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November 24th, 2009

November 24th, 2009

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Who: Martha Jones and Daleks
What: Contacting the Daleks
When: After Romana's comm.
Where: A radio at the apartment.
Rating: Low
Status: Complete

Being in uniform helped her feel official )

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WHO: Romana, Buffy Summers, Martha Jones, Raven, Paige, Ron Weasley, any others involved that I've forgotten I will add as needed.
WHAT: One last stand
WHERE: A closed off alley in Lawrence
WHEN: 24th June Evening
STATUS: In Progress.

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WHO Spider-Man and OPEN.
WHAT: This isn't New York!
WHEN Early evening.
WHERE: Streets of Lawrence.

Peter had't done anything out of the normal lately. Except fight crime, dressed in a spider costume. But that was beside the point. )

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WHO: Princess Azula
WHAT: Fire Princess in Kansas
WHEN: 24th June Night
WHERE: Downtown Lawrence
STATUS: IN Progress

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