[dream event | open]
30 May 2011 at 04:34 am
[You hear the rain first. It's always a constant here.

It falls in light sheets, but you pay it little mind as you hasten your pace through the ruined land around you. Your armor is built for the rain and you hardly notice it now. It's a gray and depressing landscape around you, but it's all you've ever known. Or is it? Somewhere in the back of your mind are blue skies that you can't imagine ever finding here.

You're following something, but you're not sure what. An animal. A cat. A small gray feline with one white ear and a collar with bells. You can't see it now, but you hear them jingle off in the distance.

You can't remember your goals, but you're certain that if you just keep following it they'll become clear to you.

There are ruins in the distance. That's right. Coordinate 136. You think perhaps you hear a melody on the air for a moment and an image flashes in your mind of painted horses slowly carrying you in a circle, but then all of that is gone as well.

You should transform. Your other form will get you there much faster. But something just won't let you. So you keep running.]
[Dream Event | Open]
30 May 2011 at 04:40 pm
Kobato Hanato

[Plummeting from the sky, Kobato flails, struggling desperately to try and get a better hold of an umbrella in her hands in order to direct her fall.]


I'm tryinggggg!! KYAAA!!


[Crawling across her shoulder, a blue stuffed dog reaches up to try and help steady the failing umbrella, flames shooting from his mouth as he growls.]

You need to use both hands!

I can't!


Cut for length )
The 117th Day
30 May 2011 at 05:40 pm
Marina Asylum Denizens
Good morning, inmates. It is the 117th day of the third generation.

As you may have noticed, it seems that one of Lady Anissina's potions has been released into the facility atmosphere. I have -- again -- removed the toxin, and the effects are harmless. They will take some time to completely wear off.

However, as the majority of you are still experiencing those effects, I am effectively speaking to deaf ears.

Inmate request deliveries will resume tomorrow, when you are all awake to claim them.

((OOC: Just a reminder that all inmates affected by the dream event will be affected until Wednesday. If you participated in the event, please do not make non-dream posts until then.))
30 May 2011 at 05:50 pm
Buffy Summers
[Buffy is tending a rooftop garden. The light is too bright, everything washed in white. She's wearing a flowing, white nightgown and digging in the dark soil. She plants row after row of flowers, fertilizes them, waters them and then crouches back on her heels to watch them grow. The flowers are just beginning to blossum, not fully bloomed yet. As rapidly as they've shot up, they begin to wither, curling up and dying while Buffy frantically tends them, weeding, watering, fertilizing in a futile struggle to keep her garden alive.

Her expression is panicked but she tucks it behind a determined facade, moving from one dead flower to another swiftly dying. She repeats the process over and over again until a voice behind her stops her.

"It won't work."

"Angel? You can't--" she turns to stop him, to shove him back into the shadow then hestitates when she realizes he's not burning.

"They can't bloom while you live."

He moves closer and she turns her attention back to the rooftop garden. With the exception of a few straggling survivors, the entire flower bed is dead. She picks up the water can but Angel's hand tilts her head to the side, dips his head and kisses her neck. They're both frozen for a moment then he slips into vamp face and bites her neck hard.

And the dream repeats all over again]

[ooc: Entirely open. Feel free to step in at any part of the dream, take over Angel's role in the dream or change things up. I'm good with most anything.]
[Dream the second | closed unless permission given] SPOILERS
30 May 2011 at 06:43 pm
General Cross Marian
God gave you grace to purge this place )

((OOC: Open to Allen only for interaction, and Gabriel for observation -- we may consider other observers if asked. There are major spoilers through DGM 205. Warnings for disturbing content. I apologize for making a second post, but I didn't think the extremely different content of the two should really be in one post ^^;; Also, I recognize that events as shown here are not exactly according to canon -- it's a dream, so timelines and exact events are somewhat skewed for effect.))
[dream event//open forever]
30 May 2011 at 07:25 pm
Road Kamelot ♪ Lady ♪ Noah
one: welcome to the Camelot manor )

trapped. warning: violence, blood, etc. )
[ Dream Event ] One Limited, One Open
30 May 2011 at 10:39 pm
[ Dream Option 1: limited to those with a good reason for the CR. Ping me here if you want to do this dream option or leave an ooc comment first. Thanks! ]

A wordless song echoes in the dream, mixing, overlapping, cascading against the dark landscape of a garden at night. Fight your way through the hedgerows dear prince (or princess). Wind your way up the tower. Inside you'll find your princess, locked in a cage…

[ Dream Option 2: Open ]

[ Diva lounges in a rocking chair, humming softly as she stares out the window. Turning, hearing a noise as someone intrudes on her dream, she'll frown. Who is it? Why are they there? Is this the newest blood donor for her children or a chevalier come to make sure Diva takes care of herself. Whoever it is, beware. She's incredibly protective of her children. She's only waited a hundred years to have them. ]
[Dream Event]
30 May 2011 at 10:51 pm
Dream One | CR-only
[It's late. You're not sure what it is, but even though you can't see anyone around, you feel like you're being watched. The further you walk, the further the sensation gets. Eventually, you begin to see bodies. Men and women, young and old--everyone is dead. They all look to be related. In the middle of the corpses, Sasuke's standing there, tears streaming silently down his face even before he drops to his knees.]

Mother... Father...

[That's when you see red, red eyes pierce the darkness, and someone's standing before Sasuke now. You can't make out his features in the darkness, but he's covered in blood. You have a bad feeling about this.]

Dream Two | Open

[Welcome to the village of Konoha. The streets are bustling with people going about their daily business, and if you happen to glance up, you might see a blur of movement as shinobi leap from roof to roof. A small boy of about eight or so is expertly weaving his way through the crowd, something clenched tightly in his fist--before he accidentally smacks right into you and falls over. Whoops. Say hello to an eight-year-old Sasuke.]
[Dream Post]
30 May 2011 at 11:00 pm
Revive Revival
In Veda, no one can hear you scream )

[ooc: Random observer on this conversation who can talk to Revive? The shadows don't see anyone else in the room]
30 May 2011 at 11:18 pm
[Aqua's in the shelter kitchen, going through the fridge and cupboards in the attempt to make the ultimate mocha. Maybe if she can get Roxas to wake up long enough to drink it, it'll help? Even though Acumen said everything would wear off, you'll have to excuse her for worrying about sleep-related effects on people who look like Ven.]

[While she's at it, she might as well make breakfast and take a portion back for him. That should help, too.]

Is anyone else awake?
[ dream - open ]
30 May 2011 at 11:25 pm
MOMO Mizrahi
{OOC: Spoiler-ness for Xenosaga 1 and 2.}

Dream One - Daddy )

Dream Two - Miltia )

Dream Three - Der Wille zur Macht )

Dream Four - Jenseits von Gut und Böse )

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