August 2017




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Apr. 1st, 2016


action || open

[This new world is holding up. With the warriors fighting the monsters attacking, and the priests and priestesses giving their own power to heal the sakura, the crumbling world recovered enough so that it would not collapse entirely. The sky cleared up a bit, the buildings are now staying in place... It's tiring, though. Battle after battle, the loss of energy, people's blood being spilt. You should be able to tell by now, you won't manage to hold on forever. Something has to change. Something has to give in.

When the ground shakes, and the largest creatures so far make their appearance, it feels like the answer - they're heading straight to the biggest tree in the middle of it all. Grab your weapons, or be ready to give up your life energy, and meet them there, hopefully for the last time. It won't be the only thing to change. In the middle of the battle, and with the help of those able to aid it, the central tree's power will grow stronger, and stronger, until it overflows, its magic too large for it to contain. The tree will break, releasing a darkness that will trap everyone, swallow them into the tree itself...

... And then you'll wake up. The fighting is over, things are silent now, and you'll find yourselves in beds scattered across the usual Miracle Country, covered in sakura petals. For those who were injured, fighting or protecting the trees, they'll find that they've been bandaged up, the energy given up by others having acted as a price for the cure. Were you asleep for a while? You'll feel fine now, aside from the lingering injuries that will already start to heal faster than should be possible. You may get up, leave the beds, and look around. Everything looks normal - the tree is back at its usual place, strong and unmarked, in full bloom as always. The other trees are blooming just as pink for the day.

Don't think your efforts went unnoticed. The general peaceful atmosphere appears to make it easier to rest comfortably and heal, for those who need it. The clothes and weapons you used are now yours to keep, fixed up and good as new. The rooms at the hotel are all freshened up and sparkly clean, ready to receive their usual guests - you'll find fresh flowers set up near windows, nicer bedsheets and towels, and so on. There are picnic clothes and baskets set out around the islands, near the beds or the temporarily all-pink trees, where you can enjoy a meal with others, if you'd like. Even the Usyagi, usually distant and strange, seem cheerful today, floating around and giving away colorful balloons to people (and look around - if you get one that looks like it shines, you'll have a good dream that night).

Of course, it's April 1st! A day for celebration in this world. Welcome back.]

[[Our Sacred Sakura event ends! Happy CLAMP day!!]]

Mar. 27th, 2016


action || open

[Things seem more settled now – the last few days peaceful enough, save for the monsters on the other side of the barrier. It’s a peaceful enough night now, the stars out, the moon shining low over the sakura.

Except, something feels off. Maybe you’ve felt it the last few days: the monsters are stronger. Or, the barrier is weaker. Or maybe it’s a mixture of both. Those monsters that have broken past the barrier don’t seem to be aiming for you – but then what are they aiming for?

In the meantime, the sakuras are fading away. Perhaps it’s subtle enough to miss at first, but some of the smaller ones nearer the barrier are fading out, the petals turning bone-white. The largest sakura at the center of the city is still pink, but it’s clearly fading in color.

And all around you, things are crumbling. The river is flowing a little sluggishly, with less fish than before. The crops in the field are starting to rot from the roots outward. The buildings around you are starting to crumble.

It’s not an entire disaster, though. Those basic weapons you had at the start? They’re evolving, too – and at least they aren’t crumbling around you like everything else. No, the more monsters you destroy, the sturdier your weapons are.

But what about those who weren’t given a weapon? Now that the monster attacks are growing stronger, the barrier growing weaker, it might become clear to you that your skills are – not helpful against fighting the monsters. In fact, anything you try to do is just useless against them.

But those without weapons – perhaps you’re starting to feel what your place in all this is. As a priest or priestess to the sakura, you’re responsible for protecting them – so even if you don’t have the sword, you can always be the shield: protect the trees, at all costs, or else all is lost. The sakura need to be protected.

The monster attacks are increasing, the sakura are losing their color, the world around you is crumbling, and the clear, calm nights are slowly slipping away – are those thunderclouds in the distance? Whatever’s happening, might be best to figure it out quickly.]

Mar. 19th, 2016


action || open

[At first, the change might not seem as immediate – there is, after all, the giant Sakura in the center of the park, still visible and still large and blooming. But today, all the trees seem to be sakura, surrounding the area and everywhere you look. It’ll soon be clear that you are no longer in the Miracle Country you know and love.

The city isn’t as you know it. Gone are the more modern-style houses and replaced with an ancient Japanese aesthetic. The sakura curve around the paths, made of stone, little streams of water and sakura blossoms falling to line the way.

And for those sensitive to magic, you’ll notice the giant barrier right away. It branches out from the giant sakura in the center of the town. Even those who can’t sense magic will be able to tell this is an old and powerful tree – it emanates its aura, the barrier strong and expansive. Seems simple enough, right?

In fact, this new ‘world’ seems idyllic in many ways. There are fields to plant crops, some vegetables already ready to harvest. The river remains, full of fish just waiting to be caught. The houses are in good repair and there’s enough supplies for everyone. The sun is shining, and it’s a warm spring day. Maybe despite yourself, you have to feel cheerful – it’s hard to see something so peaceful and lovely and not feel a simple joy with it, after all.

Well, except for the part where if you step out beyond the barriers held up by the sakura trees, you’ll find monsters lurking, just waiting to attack. And if they get past the barrier – which is known to happen – they’re aiming for one thing: sakura. They’ll do everything they can to get to them – destroying them or consuming them.

Thankfully for right now, these monsters are weak – and don’t show up that often. The barrier is strong enough to keep them out, after all, and they’re easily dispatched. And you aren’t going to necessarily know the connection between the trees and the monsters. It’s still too early to tell – if anything, it’s easy to mistake the monster’s intent: surely they’d be after the people, right? You should protect them. You'll find some basic weaponry in the houses around you - just basic-level swords or bows, nothing too fancy but it'll get the job done.

How do you fit into this, then? Characters are sorted as warriors or as priests/priestesses. The warriors are in charge of fighting the monsters that come through and the priest/priestesses are responsible for keeping the barriers strong. Warriors are unable to affect the barriers on their own just as priest/priestesses are unable to fight against the monsters with any sort of success. You’ll know which one you’ve been sorted into based on the outfits you’ll suddenly find yourself in – appropriately, the warriors will have more samurai-like garb while the priest/priestesses have outfits inspired by traditional miko.

For now, your purpose isn’t entirely clear. It seems you should be making the best of the situation you’re in: if anything, it’s like a mini-vacation. So long as you stay inside the barrier, you should be perfectly safe.]

[[ooc: our sacred sakura event begins! The event plotting post is here if you need a refresher. Other logs will be up during the timeline to show the advancement of the event. Keep in mind that things are relatively calm and peaceful at this point and the character would not know their role in everything just yet.]]