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Mar. 14th, 2016


Baby talk (Jesse)

Zoe found herself setting the table. Since Michonne joined her in the night, Zoe had a little more time. Tonight was something of a test in a way.

"You made sure she was--"

"Yes, madame." Zoe was distracted, so she didn't make the usual correction. It was almost a dance the two played. "Her gear is up-to-date. We've made all adjustments, and her desired mode of transportation has been tuned and gassed."

"Thank you, Alfred."

Zoe wasn't excited. She was nervous. She was aggitated, and she didn't know why she was bothering with this particular conversation. There had been a time she'd wanted to bring a little person into the world; she'd hoped that somehow some part of Wash was with her in the form of a child. There were times she wondered what a wee Cowboy Godling would be like, running around and causing chaos much like his...or better yet, her father. They'd never had the talk; they were ones to think too far into the future. Yet...he needed to know.

Didn't he?

Perhaps Jesse did have some say in the future once he knew. Anything was possible through him, wasn't it?

"Keep an eye on her tonight. If she heads into something ridiculously stupid, lemme know." There was a small part of her that hoped Michonne found something ridiculously stupid to get into. Not knowing how the night would go with Jesse was a toe or two on the scary side.

Feb. 1st, 2015


Imbolc (open to everyone)

The weather in the City was pretty much always perfect. There were days with rain, but they were still mostly warm. But there were still seasons. In fall the leaves fell (the trees were never bare, though), in winter there might be some snowflakes (never anything like the one great storm where the City had gotten carried away), and summers were warm and sunny and nobody had school.

Still, this year, the City felt like celebrating spring. Not any particular holiday. Just spring in general. There were new people around, there were couples in love, and it wanted to have a great big party for everyone.

Overnight, it set up the great festival. Streets all around the park were closed off so that people could walk around without issue. The park itself was expanded to over twice the normal size. A great clearing was made in the center, stretching from one side to the other. There needed to be lots of room.

Through this clearing the City placed tents, stands, and tables. These were filled with food and wares of all types. There were representatives for all the popular shops, as well as some that nobody had ever seen there before. There were stands for balloons for the kids, too, free of charge. And flowers absolutely everywhere. Woven into the stands themselves, laying on tables, set up in vases, growing in every patch that the City was sure nobody would accidentally step on them. Colorful ribbons, some as large as crepe streamers, also decorated everything. The City wanted as much color as it could possibly get.

At one end of the clearing the City placed a small carnival. Rides, games, everything it could think of. Even a petting zoo, though some of the animals within weren't typical farm animals that usually went in petting zoos. At the other it placed a few stages for performances. Concerts, plays, musicians. The stages were all contained within their own invisible sound barriers, as to not disturb one another, but the noise from all could be heard on the main promenade.

It put signs up all over, put notices in mailboxes, ads on the radio, commercials on television, and even made Candy and Frank talk about it on the morning news.

The celebration would go from sunrise to midnight. At sunset, the City would have a bonfire, complete with a pig roast and s'mores. At that time, it would move the park closer to the water, creating a beach between for the bonfire to settle on.

Jan. 26th, 2015


Another Angel in a Trenchcoat (Jesse)

Castiel had spent a while alone after meeting Baba. He had decided he didn't like her, he didn't like how her words stuck in his mind. Creatures who knew how to make words stick tended to like to mess with people, and Castiel was tired of those types of games.

At least she didn't seem to be a rampaging evil, though. She obviously had her own designs, and Castiel was pretty sure he wouldn't like some of them, but without any signs of active evil-doing, Cas preferred to avoid her for now.

Coming back to the habited City the angel walked around for a while, and eventually found himself drawn into a dingy little bar that most might have walked by without even seeing. Perhaps the attraction was that it reminded him of a place where Sam and Dean would end up, and he was still somewhat optomistic he'd find the bothers here somewhere.

He walked in, and almost instantly felt the presense of something else. Something very powerful. His eyes instantly found a being contained in a vessel at the bar, and walked forward almost shakily towards him. Under his shirt the pendant he'd borrowed from Dean, all but forgotten, suddenly started to burn white hot, and a few feet away from the human body Castiel finally tore his eyes off the other being and looked down, swiping over the jewelry with his hand. The burn was mended and the pendant's magic was shielded, and the angel took a deep breath. He was terrified of what he was sensing, and seeing, but he felt like some external force pushed the air out of his vessel's lungs.

"Father." The word was uttered softly, and with no shortage of respect, or humility. And all at once Castiel found himself at a loss as to what to say or do.

Jan. 24th, 2015


Awake, awake (Zoe)

When he opened his eyes, Jesse realized that something was off. No. A lot of things were off. Despite the fact that he was in his own bed, in his own place, there were things within the room that even his blurry sleep-addled vision picked out immediately. Items that looked like they belonged in Zoe's apartment, not his. There was his John Wayne figure, but Zoe's style and grace were everywhere else. He realized then that despite the fact that it was his bed, these were Zoe's sheets.

"Darlin?" He called out, his mouth filled with cotton. "I think the City's fuckin with us. Seems it saw fit to squish our places together."

He rolled over, looking for an alarm clock to check the time with.

"Zoe? Where you at, sugar?"

Jesse really didn't want to get out of bed. His head felt muddled. Like he'd been drinking too much for months on end, which was something he hadn't done in a while. The alcohol was still his friend, but they didn't get black out drunk together anymore. Just warmly tipsy, and occasionally stumbling. He hadn't had a real reason to drink himself into a stupor in a long, long time. Yet that's how he felt. As if he'd been on a week long bender after several weeks of heavy consumption. It was miserable.

"Zoe? Baby? Could ya bring me some coffee? And my cigarettes? Why ain't they on the nightstand?"

Oct. 27th, 2013


Meeting the same man twice (Sam)

There were things weighing on Jesse's mind. The state of the City seemed wrong, and the fact that Fred had come to ask him what might be going on worried him. He didn't know if he should look into it more himself, or if there were other people attempting to deal with the situation. He didn't particularly like the idea of delving into helping the City that personally in many ways. But in others, he knew that they couldn't survive without it being healthy.

But more than that, Jesse couldn't stop thinking about what he'd done to the Joker. Yes, it was a thing that needed to be done, he'd felt, and it was good for the citizens of the City. Dinah and the rest of them didn't have to worry about the maniac running rampant and hurting people. Then again, it was an act along the lines of what Jesse had sworn he'd never do. And he had left the man that way for some time now.

The rise of Blackgate Prison hadn't escaped his notice, either.

With his brain churning around these matters, Jesse made a stop to get a coffee and some donuts. He had it in his mind to visit Zoe at work and get her to have some nice sugary bad for her food.

He noticed when the door opened behind him, and glanced back to discover a familiar face. Jesse smiled a bit. He'd not seen the younger Winchester in some time. Given that fact, if he'd been less self involved, he might not have assumed that it was the same Sam Winchester he'd met previously.

"Hey there, Sam." he said casually, turning back to face front and debate what he was going to get.

Jun. 10th, 2013


A light dinner (Jesse)

Zoe hadn't hidden her conversation with Wash from Jesse, but she hadn't come out with it. She'd let it be. There was something perverse in her for wanting to keep it quiet, and she knew this. She needed to keep this to herself for now. Then again, that particular day had been awful all round, and she hadn't know if she wanted to share it then, or now.

There was a darkness about her had not lifted as of late. She couldn't explain why she felt so very angry other than emotions weren't always easy for her, not like these. Not lately. She'd carried that same darkness with her recently into a required physical.

The warrior woman had passed all the tests; she'd done so very well. There was the usual recommendation to watch her diet and her stress and her health in general. There had been a few more tests that she wasn't expecting, but it was all in the name of science. They'd get back to her later on the findings.

Life was back to normal, even if it wasn't an overly happy one. She went home and began dinner. Perhaps tonight Zoe would talk to Jesse about Wash. About a sense of unrest inside her. Perhaps she'd simply have dinner and give into a much needed bit of carnal knowledge.

Apr. 17th, 2013


Dear God, Sincerely Wash (Jesse)

Okay. How did Shepherd Book do this thing again?

Wash was sitting in front of a dismantled engine in Serenity. He was feeling much too proud to call on Tony or Oswin. He knew he could do this but his calm and patience was being tested and frustration was building to dangerous levels. He'd already thrown two wrenches in anger and the third was looking at him nervously.

He was no Kaylee and how she kept so smiley was beyond him.

So now? He was praying. Because that was the last thing a sane man did before going insane.

So, his hands covered in grease and fingers in bandages, he put them together under his chin.

"Dear God," he said in complete desperation and sincerity. "Hi. I know we haven't talked much. But I got a friend who's pretty close and since he's not a part of this world nor any world anymore I figure he could put a good word in for me. I'm more of a Buddhist by practice, but I'm always up to trying out new things. So.

"God, could you pretty please make my engine work? Or maybe give me a better engine and make it work? Or maybe use your godly mojo to lift this pile of go sé off the ground at least high enough to make me feel like I'm not going moonbrained on this pile of earth I've landed myself in?

"Also, God, while I'm at it. There's this little girl living with me mostly now. She's not here today, but she is the majority of the time and I just want to not screw up with her too much cause I'm thinking I might.

"And, one more thing. I'm not a greedy man but could you maybe not have Tony kill me? I'd appreciate that. But if you can only do one thing right now making Serenity fly would be shiny. I promise I won't curse and I'll eat all my veggies and I'll read that book that's about you cause I hear it's pretty good.


"Uh! P.S.! I've got this sore spot in my back that...y'know what? Don't worry about it. Engine! Thanks!"

Wash sighed miserably and rubbed his black streaked head with a dirty rag. Oh the futility of it all!

Mar. 31st, 2013


To right a revealed wrong (Sam, eventually Jesse)

Dean was reluctant to let Dinah go off with Fred, but they both knew what had to be done. Or something like that. He gave her one more kiss, silently promising that he would return to her, before he let her go. Slipping into the Impala, he followed the women for a few blocks before turning another corner and heading to Sam's apartment.

It was strange that they lived in real places, or as real as the City allowed. The brothers had few opportunities to live in one spot for long, and when they did, it was usually after something very bad happened. Dean had lived with Lisa only after making a promise to Sam, only after Sam had sacrificed himself. Sam had lived with Jessica for how long when he decided to leave his family and become a regular boy - a college student? They had become isolated, yet here in the City, they didn't have to be so separated. So, why were they?

Because Sam wasn't himself.

No, it was more than that. Probably, possibly. Dean wasn't going to let himself think about it right now. He was good at avoiding the whole thinking thing. He was damn good, and right now he was going to have to act, in more ways than one.

Along the way, Dean had picked up a bucket of chicken, a six pack, and a pie. He'd also made sure he had rope - the kind they sold to survivalists and worrywarts, it collapsed down to seemingly nothing - and a good bit of holy water. He'd hidden away a silver blade or three in his jacket, and he was ready. Or as ready as he could be.

A few minutes after getting out of the Impala, the older Winchester stood at Sam's door and knocked.

Mar. 6th, 2013


Can you help me? (Jesse)

Fred ignored the looks she got from some of the patrons who were still in the Library, or were they just arriving? The lack of sun was really playing havoc with her inner clock, but she supposed that was bound to happen. The fact that she'd spent time in the hospital with a strange schedule didn't help. She had decided to give in and listen to what her body said, even if it meant possibly going to bed only a few hours after waking. She read once that someone had made a good life of four on and four off type situation, or maybe she'd seen it in a movie. She wasn't sure.

She quickly washed her hands, enough to get to the phone. It was strange having it. She hadnt' had one before; tech always seemed to disappear when she tried to get it. Now, she had an amazing phone that could do so much. Jack had been nice enough to explain how it worked, or at least how to get to help. She'd found it fascinating, and it did keep her still for a little while.

Now, she was using it for a very serious reason as she continued to wash up in the Library's bathroom.

"Yes, there was an attack. No, no, I'm not hurt." She didn't know if she was or wasn't. She was going to say she wasn't for now. Her head did hurt a little; she believed she might have banged it somewhere along the way. "I'm fine. But, an officer is down. Her name's..." Fred didn't blank on the name, at least not the first part. She didn't know the woman's last name. "I don't know her last name." Her voice was shaky, and she had to swallow against the tears. Someone had died to save her.

"Caroline's her first name. She's dead." Fred gave what information she could before she reached up with a wet hand to end the call. She wasn't thinking, and sent the phone into the sink. A soft gasp escaped shortly before the sobs. She felt guilt, sadness, and a fear that refused to be named. It wasn't that she could have died; she'd been faced with that many times. It was something else. Somewhere inside, she asked whatever Power That Be who that was listening to send her help. She needed it. She was happy that Jack and Dinah existed, but she felt so very lost and alone again. So very confused.

Feb. 14th, 2013


Busiest day of the year (Open)

Valentine's Day wasn't exactly something that Dinah could ignore, since it was the biggest day of the year for her shop. She'd been busy over the last few months, but the week before Valentine's Day had seen her working hard to make sure that everyone who worked for her was ready for the big day to hit. Extra flowers had been ordered, along with vases and ribbons. Orders were filed and organized for easy access on the big day.

This was the type of busy that made her happy. She was glad that the villains of the City seemed to have taken a break for a little while, except for whoever had tried to kill Fred. Dean, Sam, and herself were all coming up empty on that investigation so Dinah was glad to have the refuge of the shop to distract her from the frustration of so many dead ends and of being powerless to help Fred regain the memories that she had lost.

On the day of the holiday that revolved around love, Dinah had gotten to the shop at 3am to start preparing bouquets. By the time the Sherwood Florist opened, all of the orders were ready for delivery and there were plenty of bouquets ready for last minute shoppers as well. Dinah bustled around inside the showroom, in her element as she multi-tasked and gave support to her employees wherever she was needed.

OOC note: this can be open to multiple people so if you'd like to have a character drop in for a quick interaction, feel free.

Feb. 10th, 2013


"Normal" Days (Jesse - Random Pairings)

Hank was taking a break from his work to go out and get something to eat. Not that take out food and frozen dinners weren't delicious, but every once in a while he liked to sit down in a cafe or diner and have something to eat.

Today it was a diner, a place where he could get several large cheese burgers, a salad, and two large orders of fries with a large milkshake and a glass of water to wash it all down. An immense amount of food for a man who, with an inducer and tight clothes to control his fur, didn't look that big.

He sat in a back wall booth with a pile of books from the library, having checked out some physics books he'd never seen before for some light reading during his meal. He was turning the pages like he was only pausing to read the page numbers, munching on a hamburger as he did, legs folded up on the booth to allow the book to rest against his knees.

He was in a very happy place, glasses perched on the end of his nose, just enjoying the light afternoon rush in the public space.

Jan. 25th, 2013


No clowning around (Jack/Jesse narrative)

Jesse stumbled upon the Joker in a way that he never expected. He knew that the man was still out and about, free in the world. It was a knowledge that bothered him. But as long as there were heroes out there, Jesse didn't feel like it was his place to step in. Of course, before tonight, he'd not crossed paths with the psychopath in any way. Not since they'd gotten Jake out of Arkham. It was like the City knew that he wouldn't be able to stop himself if he were to come across the bastard.


Jesse had been helping to fight Jack Napier for years. He had stood beside various members of the Batfamily and done whatever they needed him to do. He had played parts in more than one rescue. He had healed more than one wound caused by that psychopath. He had lost a lot because of him. Jesse was tired of worrying about the people he cared about. He was tired of seeing them get hurt because the City apparently couldn't see fit to be rid of the goddamned menace. He was angry that innocent people kept getting hurt and nothing ever happened to Jack. Nothing. He disappeared for a while and always resurfaced again. Always with some new plan. Always intent on doing more harm.

All of this flooded through Jesse as he discovered Joker coming out of Dinah's shop, a strange satisfied smile on his face. There was a truck nearby and Jesse watched Jack enter it and come out with a barrel. He didn't have a hand truck or anything to carry it, but was rolling it on it's edge toward the doors.

He couldn't not do something. He couldn't let whatever this was happen. Not at the risk of his friends. Jack was here to do harm. Why in Dinah's shop, he couldn't say. He had no idea what was in those barrels, but there seemed to be a lot of them. A quick look in the truck told him that much. He was going to act. He was going to interfere. He was going to use his powers in a way that he had said that he wouldn't. Jesse didn't know what the repercussions would be, but surely there would be something. Right now, he didn't care.

When Jack stepped back out to go back to the truck, Jesse made himself known.

"You ain't gonna do this, whatever it is."

Jack was actually, legitimately startled. He'd been so busy with his work that he hadn't been paying much attention to his surroundings. His giddiness at planting the Fear Toxin in Dinah's little shop was overwhelming. He was going to rig it so that as soon as she opened the door, they'd go off. He had all the stuff to do it, too. Dinah Lance, the downfall of the City and its citizens. The idea of it was too beautiful.

"I remember you." He moved forward, narrowing his eyes at the man and then smiling big. "You're Max's sweetie! Oh, look at you! Don't you look handsome. And what are you going to do, handsome? Punch me? Go ahead. I don't mind a little beating. Won't keep me down for long."

It was Jesse's turn to smile. His smile was no more nice than Jack's. His eyes were dark and determined. "Ain't gonna touch you, clown. But I'm gonna make sure that you don't get a chance to hurt no one."

"OOooh." Jack giggled. "I'm so afraid of you!"

Jack reached into the pocket of his vest, grasping onto something. In an almost graceful movement, he tossed it in Jesse's direction. "Here! Have an explodey!"

With that, Jesse let loose. It was like his anger flowed from him in waves. He wanted The Joker gone, but couldn't bring himself to kill the man. He wanted the Joker imprisoned, but didn't think that Arkham could hold him. He wanted the Joker unable to harm anyone for a long time, to be easily found, restricted and confined. All this intent went into what Jesse unleashed. He didn't think, just acted.

What he ended up with was a metal statue of a man who looked like he might be checking for rain. Hand out, foot back a bit. Big smile. Right in front of Dinah's shop. The thing that Jack had been tossing was no longer arching toward him. Jesse wasn't quite sure what he'd done with it, until he saw it laying on the ground. Oddly enough, it was a flower. Or at least, flower shaped. He moved toward it, looking. It was stuck in the sidewalk.

"Well. Shit." Dinah was not going to be pleased about this. Though, maybe she would be. He'd have to talk to her and see what she wanted him to do.

Jesse's next step was the barrels. He went into Dinah's shop to see what was in there. Jesse shook his head. Whatever these were, they couldn't be here anymore. They couldn't be anywhere in the City at all. With a wave of his hand, he willed them gone. Just gone. The ones in the shop, the ones in the truck, and even the truck. It was so much power to use. It was so much interfering. Jesse didn't feel bad for it, not exactly, but he knew he'd catch some kind of hell for it. The City had told him once already, long ago, to watch himself. Maybe, though, it wouldn't be quite so bad, given that he'd helped the City escape the Thomas body.

Jesse sighed and left the shop. He made sure Dinah's door was locked behind him. Then he headed back to his apartment with the intention of getting really fucking drunk.

Dec. 13th, 2012


So, I met this guy (Jesse)

The Amazon wasn't firing on all cylinders, and she wasn't sure she had that saying right. Thrusters made more since as cylinders had gone out with combustion engines long ago. There were better ways to power vehicles, and thankfully her preferred vehicle was one such examples. Sure, it was known to smoke on occasion, but that was usually after getting shot. She tried to keep Batmule shootings to a minimum.

She reached for a tea cup high on a shelf, and soon found herself cursing in a way she hadn't in a long time. She'd gotten used to more anglicized expletives, but the Chinese seemed more appropriate as it was her past and its very mishmash of languages that had come back to haunt her. Or spook the every loving goshe out of her. Something like that anyway.

Zoe reached for the tea cup, and doing something she rarely did, especially these days with her more extensive and continued training, she slipped. It happened to everyone, but what didn't happen to most was that the tea cup came down, falling through her fingers to crash on the floor. The pattern wasn't one she'd noticed, but the cup had become a favorite. It wasn't until the cup was in many pieces that she realized why it had become so important and comforting: the pattern on the china matched the common room on Serenity.

She didn't feel like the warrior woman, the Amazon, the Bat as she stared down at the broken pieces. She felt like a very lost and tired woman who needed a hug and to be told everything would be okay. Question was, who did she want that from? Actually it wasn't much of a question; perhaps the answer hit her just as hard as that broken cup.

No, the better question was, why wasn't the damn man here?

Dec. 11th, 2012


Uncertainty (Errol)

Jesse didn't feel good about what he'd done to Wash. Fighting a man that drunk wasn't fair to begin with. But his pride just wouldn't let him sit and take the attempted beating that Wash was trying to bestow. He knew that he had to tell Zoe before she found out some other way. Considering what she did with a lot of her time these days, Jesse didn't have any doubts that she would. He'd decided that he was going to let the bruises from the fight sit. Linger as they would naturally. It was only fair. Unless he went and healed Wash as well, making those marks of their encounter go away felt cowardly.

He supposed he could go heal Wash, but wasn't certain the other man wanted to see him right now.

Instead, Jesse took himself to a little outdoor cafe that had some really excellent and wonderfully unhealthy foods. He ordered himself a double plate of beignets and sat down to consume them. He'd not had the fried treat in a long while, and he was feeling a touch homesick for deep south cooking. Maybe he also wanted to wallow just a little bit.

Jesse sat away from the other customers so that he could smoke and not bother them, and because he didn't particularly want to be around anybody else.

Nov. 29th, 2012


Take my life, Take my Wife, Drink until I cannot stand (Jesse Custer)

It had not been a good day for the former pilot of the Firefly class ship called Serenity. Still dressed in his ruined pilot garb he'd been wearing for two days now Wash wandered the streets of The City or as Wash colloquially referred to it as the life sucking, wife stealing settlement from hell! seeking out a place with enough alcohol to knock a whole field of cows unconscious.

When he did find said establishment (suspiciously close to the apartment), he settled himself on a stool and proceeded to drink until turning his head became a major stability issue. Still finding himself paining from losing the love of his life he decided more emotional lubricant was necessary. The bartender seemed wary to provide and Wash had already worked through the stipend the life sucking, wife stealing settlement from hell had given him and started a tab under the name, "Washed UP."

"I...was killed yesterday," he slurred to the bartender trying to defend his right for furthered drunkeness, "and so I feel I am due a little more, don't you think? If you died I would give you all the drinkingness you needed. I would. Because I am a nice person. I am the nicest gorram person you'll ever meet. In your life. OR your death! Most generousest soul in the black. It's true. Here, why don't you have my life? Go on, take my wife! Ha! Take everything! Go on! Take it!! Jus', gimme another, wouldya? Hm. My shirt has a hole in it," he muttered, fingering the ripped middle. "Take my shirt! Haha!"

Nov. 24th, 2012


Promises (Jo)

Jesse was nothing if not a man of his word. It might take him time, occasionally, to follow through with it, but he always did. He didn't like to be called a liar, and the best way to avoid that was to do what he said he was going to do. So once he decided that Zoe was well enough to last more than a few hours without him at her side, he went in search of Jo.

He had promised Jo that he would show her what he looked like on the inside.

Very few people had been witness to it, but Jo seemed like the sort who could truly appreciate it. He didn't need to look that way, he knew, but it was a piece of Genesis, so it was a piece of him now. And truth be told, it seemed like it might be a fun thing to show off occasionally. Just to see the reaction.

He made sure to find Jo when she was alone, and in an area where the public couldn't just wander upon them randomly. It turned out to be a little house with a white picket fence. Not exactly the sort of place that he'd imagined she would occupy. But the feeling he got from it was that it was her house. She lived there.

Jesse appeared in the living room and looked around. The inside seemed more Jo-ish, but still not completely. He wondered if she'd just moved in. He was glad that he'd put out his cigarette before appearing. He doubted she wanted smoke-stink all over her... was that a couch doily?

Nov. 18th, 2012


Shopping with acquaintances (Jesse)

Charlie was a good partner. A very good partner. Oddly enough he'd make this sort of trip even if he and his partner hadn't become so very close. He cared for her, and was more than willing to take on any task she might have. He was up to the challenge. Thankfully, this particular challenge would have a very happy ending...eventually.

Jennifer had said that she needed some things from the store, and realizing he did as well, he'd offered to pick up whatever she might need. She hesitated at first, but the way he just nudged her now and then about it, she finally relented. When he finally got the list, he read over it and then nodded. He'd have it for her that evening when he came over. Yes, sometimes he stayed at her place, so it really wasn't that difficult. Of course, he added a few things to the list that he thought she might appreciate.

He stood in front of the boxes and stared. He wasn't lost in which one to get, so much as thinking about the varieties that were available.

"They don't taste like strawberries." He held one box in his hand, not at all ashamed of how it might sound. "And, do you really need glow in the dark?"

Oct. 25th, 2012


Hurt to heal (Jesse)

Amazons did not stay in bed or on the couch all day and stare at an idiot box. Batmen did not let a few sniffles and sneezes keep them in. Big Damn Heroes did not keep out of the fight because they had an ouchie. This was what went through Zoe's head; she was having a very hard time allowing herself to rest. Sure, she'd done it in the past, for a very short time, but that was being shot and stabbed - this was just a bug in her head. Actually a real bug in her head would have been more pleasant, possibly. It could be removed.

With the thoughts of how very far she was falling down on the job, she pulled herself up and got dressed. Of course, she had to wait until the Cowboy God went off to find the planet called NyQuil; she wasn't sure he'd succeed, seeing as the City didn't let anyone leave...within reason. Dressed, she was out the door and into a cab; she'd accepted that the walk was probably a waste of the energy she'd need later. She left a hefty tip to make sure the driver forgot her.

She made it to the Batflat, and once she sat down for just a small rest, she soon realized just how nice the padded benches were.

A short time later Alfred had called the apartment to check on his current charge, and at first wasn't too surprised when no one picked up. He knew she wasn't feeling well, having talked to the woman about her current state of healthy earlier. He thought he'd check in with his charge's significant other. Alfred didn't seem to mind that the preacher was once more in the Batfamily; then again, had the preacher ever really left?

Imagine the good butler's surprise when he received an almost frantic and definitely angered greeting from the preacher. Zoe wasn't where Jesse had left her, and he had no idea where she was. Alfred managed to reprimand the "young" man while calming him enough to remind the preacher that he was a God. He could find the lost warrior woman with just a thought.

Remembering was just as good as action. Soon, the preacher was in the Batflat, but he didn't get a chance to marvel at it. No, he gathered up his wayward woman and took her right home, using his special talents rather than taking the more human route. He woke her long enough to give her a stern look and a heaping helping of NyQuil. Zoe wasn't sure how she was going to take a planet, but perhaps it was a liquor, a hideous liqour, they made there. It was almost as bad as Mudders' Milk.

Dosed up and still drowsy, not bothering to feel embarrassed or properly chided for her little attempt at adventure, Zoe curled back up on the couch to sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't remain peaceful and restive for long; she began to fight, and with a yell more than a scream, she sat up right, eyes wide, sweat beading on her forehead and neck.


Oct. 23rd, 2012


This is what happens when Amazons get sniffles (Jesse)

Zoe had been hurt before. She'd been a gorram zombie and dead! But, nothing, nothing prepared her for this. This plague. She didn't care what the receptionist said, or the men in security, or even the doctor. This was the plague. She didn't wine, yet she knew something wasn't right.

The Amazon had left work earlier than normal and stocked up on things that everyone seemed to think was good. Sure, people got sick in her time, but it wasn't the same. She could easily fix things back home; they had a quick fix for so many things. And, she'd dealt with so much worse; she'd been in a war after all.

She'd tried to get into the Batsuit, but one sneeze in the damn helmet had her thinking otherwise about going out on patrol. So, she'd gone home. She'd let the steam gather in the shower. She'd used a small vaporizer. She'd started the tea, and the broth.

As if it might make her feel better, she pulled the scarf from the package it'd shown up in and wrapped it around her neck. She poured the tea and broth in small cups, and had every intention of drinking them. It didn't happen. As soon as she curled up on the couch, she drifted off to a rest; the scarf wrapped bout her, her robe tight about her too.

Aug. 17th, 2012


Ceremony (Open to Baba, Logan, Pam, Lestat, Hannibal, and Jesse)

Note: There is no posting order in this. We know that some people won't be able to throw in very often or as fast as we will. Don't worry about it. Just jump if you see a chance you want to take. Otherwise, we'll count your kids as there and witnessing what happens

Eric had sent out a messenger with the invitations to the actual wedding ceremony. A thing that would be small and intimate with only those in attendance who were important to either him or Baba or the both of them. He didn't think that this part of it needed to be in the public eye, and he didn't want any interruptions or missteps. This part of it was very important to him. Eric had not taken a wife since Aude. He'd never thought to ever again. He wasn't the sort of vampire who enjoyed living in a nest and he didn't require constant companionship that other beings craved. But he did love Baba and did want for this to happen.

The time he picked for it all to happen was late night. He wanted his vampires able to attend but not have to worry about too much time between the ceremony itself and when the reception would begin. The moon was full and the stars were out in force. It was warm but breezy.

Location had been a little more difficult. He didn't want it to be traditional, but he also didn't want it to feel as if they were getting married in a school cafeteria. In the end, he picked a building he had found when he'd first begun to be able to walk in the sun. It was an old building. It had been in the City for a very long time. It looked as if it had been transported from England, from a time before Pam was even born. It was also empty and had been for some time. It was unused and ignored. Eric had it cleaned and decorated. Everything was in darker shades of purple, even the flowers which were orchids and some of which were almost black. Candles were the only illumination, and there were hundreds of them. All carefully placed around the edges of where they would be.

Eric had gone with her suggestion of royalty in some ways, but not others. The colors for one. But instead of some garish kingly outfit, he was wearing a very nice and finely tailored Armani suit. On his head he wore a simple iron crown that was very much like the one his father had worn. Just a circle of metal with a little decoration carved out at four points. He had sent Baba a crown as well. Hers a little more fancy than his own.

He waited with the man that she had picked to officiate the wedding. Eric didn't know him, but knew of him. He would have known immediately upon meeting that this wasn't just some human, though he'd been told as much already.

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