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29 May 2011 at 01:16 am
Axel || viii
Dream 001
[This isn't anything pretty and it isn't anything normal. In this dream anything remotely close to living is indistinguishable amongst the flecks of debris, the smoke, and most importantly the flames. Wild and bright they engulf the entire area--What once was the park and a few homes, the memorial gardens and the shelter...

It's all gone. And somewhere out in the distance, if you squint and manage to clear your mind you'll see the remains of a once mighty castle, bricks scattered and pipes ripped from the foundation to leave nothing more than an eerie skeleton. There are charred bodies, lifeless and left ignored, and it's entirely possible that you might miss them all together. But despite all this horror and destruction, past the choking flames and the deafening silence, Axel stands completely unharmed, back turned to you as he watches the scene take place. Quiet...perhaps beautiful in some odd way--

--Until he leans his head back and slowly starts to laugh. Louder and louder, more crazed and full of false satisfaction. He hasn't noticed you yet, but if he does, things aren't bound to end well. Nothing can survive here, after all. Nothing but himself.]

Dream 002 (open to previous CR)
[Suddenly the mood is different and though there is heat, it's significantly less hot and more comfortable. And if you open your eyes and look you'll see a beach lit up by the moon and trees and flowers off in the background. Perhaps finally you'll take into consideration the arms wrapped around your body, holding you closely and securely regardless on if you know who this person is or not.

That's right. Axel's just standing here with you and hugging you because he can or maybe because of something else entirely.]

((OOC: Dream ONE which takes place in a destroyed Marina/Axel's home world environment may contain violence and lead to more violence if you choose to respond to it. He won't kill you, but he will try and try really really really hard. Dream TWO for those it applies to has a potential to be one of three things: cute, sexy, or loltastic. We'll play that out and see how they go from there~))
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29 May 2011 at 12:12 pm
Lelouch vi Britannia

[A little boy in an elegant suit is crouching here on the ground, curled in on himself. He is furious -- or crying -- or both. A parade of adults in fancy clothes glide past him, ballgowns and wingtip shoes brushing by, their owners either not noticing or not caring about him. Powerless. In the end he's always -- powerless.

A massive figure finally pauses in front of him, and Lelouch's head jerks up, and he forces himself to his feet. The man towers over his childish height, easily three times his size, maybe more.

"You can't do this!" he shouts desperately. "You can't toy with people's lives! You can't decide for the whole human race!"

The man just shoves him back to the ground.]


["Why do you always have to make things so difficult?" he tells Suzaku, even though he knows that he's the one who makes things difficult. He's frustrated. "Why do you listen to me? Why do you give in? Why don't you fight for yourself?"

He closes his eyes. "--It wasn't a mistake," he says, finally, and draws a step closer to slip his arms around Suzaku's waist.

"Of course it wasn't," Suzaku agrees, immediately. "I lo--"

Lelouch kisses him, because he hates those words.]

((ooc: Both are open regardless of past CR but for Suzaku please ask me! Tag in at the end after the scene(s) described and we'll play through as far as you like!))
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29 May 2011 at 12:50 pm
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011: Dreams of (im)mortality [dream | semi-open | part 2 of 3]
29 May 2011 at 02:04 pm
[Scene 3 | The Mistake | Open]  )

[Scene 4 | 'Peace' | Closed]  )

((ooc: Gore warning. Scene 3 involves Minako's death, and resurrection. Final part will be coming up on June 1st.

Scene 3 is open to all, while Scene 4 is open only to Nakama.

P.S.: Maddie?~ 'Mako-chan' is supposed to signify that they've grown much closer since then~ Hope this is alright!))
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29 May 2011 at 04:06 pm
Seiji Date [Korin no Seiji]
[First, you hear the music. It is soft, but echoes. There are so mistakes, missteps in the tune, but it is calm, peaceful.

You'll open your eyes to the sight of leaves. Trees. Tall bamboo reaching up to the light of the sky shifting with the breeze through the dark leaves. They stretch on forever. The forest is bright, the shade shifting to let the light shine down.

Walk through the forest, follow the music. You'll find a boy sitting in a small clearing, the music weaving through the wind from the bamboo flute he plays. The hakama he wears is dark green and his eyes are closed. Stay, listen, talk to him for a while. He won't mind.

But you may be distracted by the sudden green glow coming from deep in the forest. Do you want to see what it may be? He'll try to stop you, but if you insist he won't stand in your way.

You may not like what you find.]

{OOC: Seiji's dream is peaceful, but if you follow the green light, you'll will find yourself somewhere dark, bloody, and violent. Each character will see something different.}
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29 May 2011 at 07:08 pm
[LORD] Tyki Mikk
[ #1 : The Ballroom ]

You're in attendance to one of the many fêtes, parties and balls that are held nearly too often at the Kamelot estate. The crowd is thick and full of chatter, women and men in formal 19th century attire dancing, chatting and sipping flutes of champagne all around you. The doors to the gardens are ajar, the night air breezing in while the music leaks out. Lord Mikk is making slow rounds about the room, dressed to the nines and exchanging pleasantries, asking the occasional girl to dance.

[ #2 : For Better And... ]

Dreams never make much sense sometimes, do they. What with the Church organ playing a very familiar bridal march and the pews stuffed full. Some watchers may be familiar, some may be faceless but it's a rather big affair. At the altar stands Tyki Mikk, fixing the cuff of his suit, possibly looking a bit strained. And then the sound of the large doors opening, his eyes and those of everyone in the room turn to you-- they stand as you enter. Surprise, you're getting married! Will you make it to the altar? Will someone oppose the ceremony? Are you doing this by choice? Don't forget about the honeymoon, too.

[ #3 : ... For Worse. ]

Whether it's just darkness or crumbling white plaster walls and checkerboard floors, the sound of shuffling from the shadows is an ominous thing. Maybe you find webs of dark matter crawling along your skin, snagging your ankles or perhaps you see him first, emerging from what may just be remnants of the Ark; not at the moment himself, Tyki Mikk's been consumed by the emotions of his Noah memory. He's become enveloped in dark matter, with spiraling knight-like armor and... well, those creepy wings on his back.

Now that his eyes are set on you, he comes closer. His words are garbled and teeth clenched. He doesn't stop to check friend from foe, doesn't seem to care as he lunges for you. It would be wise to run about now, unless you think you've got a plan.

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29 May 2011 at 11:54 pm
[slayer] Faith Lehane
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