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November 30th, 2014

November 30th, 2014

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Wow. The seal's being super active again, isn't it?

Hello new people. I'm Ariel. There's an explainy post here. I hope that works Although, I'd add Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest to Lois's list of places which are fictional.

Umm, if you have anymore questions, you could ask on the network, or here. And, I can try and answer them. But, I've only been here about 8 months, so I don't know everything. But, there are plenty of people who've been here longer.

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Some time after this Klaus has managed to wrangle Crazy McBoatsmith back to his place (on which note! Henrik, Caroline, give me a yell if you want 'who is this crazy person?' threads) and explained both the comms and how Google Translate works, so...


Klaus has told me much, but neither when nor where this is save 'West'; so have hateful norns knit our fate-thread.

Who will help poor Floki?

Filtered from evil bitches.

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The Seal took Hale.

He's dead gone.

Filtered from children and known threats.

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Someone actually had the audacity to try and steal a pair of limited edition persian rose lululemon wunder under pants from me. They were in my hands! I was holding them! And she came right up to me and tried to snatch them away! I stood outside in the freezing cold for three hours because I knew that they were going to sell out and this three rows behind, end of the line, sleazy, no good tramp thought she could just jump in and swipe the LAST EFFING PAIR of LIMITED EDITION PERSIAN ROSE LULULEMON WUNDER UNDER PANTS from ME.

Suffice to say, I cannot be held accountable for the events that followed.

[ooc: backdated to black friday.]

No Threats, No Jacen, No Tahiri

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Okay, but really though.

The Jurassic World trailer AND the Force Awakens trailer? In the same week?? Are they trying to kill me, because that's just rough.

Poor Abby. I think she lost me to future movie world this weekend.
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