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June 29th, 2015

June 29th, 2015

posted around 8am Lawrence time

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Is anyone else feeling this? Something's going on at the graveyard. Something big.

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I'm sticking to the rooftops for now. Someone tell me that this isn't Titans. The ground is shaking? What could even cause that?

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[OOC: Set after the earthquake and whatever drama is unfolding at the med center with Jemma]

Bloody hell, the med centre...

Right then. If you are injured and you are one of our "special" residents, I'm working with the local hospital at the University's medical center pitching in with triage care. Find me and I'll take care of you personally. Ask for Dr. Molly Hooper, all right? I'm a professor on campus so I'm fairly well known.

Any minor injuries, come to us. I'm talking broken bones that aren't protruding, lacerations, concussions...injuries of that sort. Major injuries are all being directed to the hospital.

Any volunteers we can get with medical or first aid knowledge would be lovely right about now.

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( Text Message to Lissa )
- Hey, I know you're not here
- But has anyone actually told you what happened today?

accidental voice post - 12:35pm

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[Weak coughs, followed by hoarse shouting] Finnick!? Haymitch!? [A grunt as she shifts, and then the sound of more debris falling, followed by Katniss's coughing and cries of pain.]

Backdated to around 12 pm

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Voice Post to Avengers Warehouse Residents
Everyone check in. If you are trapped give me your location and I will make my way to you.

[ooc: May will only be responding to a few comments in here before she gets knocked unconscious]

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Okay. I have a girl with me in pretty dire need of medical attention. I know the med centre's wrecked, so is there a hospital nearby that I can take her? Her legs are pretty banged up.

Her name is Katniss. She keeps asking for a Finnick and a Haymitch, so yeah, if both of you could check in here with me, that'd be great. It'd keep her calm, which is really what I need her to be right now.

No Known Threats

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Is everyone okay?

I saw that the apartment blocks were all destroyed. I can start booking us all into hotels and things. But, I need to know how many people need rooms. So, please post here if you need one.

Also, if anyone wants to help me pay for it all, and get the rooms booked. Since it's a lot of rooms to do at once, and it's a lot to do, even for me.

Voice Post - 12:20 PM

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[Emma's voice is strained and weak]


[OOC: She's going to respond a few times, but if she cuts off in the middle, it's because she's dead. I'll be posting a narrative to go along with this shortly.]
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