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September 23rd, 2014

[info]pinkifying in [info]kiseki_logs

crystal the first • video

People trapped in this world!

[a young female voice is booming authoritatively from your journal, residents of Kiseki. when you open it to look at the perpetrator, your eyes may be violently pink. a teenager with cotton candy pink hair, and styled in not dissimilar shapes.....]

[she looked fierce and determined at first, but her expression softens into one of cheer and encouragement]

The ladies here tell me that I'm not the only one stuck here, some of you for a very long time. I want to make you all a personal promise that I'll do everything I can to get us all out of here, together! [yeah so that AIR OF AUTHORITY is back, the girl snapping to attention] Even if this place is super cute, I won't be fooled by its facade! It's suspicious and cruel to steal people from their home worlds, no matter how adorable you appear!

[claps a hand to her chest, clear sign of some upcoming vow]

I swear, in the na-

[she freezes, mid-word, mouth comically hanging open for a brief second before she closes it, turning deeply red in embarrassment and smiling sheepishly.]

Um. In the...nature of goodwill and...altruism? [SWEATS NERVOUSLY] That I will, ah. I will do everything I can to. Add to your home going efforts! And um. [she giggles nervously, but that seems to be the last of her embarrassment and she smiles, confident and friendly]

My name is Chibiusa. I can't wait to meet you all!

[she waves energetically before the feed cuts]