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May 30th, 2014

May 30th, 2014

Texts to Gisborne

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>>You've been quiet
>>And whilst I don't credit you with the ability to plot something as grand as world domination
>>Who knows what you could be up to
>>I want to see if you'd be interested in working with me
>>Perhaps washing dishes?

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I think I've worked out how to work the vision box thing.

I've found it fairly entertaining.  But, I don't really know how to choose what to watch.

What do other people like to watch?

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I founef artifacts!

I gtfo shot but then I didn't die cevahse I am like Dad! And then I was going to see the Tara's bit I ended up here insteF!

Rdoe, we bvoe you lots! And bananas. I gto that one rught!

Thankd fro the fun Petereter!


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Are you still here? Please say you're still here. Cassie's gone and now Diana is too.

No evil/lingering loyalists to heaven or hell

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One, I am grateful Nik is letting us get more than three hours of sleep a night. Two, he's starting to make noises. I'm waiting eagerly for him to start sayind da-da. Three, I think his laugh is adorable and might be making as many funny faces at him as I can to get to hear it.

Text to Sam

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» About an hour outside town. Cool if I crash on your couch, or am I looking for a motel when I get close?
» I should probably find an actual place to live between hunts, again, I guess.

» Do I even want to know what Crowley's on about? ...or Anna? I can't do more than skim on my phone right now, service is shit at this stop.

No Evil, etc

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I have changed channels on Pandora three times. Every single time, Back in the USSR is playing. I'm giggling but I keep picturing poor Freddie's head exploding and it's really quite traumatic.

In better news, packing up my family and heading to Pennsylvania next week. I've traveled the world but I've actually never been there. It'll either be fun or a nightmare. I'm leaning towards fun.

No evil/heaven/Claudia

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So, the show my girlfriend is from has finally finished, and I want to do something good for her. Because let's face it, she's Claudia and she's amazing. I can teleport now, so I'm thinking some kind of holiday. Only I don't know Earth all that well. So advice? Where can I take her for a well earned break?

No evil/heaven

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Is there a mine turtle in Lawrence? Everywhere I go, I hear that little voice of greeting. I would normally question if such a thing were possible, but this is Lawrence, so it actually has to be clarified. Is there a mine turtle, or is my wife trolling me?

My wife is trolling me, isn't she. She wants a mine turtle. So much. I tried to offer her a normal turtle, but no, apparently this is not a thing that is okay. The only turtle that is an acceptable turtle is a mine turtle.
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