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January 10th, 2014

January 10th, 2014


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Hey you. I love you, you know. And I miss you. If there's anything I can do that might help, just name it.


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I don't know how much of anything is real anymore.

...why are there bats?


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So, how are you? All things considered.

So, I know you're all...emotionless and I mean nothing to you or whatever but I just wanna say no matter what, I'm glad I had you as friend, even if you don't care about me anymore and I hope one day, we get back to that friendship.

Your family never gets a break, do they? I'm sorry things are so crazy and I really hope it gets better for you guys soon.

So, how's the new job?

Hey...how are you?

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So, the Apocalypse was evaded, the world was saved... what's next?


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Do you want to see my bike now? I can show you around my new house.

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....It's fucking cruel, isn't it? Wanting her to suffer like that. Not exactly something an older brother should wish on his baby sister, is it?

*Old Norse
Hey, how're you doing, little brother? Settling in any better?


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they are just waiting for us to hurt them.

how can we trick a faker?

No Evil

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On the plus side of things, getting a one day suspension from school gets me a three day weekend. On the minus side of things, it means I won't be taking the history test on Monday and I can't make it up. Who made up these rules anyway?

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5 pairs of shoes polished and arranged in order of purchase
12 boxes of paperclips arranged by colour
Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, White.
And I deep cleaned the kitchen. And bathroom
and house

Anyone got any other tasks needing doing?


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I'm worried about Myka... she's not said two words to me since we got her back. I don't know what happened down there but it's so not like her to completely shut down like this and I don't know what to do.


I got the cameras set up like you wanted. Let me steal your laptop for like ten minutes and I can send the feed straight to you.


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Against my saner judgment, I'm going to talk to your sister. From a distance. On the comms. Who better to provoke an emotion like rage than me, right?

So, you flipped the switch and you think you're all better. You're forgetting it gets harder to keep it off, the longer you leave it. Oh, sure, first few decades, maybe even a century and you'll be fine and emotion-free. But eventually the humanity? It creeps back in. It claws at you. And somehow, it always finds a way to rear it's head.

You think you're free, but you're just running. Everything you're hiding from is still there. Waiting. And when enough time passes and that switch starts going faulty, you'll feel it. On the edges as first, enough to doubt it's even really there, but eventually it's constant enough to just be annoying. And one day...the levee breaks. The switch all but dies on you, gives up on you like you gave up on everything else. And all those things you hid from all those years comes rushing back at you, full-force, like it just happened yesterday.

So, really, all you're doing is prolonging the inevitable. Give it up, Rebekah. Come home to your brothers and stop letting me be stronger than you. Because right now, as it stands? I am. Because I deal with it all.

And you. What are you doing, dear? Because rumor has it you're far too close to the Ripper edge and I just don't think that's even remotely acceptable.

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»Soooo details, doll, details

»I was thinking...
»I know things suck a lot right now
»But we're due for retail therapy, right?

»How are the babies?
»And Jacen?
»And you.
»Also, has anyone claimed your baby shower yet?

»So, how are things?
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