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June 9th, 2013

June 9th, 2013

Nope, No Evil...No FN Vamps...No Vamps Made By FN Vamps....

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Hey! I'm on TV! I was all excited because it was crappy movies about dinosaurs and dragons day on Syfy. And then there was a preview. And then it was on. It's me! I'm in Canada! ...dear god, why am I in Canada? And why did I feel it necessary to travel to Canada for work things without my favourite, most beautiful, and by the way, matrimonial partner in crime?? MY guess is, someone had to stay behind and keep Becker in line.

Canada, though.

Hey, Kon, Godzilla is on tomorrow night. If you want to wish really really hard, maybe the Seal will see it!

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[text to Sherlock]
>>Where is it?
>>Where is my cane?

[Text to Claire C.]
>>I can't find anything in this god damn flat.

[ooc: Sent at some ridiculous morning hour!]

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So I think patrolling probably generally goes better when you don't trip over your own feet and twist your ankle.

And guys, really, don't go freaking out because it wasn't even related to anything we ran into last night. Once I can walk okay, I'm going out again.

filtered to Scott

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I thought that you might want to know. Her vitals indicate she might be waking up soon.

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Hey. Do you have a few minutes for me?

No evil

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Since the timer was reset, 25 days with no tea. And nearly at a full month.

[Filtered to Connor Temple]

So, mate, think you can teach me any of that tech stuff? Or at least how to talk about it?

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There's been a lot of worry flying around, some of it mine, but I don't know if anyone has asked so I'll ask.

How are you, Robin?

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Rory was singing on the telly at the Tony Awards.

And I can't find a clip of it. But it happened at the end. There are clips of an award being given but not the singing and I feel this is very rude. Regardless, it happened. See, photographic proof.

Filtered against FN vampires and evil

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Awhile back, we discussed upping the wards on the Complex and other buildings that have public places that are quite vulnerable to vampire attack. I think we should do it. Anyone who would like to add their expertise please do so, but here is what I was able to come up with.

I was going over a few of the spells from my world but they have some rather harsh consequences. Protego Maximum would create an impenetrable barrier from the vampires and cause them to disintegrate if they tried to touch it but I fear it would do the same to anyone else. Protego Totalum may be a way to conceal the complex, but I feel that may be more useful for beings that do not already know its location.

We could always do the Caterwauling charm. It’d give us some sort of warning if they do come near if I can manipulate it to suit your needs and not go off when anyone approaches. There are a number of other spells to put in place in case an intruder comes forth that may work.

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