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September 2nd, 2012

September 2nd, 2012

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Who:Lois and Kon
What: Doing that bonding/talking/whatever thing
When:Before the Lois and Clark thread, early morningish?
Where:The Fortress!
Warnings: TBA

What was next for him? Would there be a next?  )

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Who: Kal and some muggers with very unfortunate timing.
What: He’s shown his one tiny string of reason left. NOW FOR THE EMO.
When: Starts at around 3am on 9/02 and continues on into early morning.
Where: His room, then space, then LA, then Mt. Everest. Kal gets around.

What now? )

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WHO: Lois & Clark
WHAT: Time for a talk.
WHEN: September 2nd. Afternoonish.
WHERE: The Fortress of Solitude.

Clark had promised Lois that they would talk. )

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Who: Marguerite Blakeney and Anatoly Sergievsky
What: Dealing with facetwin issues and the emotions that brings
When: September 2nd, late morning
Where: Cafe in downtown Lawrence
Warnings: Angst. Rest TBD
Status: Incomplete if someone tags in, otherwise narrative

God no, I'm broken but I'm still alive and slowly I will feel my soul revive...with time. )

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Angel & [OPEN]
Sunday afternoon, September 2, 2012; Streets of Lawrence
Angel's arrival to Lawrence
PG/In Progress (works as narrative)

He would build a new life for himself, as far away from Buffy as possible.

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Who: Penny
What: Arrival
When: Afternoon-ish, local time
Where: Downtown Pasadena, then in the middle of Lawrence
Warnings: Low to maaaaybe medium - a couple of mild curse words and passing references to adult situations
Status: Narrative/Complete

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Who: Sheldon Cooper
What: His arrival to Lawrence
When: Sunday evening
Where: Outside the library
Warnings: None
Status: Narrative. Complete.

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