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November 29th, 2014

November 29th, 2014

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you're telling me - does this thing even work?

No evil

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So. Saturday December 13 there will be a Christmas party over at the art center where the ball was for those who remember that one. Like that one this one is also for charity.

Donations of a monetary value or clothes, toys, etc will happily be accepted and then distributed to a number of places that adopt families for the holidays.

Figured it was a good idea to give a heads up now about it.

Marcel and Felicia, are you still up for helping to plan? So okay if you can't I could use the distraction

No Evil

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Could someone who isn't me please describe the health benefits of a good morning run?

Someone refuses to believe me.

It's also a good distraction from

I think he's just mad he let himself go while I was on my honeymoon. Wimp.

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Two for one drinks at Carpe Noctum tonight.

Only show up if you can handle it. Cause really hyperventilating pearl clutchers don't get in.

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And have we reached the holy city of Byzantium?

Texts to Elena

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>> Right then, missy.
>> Get your coat.
>> That shopping trip and makeover we discussed.
>> We're going to do that, now.
>> And then, we're going to go out and have fun.
>> It seems like you need it.
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