him, sealed his fon slots, and cast some sort of illusion over him using the first fonon. That has to be it. It makes sense considering he defected from the Order, considering how that man keeps extending his offer. If he'll only cross a sea of corpses. Corpses, huh?]

...Is this someone's idea of a joke? I don't have time to play games with you people! Return my sword and undo the seal unless you're all willing to pay with your lives.

[Meanwhile Asch is kneeling down in the middle of the graveyard. For a while now he's been trying to figure out a way to remove the ball and chain from around his right leg, but he hasn't made any progress. Not even after fishing through the welcome basket for stuff to help it slide better. None. Unless getting even more frustrated counts.]
[Video/ eventual action]
08 August 2011 at 11:27 pm
[The video turns on to focus on a girl with bright brow eyes and her hair up in pigtails. Her lips pursed together before she finally spoke.]

...Okay, I think I'm doing this right...I'd like to say thank you to the people who gave me the welcome basket, the pamphlet was especially informative and I appreciate the gift. I must say though, it's kind of odd since I hadn't actually been accused of these crimes back home. I guess there's no use in complaining though~

Can anyone give me some more information on this place an how it works? I'd really appreciate it♥ Preferably over breakfast since I'm kinda stuck here with everyone else?
09 July 2011 at 12:56 pm
Does anyone else feel like this place is becoming too small?

[His words start off slowed, reluctant, almost regretful - but then there's a note of humour in his voice.]

I mean, what if we end up all stuffed in together, ten people to a room? The dome isn't expanding but the population is. We'll be a jar of pickles. [He means the thing people say about sardines.

Ryoji's outside - when is he ever inside, if he can help it - lying on his back on one of the park's picnic tables. After today, he needed fresh air and dark skies and quiet - even if he's not doing a very good job of obtaining it.
[ video / action ]
05 July 2011 at 08:09 pm
[this feed begins with a rather determined looking face, belonging to a rather determined girl. she's in front of the koi ponds, seated nicely on one of the rocks.

did I mention she looks determined?]

From what I understand, many people here have been wrongfully convicted. It is one thing to convict a Princess of a country with little warning--but it is another thing entirely to convict several innocent citizens with no prior trial.

There are circumstances concerning our crimes. Sometimes they are a necessity. It is for this very reason that one cannot simply take things into their own hands, deciding the fate of so many people on their own! If people wish to be tried and participate in your punishment, then it should be an option that is presented to them. A choice.

Acumen--I speak to you, personally--these actions are unjust. I ask you to see your wrongs, and cease this behavior!

[she pauses here, looking less determined and more calm.]

To the people who are here--thank you for both the pamphlet and the welcoming basket. They were extremely helpful. If there is any way I can assist here, please, do not hesitate to inform me.

[and with that, the video finishes. she sighs, a bit shakily, looking to the koi pond behind her.

how the heck did she end up in *prison* of all places.]