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[Oct. 6th, 2009|10:58 pm]

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Who: Greg House, Raymond Wood, Reina and Sofia Wood
What: Diagnosing Reina
Where/When: Ray's Studio/The other night (backdated)
Warnings: None

He put the girls in front to the television, watching some silly cartoon. They knew some functional words in English, but not a whole lot. Ray had read that music and television shows were a great aid in teaching foreign languages. He tended to play a lot of Spanish music, so the television was strictly English.

He paced by the woor, waiting for House to show. He really hoped the guy wasn't going to stand him up. He was genuinely worried about Reina, but he didn't want to go to some random clinic or hospital if he didn't have to. He'd rather deal with someone he knew.

Sofia's laughter echoed into the empty studio. Ray knew it was Sofia, because Reina hadn't made a sound, since the girls came to the studio several days earlier. Ray glanced into the office, to see Sofia pointing at the TV, and Reina seemed to respond more to her sister than the events on the screen. Ray frowned, and went back to the door, trying to will House to show up right then.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|10:13 pm]

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Who: Greg, Ray, and the twins
What: Explaining the circle of life within the vortex
When: Tonight
Where: Their home

Ray had shut off the television and the video games. He'd brought the girls into the living room. They knew something was up, and the looks between them nearly broke Ray's heart. he was in for a long night, once he and Greg told the girls the news. It wasn't going to be easy, and they weren't going to take it well, but it had to be done. The girls needed to know,a nd they deserved to be told before they found out on the message boards.

"Daddy? What's wrong?" Sofia asked. Reina had hold of her hand. They definitely knew something was wrong. Ray reached for Sofia's hand, and Greg's, leaving Greg to take Reina's free hand. He had a vague notion of how corny it was, but their family was effectively reduced to just the four of them now, and they needed to stick together. Ray glanced at Greg, though he knew Greg was leaving it up to him to explain, because Greg wouldn't have the words to say what needed to be said.
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[Feb. 16th, 2008|04:19 pm]
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Who: Reina and Sofia Wood, Andrew Del Mar Twist,and varying adults
What: Valentine's Day Visiting
When: Thursday, Feb 14. Duh.
Warnings: Cuteness, I'm sure.

The girls were thrilled to be on their way to visit their valentine; Drew wasn't icky like other boys, he was nice to them and polite, and Papi seemed to like him. Besides, they like new friends, and Drew had ponies!

Hopping right up after the portkey, they shot out to the end of the alley, in search of Drew and his family. Greg lumbered to his feet behind them, knowing it wouldn't do any good to try and get them to stop, instead following them off down the road.
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[Feb. 4th, 2008|08:49 pm]
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Who: House, Reina and Sofia, Jack Dent
What: Visiting Jack!
When: Today-ish. As we've demonstrated, time is not a fixed construct.
Warnings: Adorableness? Nothing high, considering there's childrens in the room.

Around 9:00 am- noon, eastern, in their defense- the trio appeared in Jack's room. The girls, usually full of energy, were sticking conspicuously close to their father. But once they reached the door and caught sight of Jack in the bed, they climbed out of the wheelchair Greg had opted for and rushed ahead, climbing on the chair near the bed, dragging a tote bag between them.

"HOWDY UNCLE JACK!" He wasn't facing them, so they weren't sure if he was awake. Regardless, he probably would be now.
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YAY it's Friday [Feb. 1st, 2008|12:05 am]
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Who: Karen, Reina and Sofia. (Later Tritter as well.)
Where: Kent and it's parking garage, or what'll be left of it.
When: Friday morning, about a quarter after seven.
Warnings: Scary situations, some mild cursing, I bet.

"Girls, I'm so sorry, I don't know how I forgot it." Karen was of course referring to her wallet, where her credit card was waiting to pay for them to get their hair done as she had promised. "This will only take a minute, come right into the office." She didn't care if that House gave her a hard time about showing up on her day off, today was about time with the twins.

Walking in, she moved to her desk and pulled her wallet from the drawer, where Robert had likely stuck it when he saw it on the desk, that dear. She smiled back at the girls and reached for both of their hands after saying and signing for Reina. "Ok, back to the car and off we go to get pampered." She took their hands, leading them down a series of halls until they reached the elevator, they had to go down two levels before entering the parking garage, just to get to the car quicker.

"So you girls excited? What do the dresses you brought look like?"
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[Jan. 15th, 2008|10:58 pm]
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Who: Reina, Sofia, Greg, and Ray
What: Being rescued from the Naked
When: Tonight-ish
Warnings: The girls are nude. And if someone so much as looks at them, I have a feeling there will be violence.

I'm cold, I'm naked, and I'm just plain scared! )
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