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[Oct. 3rd, 2009|03:45 pm]
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Who: Anyone and everyone!
What: House Unity party
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: the Great Hall
Rating/Warnings: Unknown. Depends on all of you.

Seeing as she was the mastermind behind this whole thing, Evie wasn't surprised that she was the first person in the Great Hall for the party. She surveyed the hall with something approaching wonder - Professor McGonagall had really outdone herself. Streamers festooned the walls and ceilings, and on the wall facing the door, there was a huge banner depicting all four house crests in a row. The tables had been moved to the side for the occasion, except for one long table set up down the far wall laden with refreshments. Evie couldn't help but skip over to it and help herself to a cookie - she noted that it was decorated with Ravenclaw stripes, and upon checking out the rest of the food, she noticed that it was all themed in some way or another.

Straightening out her clothes, she hoped she looked all right. It had been her fear from the beginning that no one would come in Slytherin colours, given that no one seemed to like them. Remembered conversations that she had had with Greg Goyle heated her blood. She was almost angry that they were being given the cold shoulder in such a way, and in light of that fact she had dressed appropriately - green t-shirt, Slytherin tie that she had begged from the house elves, and green slacks that she had sent an owl home for.

Evie stood alone in the middle of the room, hoping against hope that she wouldn't be the only one to turn up.
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[Oct. 2nd, 2009|09:41 pm]
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Who: Any students eligible to go, also any Professors and Aurors can feel free to have been ordered to patrol to protect the kiddies on this day.
What: Hogsmeade Visit
Where: Hogsmeade
When: Saturday
Warnings: Varied!

I did not foresee any dire events on this day, Headmistress. )
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[Sep. 26th, 2009|03:01 pm]
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Who: Evie and Audrey
What: They're best friends, so when Evie has a problem, Audrey is who she goes to
When: Friday afternoon, after classes
Where: Hufflepuff 6th year girl's dorm
Rating/Warnings: PG at most for language/none at the moment
Status: Incomplete/Closed for now

Unexpected bravado wasn't Evie's style, and promising kisses CERTAINLY wasn't her style )
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[Sep. 15th, 2009|06:36 pm]
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WHO: Greg Goyle and Evie Bagnold
WHAT: Its like we made up our own version of a random scene lottery. IOW - who knows?
WHERE: The school corridors, near the kitchens
WHEN: After class, before dinner, Tuesday
RATING: PG-13 for Greg's potty mouth, just to be safe

It wasn't that he didn't believe his dad when he said house elves were pathetic and dumb creatures... )
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[Sep. 11th, 2009|09:13 pm]

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Who: Evie and Alfie
What: Evie returns to Hufflepuff angry
Where: Hufflepuff Common Room
When: After Draco ran Evie off the Pitch. The big meanie!
Warnings: TBA

Even the cats were keeping their distance. )
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[Sep. 11th, 2009|12:14 pm]
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Who: Evie Bagnold and Draco Malfoy
When: Wednesday afternoon, after classes
Where: Quidditch pitch
What: Scene Lottery! The Quidditch Pitch was supposed to be empty that morning
Rating: not higher than PG
Open/Closed: closed

Sitting in the sun with her books spread around her, Evie began to think this might have been a mistake. She certainly wasn't getting any further with the essay she had been attempting to write. Initially she had thought that being outside in the fresh air would help to revive her brain, but it just wasn't a happening thing for her.

Sighing, she packed up her books, but didn't make a move to get up. She lay back, eyes closed, luxuriating in the sunlight on her face, when a shadow blocked out the light. Opening her eyes, she squinted up at the figure standing over her.
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