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June 30th, 2015

June 30th, 2015

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Angels, demons, and humans working together. Clearly bad news when that happens. A shame they couldn't join forces for something good instead, like I did here So damn relieved it was stopped in time. I'm not going down there, will NOT go back down there again Everyone in Greaves House make it out okay? Please tell me if you're all okay, I don't want for any of my friends or neighbors to have been hurt. I'm going back to Greaves now to go help over there, see if anyone needs lifted out for hospital trips. Hope I don't find anything too injured, hope they all got out before

Fortunately I'd grabbed most of the weapons I had from my safe when I left earlier. But everything else I had. Clothes, the video games, movies, large HD TV It's gone. I'm willing to put money towards whatever's needed now. The care packages with essentials that we give to arrivals. Cards, clothes, more amulets. As well as personal belongings like clothes and food, phones, shoes, games, music, hygiene products, laptops, or anything else lost. Whatever is lacking or damaged in the debris, I can help replace it.

And when we find new places to live, or alternatively - if we wish to rebuild, I wish to help fund it along with anyone else who wishes to do so. Just fax or text me the details and we'll get it done. I know we can make it through. We'd lost our homes before and had to rebuild. I'm confident we can do so again.

Voice Post

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Aria. Em...

I can't..

Get Light. Hes...he can help. He's smart he can...

I'm sorry okay. For the game. . It's dark here.

It's dark like it looked like in the..

Tell Hanna sorry too

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Kriff filters.

Ben. Mara. Check in.

Someone look after the twins. I can start moving debris.

Skye. With what you do, Can you help me? Don't need maybes. Yes or no.

Anyone else useful to this get to Sanctuary or Greaves.

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They tried to open the cage. Found a way to block our senses. They even came close to doing it.

Demons angels humans. Cultists.

I'm sorry. I was no different. They planned they blocked us till it was started. Even me....And all of you that fought or are helping clear all this. Thank you. We have people to mourn and people to look after

We can come back from this

Posted shortly after Mona's post

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Can someone help me, please?

My friend, she's hurt. Badly. And, I don't think I can get to her in time.

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I know there are some areas that still need help clearing out the debris. Just point me where I'm needed most. I'll help anyway that I can. I can do this It's not the same

Filter: Alicia & Angelina
What the hell is this place?

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As painful as it is, we need a better list of who is and isn't with us.

Bonnie Bennet is no longer with us. I went over to check to see who might need housing and found her.

I don't mean to be harsh, but we need a better understanding.

Bonnie was-

We need to figure it out for all of us.

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voice post: faith lehane

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[ her voice still sounds a little shaky and she's obviously groggy. responses may be slow ]


What the fuck hit me?

[ there's a long pause before she adds ]

Did we win?
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