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June 23rd, 2014

[info]yukine_sekki in [info]kiseki_logs

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[Waking up in an unfamiliar place, without knowing how he had even gotten there, was something that he was sadly used to. Despite everything the ladies had told him, he was still quite confused. The difference this time was that he could clearly remember everything that happened before. He remembered Yato, Hiyori, everyone he had meet… He could remember walking the halls of Hiyori’s school and wanting more than anything to be just a normal person who could go to class, have friends and be normal, not a weapon or a God’s servant.

But now Yato wasn’t there. Did that mean that he was… free? Maybe this was a new chance, a real second chance. He just had to try, to see if people could see him…]

Hello? Is anybody there that can hear me? This place is really cool! It’s huge, and Yato is not here to boss me around, so that already makes this place great.

Though I really have to ask what is this journal for? Do I have to write in it, talk to it…? I hope it isn't some kind of thing this place forces you to do, I'm really tired of being told what I have to do and what I can't do. And what’s up with all the eggs with wings around? Are they supposed to fly or something? And is there always so... flooded here?

Now, I just wonder… can anybody see me?

[He sounds hopeful and excited, despite the strange environment. ]