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September 30th, 2014

September 30th, 2014

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Cookie delivery needs to be a thing that exists.

So do magical restocking booze cabinets.

No bad hell or evil heaven

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So my birthday is in about 2 weeks and we’re heading off to Paris for it because I’d rather not be here for the anniversary of the day I died!

But I need suggestions on places to go.

Like I already have the Eiffel tower obviously and the Louvre and the Museum d’Orsay and the Arc and forcing Klaus to endure me humming the Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack when we’re in Notre Dame--to which I say at least I’m not wanting Disneyland Paris because we are so doing Disney World some day!!

And Jim Morrison’s grave because yeah.

I also wanted to do the love lock thing on the bridge because it seriously sounded adorable but apparently it’s like breaking the bridge so probably a no go.

So like what are some other must sees? Yes, I’ve got a great tour guide who’s been there IDEK how many times but I still want suggestions!

And if anyone wants anything brought back, let me know.

ALSO LASER TAG. Sunday. 4pm. Newbies welcomed. Oldbies--you're all coming. I'm not taking no for an answer this time.

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[Grant Ward]
I have a favour to ask
[Avengers, their affiliates & Agents of SHIELD]
I know there are some of you that I haven't introduced myself to properly yet, but right now that will have to wait. Bucky Barnes and I are headed out of town for a few days. We'll be back soon, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up before we left.

Filtered from evil bitches.

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Ladies, we might as well all give up. Looks like we've been outdone by a real looker.

Check it! Harry and Tony are total babes. )

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[Filtered to Bucky Barnes]
How much are y So the next time we see one another on a street, let's not let it end with another bullet in me, if you don't mind.


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Laser tag Sunday. We're going. We have all been
We can't hermit it up forever guys

Hey, how are you settling in so far?


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So. Tonight was a date.
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