August 2017




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Jul. 16th, 2014


[Accidental video | Open to action in the Spirit Base]

[The story so far: Lilo told Daigo he should read more. Therefore, he recruited Ucchi to go with him to the bookstore, where he acquired a book he could write a report as a proof he had. However, he picked up the first book that caught his eye without bothering to read the back cover. Because if your name is King, you can only be a good author and this is fate, right?

Unfortunately, Daigo waited until it was late at night to read it, not realizing how bad the idea was until it was too late. Even if he closed the book and hid it in the closet, the images lingered in his head and prevented him to sleep for a long while. And when he finally fell asleep... well, he had nightmares and woke up again two hours later, all covered in sweat and his heart racing.

Not wanting to wake up anyone, and reasonably sure it wasn't Luckyuro this time, he went to what he calls the living room of the Kyouryuuger base, where he remained sitting down at the table until morning, looking miserable and forcing himself to keep his eyes open, since every time they close, he sees the gruesome images he read about. Not only that, but he sees them maximized by his own imagination.]

... I could use some of that drink from Rin-chan right now...

[So, would helping him to get distracted or to forget about it and sleep count as a good deed? What do you think?]

Jul. 14th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Today, when you wake up, you’ll find a little glass jar with a stopper beside your bed with a little note that says “do good deeds to fill me & make your wish come true”. From today until Friday, you’ll have this jar by your side and whenever you do a good deed or something kind, a little konpeito will clink into the jar. The better you are, the more it will fill.

But be careful, because bad deeds and cruel things will make the konpeito disappear piece by piece, and you’ll never make your wish come true that way! The more the jar is filled by Friday, the better the prize you’ll get, or ‘your wish’.

The prizes range from little tokens from home to larger tokens. Filled it halfway? You might find a little trinket from your old room, something you remember and often wished you had with you. If your jar is almost full or completely full, your prize will be something larger – a token from home of more substance, something you’ve longed for but couldn’t have here – a picture of a loved one, an old family heirloom, a prized possession.

If you were a bad person this week, and your jar is mostly empty, then sadly you will not be receiving a token from home. But maybe you’ll have one or two konpeito to munch on. For those who don’t have a pressing desire for something from back home, the konpeito can be exchanged for money or other goods.

And throughout the week, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to do good deeds. Suddenly, the stray cats around Kiseki have a tendency to get stuck in trees. Perhaps you see a friend carrying more grocery bags than he can handle. There’s a kid struggling to get something down off a high shelf. Just taking a look around reveals plenty of opportunities and possibilities to be a good person.]