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May 10th, 2014

May 10th, 2014

n0 kidsz

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when i frst met brkah she tottly snpped my neck
it suckEd
and then she like tried to tttly take over my life which so didnt' wrk cause im the bestt at my life and sh's blnd bt sh's got her ownnnnnn life
but wes came hereand bonded and nw shes' my sisstr

and im nevr gving her bck


Filtered against Evil

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Thank you everyone who came to the beach.  I had lots of fun.

Sorry if I freaked anyone out with my tail.  But, I thought you all knew.  Also, I really don't understand how you can swim with legs.

filtered from kids and evil

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i'pm having so amuch fun! qi ldove reibekha, anqd ti lonve craolitne aand si lvoe lex! they are the bbest. they have magic bilonde hair. i'm pretty susre it's magic. maybe it's the booze. klaaaaus, you'er lucky to have a camroline. i want a carol.ein ai would keep her kin my pocket. lexi! more shots!! i wanna go dance on the tables.

Filtered from Bo Hess

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Oi!  Noble Original!

Texts to Gregory House

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» You are certainly taking your sweet time in getting your revenge.
» If I didn't know you so well I might think you weren't planning anything. But I know you are.

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I have a question and it is very important.

What is a unicorn and why are people talking about them?

No evil because it smells, no kids because ickle and no heaven because they suck! Except Anna.

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ji love las vegas!

and i love lexi and i love caroline and i love my friends because i have actual friends and i didn't compel tphem or anything! they actually like me for reals! hand i love rmy brotehrs because even whlen they're stupid, they're all miney.

and i love stefan the most because have you seen how hot he is?! tstefan, i love you so much and i love being yuro wife and swe rea going to ahave the biggest wedding and you make hme so happy.


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Is anybody else really cold or is it just me?
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