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March 27th, 2014

March 27th, 2014

Filtered to Hugo Weasley + her possibly dubious friends

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[ooc: Aka: Hook, Vex, Derek, Kol, Peter...How did my ray of sunshine become friends with the pirate, the Dark Fae, the werewolf, the Original and the alcoholic?!]

Am I an idiot for believing in second chances and the good in people? Because I genuinely do, I think people can do good things if they want to. And I don't think that makes me naive, because I'd be ready with a Body Bind Hex if I needed it, and I killed a guy with a hug once, but sometimes people seem to talk to me like I'm a moron. Even when it is someone who never seems to talk to people from different worlds, so maybe they can't see things the way I do and that's not their fault.

Does having hope make me childish?


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I'll deny it if asked, but...I think I might need your help.

ETA: No evil

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So, is there some big, grand purpose for me being here? Or at least something I could do, you know, at all. I'm really not great at the whole sitting on my hands thing.

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I'll never be overwhelmingly wealthy back home, and I don't know that I intend to be here.

That being said? It is nice knowing I won't have to start trying to find a job immediately. Not many people want to take on the woman who's almost eight months pregnant. Nor do I really want to leave the baby right away after having her.

I admit it, I was skeptical. Magical glowing wishes? What even? But this bank account here makes up for the weird, I think.

Casa de Storybrooke+The Supers

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Can we just not talk about
So...that's not going to
We're just going to ignore

Okay. So vacationing is still a thing that needs to happen. Now that the weird is over and all.

Anyone object to this? It's luxury, it's family friendly, it's got so much to do that we'll never get it all in, and I can swim with dolphins and I want to swim with dolphins dammit. Hell, I think I deserve it after

And no, I have NO idea what I'm wishing for, so don't bother asking. Hmph.

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Filter: Doctors and Medical Types

After almost 3 months in hiding I've come to face the fact I'm basically a physical wreck. So where do I start in getting me back?

I'm braving little outings beyond the manor if that helps any.

Filter: Kirk

Another baby step braved and won, I survived a movie outside the manor without a major panic scare.

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Now I sorta wish I'd wished for the Kraken.

No lingering evil or heaven or Sam Winchester

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Between the coma hospital and then two weeks as a kid, I've completely lost track of what's going on around here. How are we doing at finding Sam?


You are brilliant.


You up to anything right now?


Thanks for putting up with kid me.

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Hard to wish from inside a panic room.

Already used a wish on avoiding demonic traps but that's still a bigass iron door.


I could wish for it, your soul. I could wish for it to be whole. Or you could wish for it to be whole.

Come on Sam. Its been a long time now.


What if I wished it whole and returned.

Could that work?

Let me out

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So I've had an idea for a wish.

Its called the World Brain but its really just a dhuryam I made friends with once till Alema poisoned it.

Nothing would explode and nothing would get terraformed probably
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