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March 28th, 2014

March 28th, 2014

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think i need some air or something.

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My first thought was: Tea shop. But I don't have the time to run it.

My next thought was my room from 221b, but I had that once. I honestly don't think I need it right now. Needed it more then.

I can't wish for the other things.

I've no ideas. I don't particularly want it to go to waste when the seal so rarely does something like this. I don't have material things I particularly want from home..bit frustrating.

Filtered from lingering evils

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If anyone has noticed the new building in the area, do not be concerned. It's appearance should not have been noticed by the general population; some of you may not have even realized it was never there previously. I am working to create a safe place to explore magic, here. With more of us arriving with magical abilities, and the mistakes that may arise during training, it seemed it could be a useful addition to the location. The entire location will be warded to prevent magical "spills" from reaching beyond the threshold and affecting the general public or displaced population.

I will, of course, offer more information once everything is complete.

[Magic Users]

For the present, access to the building is restricted. I am placing the foundation spells in place to protect the area; it is best if the location remains undisturbed until that is complete. I estimate a matter of days, perhaps a week, before that is complete. Afterwards, however, if anyone would like to contribute protective magic to the grounds, that would be most helpful.

While I wish this to be a safe place, I will not be discriminating on who may have access to the facilities; there will be spells in place to prevent those with any ill-intentions from accessing beyond the foyer. If conflict arises once already within the building, the wards will take effect, and those involved will be contained. Anyone not skilled in magic will not be able to access any of the restricted floors independently, for their own safety.

I have a space for a library set aside, which will contain any relevant texts. If you wish to contribute your own collection of information, it would be appreciated; I believe having everything central and protected will benefit us all. This room is among those that will be accessible to those without access to magic, as a resource - however, I can easily create a partition that allows any more dangerous texts to be contained to an area they cannot access, if there are any concerns about specific books.

If anyone has any specific requests or recommendations on features they would like to see included in the preparations, please do not hesitate to ask.


If you are not presently busy, your assistance in the base spells for this would be greatly appreciated.

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[Enjolras and Eponine]

I made a wish for money, and after speaking to Rose about it, I've decided the best way to go about doing what I want is to open something not dissimilar from the soup kitchens you often help in. I want it to be a nicer place for people to be able to go to, though. Where they can stay for a while, and even take food away with them.

You've both seen what's currently there for people. If there is anything you think would be good to include, I'd be glad to have your ideas.

Texts to Stefan Salvatore

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» So, Stephanie.
» Between your brother, my ex and reliving my childhood.
» Things have been drama with a side of angst filled lately.
» So I have decided.
» It's Friday, which means in a few hours it's Friday night.
» And we're going on a date.
» Just because we're married, doesn't mean we're going to become an old married couple.
» We are eternally young and sexy and we deserve some fun.
» And you still need to see my sexy new lingerie from New York.
» So, what do you say, my darling husband Stephanie?! Want a date night with your wife?!


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I tried wishing for Evony never to have given me Mas
For me never to have gotten him into druid crap
Tried for Hale not to be dead.

Tried a lot. But it don't work like that.

So I want to wish something for you. Seems I can't make something happen to you but I could wish for something you want so you can sort of have two.

Amends have to start somewhere, yeah?

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I will never believe this is not how it went down. Legolas is not allowed shatter my illusions

And its cool to joke about cause he got all shiny!white right?

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This house is full of awkwardness right now. The man Klaus adopted as a son and we believe Mikael killed is here, he survived all this time and didn't seek us out because we believed he had perished in the New Orleans fire.

He's also Rebekah's ex boyfriend that my brother ended up daggering her for 50 years over.

Can we not get a break over all of this nonsense and drama?


There is something I wish to speak to you about brother, something I feel needs to be said. Will you here me out and listen to me?

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So, remember how I was talking about doing a ball back before a whole bunch of us turned into kids for a little bit--which Kenzi, you were amazing during that. Don't think I ever did say that--but yes, ball!

April 26. It's a Saturday. I actually rented out the art museum to do it in. They just asked for a nice donation (Elijah, we need to make a donation!) and no one can touch the statues. But it'll be fun and on neutral territory so I think that'll help.

And it'll actually be benefiting the children's cancer ward. So if you'd like to make a donation to it while you are there that's where the money will go to. Because we might as well party for a cause. Donations are not required but encouraged.

So I know some people said they'd like to help with this and I'll be having a meeting to coordinate things on Tuesday if that works for everyone who'd like in. There will be tea and cakes because I found this shop that does the cutest little cupcakes and I want to try them all.

Much and Rogue

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Can I ask you two something?

Phoenix House

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This place feels empty...

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Scott's gone.
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