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September 21st, 2014

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001 ⚓ Action/Video

[At first there’s just a video of boobs because she’s leaning over the journal and humming to herself thoughtfully. Because clearly that’s what we’re all interested in here, right. And then there’s a heavy sigh and Isabela’s face comes into view as she brushes back her hair]

Well. Well, well, in terms of waking up in strange places, this is hardly the strangest I’ve woken up to, believe me. In fact, one time, I woke up to a strange hat hanging from a banister, an incredibly chatty lust demon possessing a flower pot, and a heartbroken man who wanted nothing more than to tattoo my name on his very prominent backside. Now that was a party.

This? This is just quaint. Just too sweet for words. Such a shame, as I’ll take an underbelly over all this cheer any day of the week.

Now then, if you lovelies could point me in the nearest exit, that’d be fabulous. There’s a joke in there about “pulling out” but I’ll spare you that unless you ask very nicely. But you’ll understand if I want to save my better material for an audience I can actually see – preferably drinking down The Hanged Man’s swill.

And at the risk of using a joke that I’ve already used before: Captain Isabela, at your service. I require a nice stiff one … and a drink. [Heh.] It’s a classic, after all, so nothing wrong with a little rehashing. I do so like a good, old-fashioned do over. Leaves you all a’tingle if you do it right.

And if you’ve heard that before, don’t worry. Nothing wrong with getting to know me more than once. Twice is lovely. Three times? Then I really am a difficult person to forget.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.

[Barring that, anyone passing by the Welcome Center will see her hanging around looking utterly bored, so there's that to consider as well.]